mp_race | Release & Information

  • Hey guys, I'm happy to announce that today I am finally releasing mp_race!
    I have put quite a lot of time into this project and I'm happy to finally be done!
    I really hope you guys enjoy this map as much as I did making it!

    The map includes six official routes: Easy, Inter, Inter+, Fun, Hard, Bhop
    There are also multiple secrets, bonus rooms, and hidden extras too!

    All routes are fully possible no-rpg (except Hard) and are built for speedrunning.
    There is a leaderboard scripted into the map which shows the top 6 times for each route. This does not get reset every time the map is played, but instead only when the server is restarted!
    There is an anti-cheat system in place also which hopefully prevents cheated times.
    Players who receive the #1 spot in a route will receive a model (Ratchet, Deadpool, Captain America, Shadow, Sonic, Joker)
    Please remember that this is a norpg speedrun map (except hard) and as such is not overly challenging.

    I created Easy to cater to newcomers as much as possible, it does increase in difficulty as it progresses but most jumpers will find this route pretty simple to finish, although maybe not so simple to get #1 time in! I hope this route benefits the newcomers as they learn new simple techniques and fps switches.

    I am quite happy with inter, again it caters to new-ish jumpers while at the same time not being too easy, I involved many techniques in this route, most are distance bounces. I think it works well as a speedrun route due to its design.

    This is an edited copy of inter with different texturing and of course more difficult bounces and landings. I am quite happy with how this turned out. This route is quite a bit harder than inter.

    This is my favourite route, it starts out with close bounces and blocked bounces but quickly progresses into long distance bounces which I find very enjoyable, I really hope people play this route as much as the others as it's the most fun in my opinion! I tried to make it as suitable for speedrunning as possible. There are a variety of techniques used in this route. I feel this is just above i+ in difficulty.

    The Hard way is not too difficult but at the same time not too easy. It starts off kinda' odd but progresses into distance and non-bullshit tech jumps also! I tried to incorporate a variety of techniques to keep it interesting. Most jumps are possible norpg but can be challenging if you're not a pro. For the pros I recommend trying the roof at the end, as it hasn't been landed yet.

    This route is taken from mp_bhop (my first unfinished map), and yes, it is possible all in one bunnyhop! Unfortunately due to the size of mp_race, this skybox is slightly buggy however all jumps are still of course possible. Players are only able to save on a specific black-white checkpoint texture, all other plats must be bunnyhopped. This route is weird looking and may stand out as odd - I decided to include it anyway because why not!

    There is also a bonus room which contains: a gaproom, a small basic route for newbies, a small difficult route for skilled players, a secret room, a VIP room, a 'key' room (need to find 5 hidden keys), and many bunnyhops. There is also the old room which contains many rejected jumps from the delted inter+ and hard, also there is the frisbeesky room which is just a little feature made by Fris.



  • Congratulations on releasing mp_race!

    As @Funk said, It's been awesome to be apart of the process to see the final product being built from scratch, great job!

    Can't wait to see what you make next, if this isn't going to be your only've came a long way :saint:

    Jayme <3

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words :)
    It's really nice to hear that people enjoy the map.

    make sure there is no existing map with the same name

    I actually had no idea there was already a mp_race! Sorry, I did check a long time ago but didn't find any other mp_race and it didn't show in Google (no one else told me either), sorry about that! Thanks for the kind words also.