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    @Jayme i dont think so man my key is fine

    You can see the reasons for the multiple kicks and bans for this GUID here:

    @AhmEeeD look carefully at the field of kicks and bans there. it means that someone used the same key as yours

    so if you want to play on this server u have to follow @Jayme 's instructions

    Are you using a cracked key? If so, someone has probably been banned on our servers using the same key, try changing to a different cracked / original key and reconnect.

    Hello everyone! It's me, Darkie :love:

    I am trusted player (lvl 1) since 11.2016 and trusted player (lvl 2) 02.2017

    I think the time has come. This is my application for trusted player (lvl 3).

    The first reason is enough free time for cj. After moving to the far north because of work, I finally got used to the work schedule and available to play after work instead of sleeping

    We are together 2 years already! Also my skills has improved.

    I like to helping other players. It's very pleasant when your advice helps the jumpers to perform the jump. Complexities arise when you are asked to help a mid-skilled player. at this level, the right technique is very important. The player will understand much more quickly if to demonstrate a jump instead of advice. so the possibility of using a teleport would be incredibly useful. correct me if I'm wrong, but a trusted player level 3 can use the teleport.

    My statistics page

    Waiting for your replies!

    With regards, Alexander Dark.

    can any one tell me what are the stuff I have to look for to complete this mod

    First of all, you need to understand that mod contains of 2 parts : server-side and client-side. unique customized mods like 3xP or any other are their own development, so they do not spread in free access. You can use's mod. it will be enough for a comfortable play
    »»» How to set up the CoDJumper mod«««
    »»»how to script«««

    Good luck with your own mod! :P
    With regards,
    Alexander Dark.

    My turn.
    Many years ago, there was a modification of mobile version ICQ. I forgot the name of dis mod, but creator was MrDark. I liked this nickname and I began to use Mr_Dark. "Mr_" part has disappeared with time.
    In CoD4 i use TS clan tag. Clan collapsed 5 years ago, but it was cool time and I decided to keep the clan tag. But i will very happy to change it to 3xP :P

    Tag everyone! :)

    Most of you already know me and dis is my trusted player (2nd lvl) application.

    Sometimes i join to the server just for relax and talk with guys. 3xp has become a 2nd home for me <3
    I feel comfortable and it is very beautiful pastime. I met a lot of cool guys. I like to help other players, and I even have one student :D (hes nickname is Hurricane)

    I'm sorry if i annoy some 3xp members for asking for tp me to the players, but sometimes it really needed.
    I plan to join TS. Tbh I haven't any good experience in real talk, but i will try :rolleyes:

    My trusted player application (1st lvl)
    My statistics page

    And yes I have read and agree to all the rules.

    With regards, Alexander Dark.

    Heyo! My name is Alexander and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Russia from the Far North. Now I finish university in Western Siberia, direction: automation of technological processes and production. I'm quite fluent in English.

    I like to listen to old school dubstep, minimal techno, progressive techno and drum and bass (I prefer the darker subgenres of DnB such as neurofunk, techstep etc)
    I play 11 years in DotA, but still 5k mmr trash :D . Also like such game series as the Witcher and Hitman (story in The Witcher 3 is the best I've seen).

    I started playing CJ 4 years ago on uNreal CJ server, but after playing a month I threw this thing, because it was necessary to prepare for university. I returned to CJ 6 months ago. During these 6 months I have very much progressed. I remember playing on all maps only in easy way, then in inter way and now play more than half maps in hard way. And it's really cool feeling when you see your progress and know that this is not the limit.

    3xp CJ server was showed me by my friend. I really liked 3xp CJ mod and the website, and I started playing here. 3xp community is very fun and friendly.

    Honestly, I want to be a 3xp member, but unfortunately I can't beat 7 min galaxy test way. But I think that in the near future I will have the required time.

    I have read and agree to all the rules.

    My Steam:
    My statistics page: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    With regards, Alexander Dark.