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    We are currently looking for 3rd teammember for our Apex Team.

    How do we playing Apex?

    - We do not play tournaments

    - We are 2 guys who like to play almost every day, mostly at evenings.

    - We are very competitive but we don't grind ranked 24/7.

    - We like to frag-hunt and therefore we play alot of normals.

    - We have a very aggressive playstyle and like to push for alot of action-packed fights.

    What kind of person are we looking for?

    - german / good english

    - high activity

    - high skill

    - aggressive playstyle

    - mature

    - must be willing to use TeamSpeak

    - playing on EU Servers

    Your skill should be somewhat similar to ours f.e.: (4k dmg, 20k game, predator)

    Our Apextracker:

    We are part of the 3xP' Clan, a multigaming community formed in 2009. 3xP' has been created by Call of Duty 4 players and is mostly active in shooters. We have around 25 active members and see ourselfs more like a group of friends than a serious gaming organization.

    If interested contact us through discord / teamspeak

    Links (content outdated):




    Donating to 3xP' Clan

    Due to high demand we have started accepting donations to support our clan.

    All donations will go back into our servers in the way of reducing running costs, creating prize pools for events or similar things.

    One time donations or monthly subscriptions can be created through this link:

    Paypal Donation

    or you can send donations directly through Paypal to:

    Currently donating to 3xP' will not give you special ranks or other benefits except in our CoD4 CoDJumper servers (see below).

    Cod4 CoDJumper Donation Rewards

    With our last mod update we finally have a way to give something back to people who want to support us.

    Donations will reward you with Coins on our CoDJumper server, however it should not be seen as a way to directly buy Coins, but more as a way to support us and in exchange get something back on our server.

    Donation Coins Bonus
    €5 500 none
    €10 1075 7.5%
    €20 2300 15%
    €30 3750 25%
    €50 7500 50%
    €100 20000 100%

    Donators also receive the Donator rank and can equip it if they wish on the server.

    Donators also receive the Gold Desert Eagle (cannot be purchased).

    How do you get your Coins in-game?

    Be sure to put your GUID or Statspage Link into the Note box of Paypal so we can easily give the coins.

    Coins will be given manually by admins, it might take some time to get them.

    Sending us Euros (EUR €) makes it easier for us to manage the donations. However, Paypal charge a 2,5% conversion fee if you convert currency.

    The cod4 editing community, where this is aimed at, is bigger then probably all the rest of cod4. So if you do something for cod then probably for the editors. Also our Cinematic Mod Video (eventho the mod got like instantly outperformed by codmvm) is the most viewed video on our yt channel, this also shows how big the editing community still is.

    3xP CJ Mod is probably more useless :D.

    Du kannst menus nur verändern wenn du die source files von dem mod hast den du auf dem server laufen hast.

    Wenn du den mod einfach von irgendeinem anderen server herruntergeladen hast, hast du nur den fertig compileten mod.

    Die sourcefiles sind die Ursprungsfiles vom mod, mit denen man den mod zu einem spielbaren Paket zusammen schnürt (compiled).

    An die Sourcefiles kommst du nur wenn du denjenigen der den Mod erstellt hast danach fragst.

    Today we have released a new update of our codjumper mod 3xp_cj. The main feature of this update is a cosmetic in-game progression system using in-game currency. You will be able to earn money by playing codjumper on our server (actual playing, not idling). With that money you can buy Desert Eagle Skins, RPG Launcher Skins, FX Trails, Wings, Playermodels and some other assets.
    We have also added a Counterstrike-esque inspect animation for the desert eagle, to give people more from their skins, you can bind a key for that animation in your Multiplayer Controls menu.

    The shop and inventory system will automatically turn off temporarily when GSM is down or when played locally.

    This update also includes a new rank system which will completely replace our old buggy hour-based rank system. The new one is based on total earned currency.
    All existing progression, including rank and earned skins will be reset. We thought about giving players a certain amount of currency if they have played a lot in the past, but instead we decided to make a total reset of all progression. Members will get 1000 coins as starting currency, which needs to be manually set by admins (Drizz, Noob, Funk, Viruz).

    The amount of currency earned while playing should be around 25-50 coins per hour of active playing, same for members or players. Coins only update on mapchange.
    For one week until 24th of February we will increase the amout of currency earned by 100 times for testing purposes,
    after that we will reset the database again and go back to normal rates.

    We would like to thank all players who helped out with assets, models, or skins. You can contact our admins to get the assets you have contributed for free!

    But sadly there are also bad news: While further increasing the mod features and the assets that come with that, we sadly have to drop support for mp_zone and mp_stalker by skazy,
    the two Maps that may be the best cj maps in terms of design. We simply exteed ever cod limitations which you can image with that maps running on our new mod. We are very sorry Skazy :/.
    We will also drop the support of more stockmaps, because of the same reasons.

    We also added some small changes and bugfixes to our existing features which you can see in detail in our patch notes further down below.

    Shop System / Inventory System

    - Added Shop menu
    - Added Inventory menu
    - Added Currency system
    - Added Anti-Idle system
    - Added Desert Eagle inspect animation
    - Added Temp Gravitygun system
    - Added Refund System

    - Added a total of 103 shop items (including already existing ones / some not available)
    - Added 7 FX Trails
    - Added 5 Wings
    - Added 5 RPG Skins
    - Added 10 Playermodels
    - Added 39 Gunskins
    - Added 19 Viewhand Skins
    - Added 3xP Blaster

    - You can now leftclick with empty RPG Sustain to auto-switch weapons
    - Loading Position will refill your RPG
    - Loading Position will auto switch back to RPG while RPG Switch is enabled
    - Load Previous positions now uses binds like on JumpersHeaven (instead of doubletap and hold use, hold use and go back one save per left-click)
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn’t click on any items in endmapvote
    - !spec / !s doesn’t require you to already be in spectator team
    - Added Position HUD for Elevators
    - Added Elevator Binds
    - Added Support for fovscale 1.3 (equal 117°)
    - Added a Walkthrough HUD which can be activated in demos (cg_drawWTHUD 1-3) (while recording the demo disable customhud, cannot do that afterwards in demos)
    - Removed RPG sway
    - Increased reflection of stock RPG
    - Fixed save delay of Quickcommands
    - Added a few loading screens of maps which were released after first mod release
    - Updated punishment system

    Shop and Inventory is not available in localplay, however your will keep your loadout from the server (except playermodel, wings and fx trail)

    - Added Speedometer
    - Added Position HUD
    - Added Walkthrough HUD

    Maybe I forgot some changes, hue.

    Im sry, i think its the best for 3xp to not unban you, because of the things you have done in the past. For us its a risk we do not want to take.


    when you shoot again on RPG Sustain (or hold left click) while the bullet is away, it will switch to your secondary, as you dont have ammunition for a short amout of time to prevent double rpgs. Sadly its not possible to make it like it was in our current Mod version, as this would take 2 weaponfiles for each rpg skin, which would exteed limits of cod.

    "Fovscale bug If Fovscale = 1.3 it'll reset back to 1 when you reconnect to the server" Okay gonna fix that

    "It also "breaks" if you use it in rpg sustain mode and then fire then switch to normal mode . the rockets disappear and wont come back and the rpg doesn't work anymore." will also fix that

    Welcome Everyone,

    In this thread i want to announce our Beta Testing Schedule for our upcoming modupdate. The biggest part of this Modupdate is our newly added shop and inventory system,
    you can now earn ingame currency while playing on our CoDJumper server and spend it in our ingame shop menu to aquire things like deagle skins, viewhands skins and more.
    Besides that we adjusted some functionallitys to work better and additionally tried to fix all known bugs to further improve the experience on our server.

    We already had some closed beta testing going on, so at least the big bugs should be fixed, however our tests were always short periods of playing maybe 2-3h.

    With this thread we want to announce a longer term Beta Test upcoming this weekend.
    The Open Beta Test will range from Friday 03.08.2018 10:00 AM (UTC+1) to Sunday 05.08.2018 12:00 PM (UTC+1)

    Server IP and Password: connect; password betatest

    The server will run in developer 2 because this helps us debugging, however this means that it will crash due to every little error.
    So be paitent, because in this Beta test, the server will probably often restart or have some downtimes, which we try to keep as short as possible.

    Goal of this test is to find and fix bugs which affect the long term stability of the mod, so we want to play certian maps for a long time in the beginning,
    as a map change basiclly resets everything in terms of gsc scripting.
    Also the map pool will be very limited, as alot of the map scripts out there crash on developer 2 as there arent tested in this mode, and suffer from alot of errors.
    Voting to change map will be disabled on Friday and maybe Saturday to force some longer sessions for testing purposes.
    Players testing on this testserver will temporarily get a really high amout of ingame currency,

    we want you to use the shop and inventory menus as much as possible,

    they are the main things to be tested out and we really want to stress the server with players with full inventorys to find all little bugs.
    Eventho we try to be there as much as possible, the CJ-Leaders wont always be online, so

    if you find any bugs it would really help us if you know how you can reproduce it, to help us in our debugging process.
    report all the Bugs you find here in this Forum thread, so we have on channel and do not miss any bug reports

    It would help us alot if you play on this Server as much as possible in the testing period.
    We will have another Open Beta Test where we will test out the balance of the ingame currency earnings and prices. So keep your critisim on that topic for the next testing phase.

    The 3xP' CJ-Lead