Where does your name come from?

  • Well hello there, you guys seemed fine with my memes thread and so beacuse that is very close to being "dead" I thought why not make another potentionally interesting offtopic.

    So yeah, post the proccess of did have you come up with the nickname you're using. No matter if it is a rather simple story or a really long one, feel free to go ahead and share yours.

    I'm going to start with mine:

    Ok, so this story started about 7 years ago. I was 11 years old and I wanted to create a new character in this MMORPG called "4Story" (it's not a very well known game but it's cool). At the time I really liked what did the word scorpion sound like so given how fantastic my english was I decided to name my character "KingOfSkorpion". So I typed the name on my keyboard and pressed Enter. What I didn't notice though was that the name was too long which resulted in the "on" being removed, ending up with the name "KingOfSkorpi".
    Then approximately 3 years later after using this nickname pretty much everywhere online I wanted to join this small clan that some friends made on deathrun. They said that if I wanted to join I'd have to remove the "KingOf" off of my name and so I did. Later when I left the clan just "Skorpi" looked way too short so I decided to add the "ik" to the end of my name, resulting in my name being "Skorpiik".

  • My story:I didnt created my nickname,my best friend did.It was 7 years ago in the first grade.He gave me this nickname from my sername (Asimakopoulos).Then everyone started calling me Asimakis instead of George and i liked it, i thought that it would be good name for online games :D,so now in every single multiplayer game i put this Nickname :D

  • Well... I love funky music. Not really xd

    Around 3-4 years ago I wanted to come up with a new name so I came up with Funkivion. It sounded too long so I changed it to Funkbuzz.
    Later it changed to Funk Attack (this is the part where I really started to like the word "Funk".

    Later when playing in 3xP' people just kept calling me Funk without the Attack so when I joined 3xP' I left the Attack out.

    Now I feel like enough people know me as Funk so I will prolly never change it again.

    Ironically, during past 1-2 years, the neurofunk edm genre has become one of my all time favorite music genres. Dunno if it is a coincidence or meant to happen xd

  • Chapter 8

    I created my name around 6-7 years ago.
    I wanted to change my name which I often used in games because the name I had before was simply too long for most other games than Cod 1 United Offensive which I've actively played for 6 years before I went to cod4.
    My previous name was 'not me, but another guy', the reason how I came up to that name is pretty silly because when you killed a player in Cod 1 United Offensive you always saw 'You killed <name>' on screen so whenever someone killed me that person would see 'You killed not me, but another guy' which back then I thought it was a hilarious joke...

    Also when people would hit me up in chat they would call me 'not me'... which... I also found hilarious back then...

    Anyway, so I really wanted to change because it was too long for most other games.
    But I really wanted it to be unique so my name wouldn't look too much like other names.
    Back then I really liked to play frisbee in the summertimes, so that's why I thought about using that as my name.
    However I thought that only 'frisbee' didn't sound nice so after some thinking I descided to put 'sky' after it, mainly because 'frisbee' and 'sky' are pretty related to each other and it also sounds good when you would say it.

    Now people often call me just 'Fris', which makes me feel like being called out sometimes in some Dutch commercials :P

    Anyway, that's basically the story of how I came up to FrisbeeSky.
    Maybe I will ever short it to just 'Fris', mainly because it has a different meaning (which I kind of like though) and 'frisbee' is not really related anymore since I haven't played that in the last few years already, but hey, that kind of leads me to the question what name you people would give me if I would just have a 'blank' name when I came into this (cod4)(cj)community, but maybe that's an other interesting topic when this one is pretty much dead.


    P.S. I'm quite wondering now how 'Naked' ever came up to his name... :- p

  • my name was taifox before, but ppls always thought its thaifox, which i hated, so i searched for a good looking name and came up with Viruz

  • Mine started back when I used to play xbox, my first name there was BadAttention so after playing with it I got a pc and cod4 joined a 1.6 server called dvas which I later joined and this guy used to call me Baddy because he used to think he was good at pmod and I wasn't good at that time. Turns out I'm beastly at promod. lol

  • My turn.
    Many years ago, there was a modification of mobile version ICQ. I forgot the name of dis mod, but creator was MrDark. I liked this nickname and I began to use Mr_Dark. "Mr_" part has disappeared with time.
    In CoD4 i use TS clan tag. Clan collapsed 5 years ago, but it was cool time and I decided to keep the clan tag. But i will very happy to change it to 3xP :P

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