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    Here is a list of useful commands on 3xP CoDJumper:

    Generel commands:

    !stats show - shows your playtime

    !time - shows the server time

    !ans - used to answer a question from server

    !coins - displays your coins and how many coins you need for the next progression rank

    !online - check if an admin/trusted member is online

    !cmdlist - lists all commands


    !load x - load to a specific save

    !profile - shows your own profile

    !c player1 (player ) / !compare player1 (player2) - compare two profiles or another profile with yours

    !challenges - opens the challenges menu


    !fov - set up your fov (96 is most common)

    !movespeed - moves the speedometer more centered

    !colour - changes the colour of font huds

    !d / !drawdistance - minimize the draw distacne (0 = disabled)


    !srstats - shows you your speedrun statistics

    !view mapname route - shows you the leaderboard for a specific map + route

    !saverun name - saves a speedrun

    !runs id - lists your runs on a map and loads a chosen one by its ID

    !r - restores a canceled run

    !reset - resets your current run

    !rp / !restoreposition - loads your last run

    !hax - toggles the haxfps. If disabled: game will load to last save if your fps aren't 125/250/333

    Player interaction:

    !spectate playername / !s playername - used to spectate a specific player

    !show playername - used to pause your run to help others

    !stop - used to continue a run after !show

    Feel free to add commands.


    I want to present you my new map mp_glados.

    It has got new features like an achievement system. It will be published soon, the map is 100% done.

    All scripts will be available on my website

    Map has got some ways: easy way, inter way, hard way, adv way, tiny challenge way (thanks to mougkos14) and a secret way which is not on the screenshots below.

    Here some screenshots:

    Special Thanks to Leejey and Spirit


    Since I already messed up really hard sometimes and didn't have a backup, i was thinking about a solution. Did this with Powershell and task scheduler from Windows.

    Tested on Windows 10 Pro 1909 (Build 18363.720) , works with everything higher than WinXP

    Step 1

    Be sure you are allowed to run powershell scripts
    Open powershell as administrator and type

    1. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

    (on own risk, that makes you able to run all ps1 scripts!)

    Step 2

    Edit the variables and save the script on your computer

    1. $mapfile = "C:\CoD4 Compile Tools\map_source\"
    2. $script = "C:\CoD4 Compile Tools\raw\maps\mp\mp_glados.gsc"
    3. $path = "\\\data\CoD4 Backups"
    4. $newPath = New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "$path\$((Get-Date).ToString('yyyy-MM-dd-%H-mm'))"
    5. Copy-Item $mapfile -Destination $newPath
    6. Copy-Item $script -Destination $newPath

    Step 3

    Open taskschd.msc in Run

    Add a new task

    Now give this task a name, only run when you are signed in and also run with high privileges.

    Go to the header Trigger and add a trigger which looks like this

    Go to the header actions at run this program:


    and add this argument in the box below:

    -command "C:\Users\username\Documents\map_backup.ps1"

    Thats basically it. Now you got a backup for every hour which you turn off or on every time in the task shedueler.

    Happy mapping.

    Just give Moug trusted rank. He won't abuse it.

    I also never banned bunny when he was on, only when he trolled. Anyway, he can not rejoin anyway.


    since the forum's kinda dead i though about creating important content


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    2. they taste nice

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    4. most watermelons come from china

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    6. watermelons are mostly green and the inner is kinda pinkish, idk

    7. if the root from a watermelon takes pathogens, you can get sick or die from a watermelon (they are dangerous)

    8. heres a pic of a cube-shaped watermelon


    9. leejey likes watermelons

    10. some water melons have yellow flesh


    Also you should be able to do some hard ways atleast to become a part of the CJ team.

    3xP is looking for CJ players and not for noobies.

    Hello Ire and welcome to the 3xP forums,

    I am not much on the server lately but I can still say some things to you.
    Yesterday you have been on the server and kept spaming because your internet connection was bad. Also another player triggered you real quick and you kept spaming in caps even though I told you to stop. I don't think that this is a good requirement to become an authorized person on our server since you don't keep calm.

    Also you are pretty young, perhabs you should wait a bit and prove us that you are able to become a member. (Perhabs you should wait a bit and better apply as Trusted player).

    So sorry for you to say that but I don't think you should be a part of this team.