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    Hello again,

    For the past week or so I’ve been discussing this application and the ”state” of the CJ community with quite a few people. I felt that it was time for me to publicly address some of the arguments brought up on this thread as well as let everyone know our decision when it comes to Moug’s application.

    To begin, Leejey and ZeeZ brought up great points about it not being fair that we are in a sense ”discriminating” Moug based on the fact that he likes to spend time with people who are banned from the server. While there is not anything wrong with Moug doing that, it does create an unnecessary risk that we’d rather not take. Also the point about ”Moug causing drama”, that is not what we meant at all. If we were to accept Moug on his terms (that he doesn't need to kick/ban), I don’t see there being a situation where Moug specifically could cause any drama. The issue arises in the fact that we would be accepting a trusted member who basically doesn't need to do any tasks that a trusted player is expected to do. Most of the current drama in the last 3 years or so have been caused by the same 3-4 people and if Moug specifically says that he won’t ban or kick them, should they join, we have a serious problem. Moug’s application essentially boils down to him just asking for TP and TP only. I don’t think it’s fair to other players that we would selectively give TP to only specific members of the community just because they are good at CJ.

    Again just to make it clear, we don’t think Moug would cause any drama, we just don’t like accepting people who apply only TP in mind and don’t necessarily care about the integrity of the server.

    As a result our decision to Moug’s trusted application is a NO, as Moug made it very clear that he will not change his banning/kicking approach.

    However, as a solace to this result, we felt that now is a good time to finally enable TP to all players on the server (as a trial). This way it’s fair to everyone, and all parties should be pleased. We will be looking into enabling it in a few days and I should mention that if it becomes a problem in the server, we might remove it later because of that. For now though, TP will be enabled for all players on a trial basis, and we’ll see if we will keep it on the server permanently based on how the trial period goes.

    Also I’d like to address some of the concerns that had nothing to do with Moug's app but more on the community as a whole that Leejey brought up.

    if you get to know people on a deeper level you will sometimes be surprised on how they actually are

    The fact that a person is nice to you when you get to know them on a deeper level does not justify trolling or bad behavior on the server.

    I feel like people are starting drama way too quickly. Who cares if someone did something weird or even presumptuous?

    Maybe it's just me but I never felt true tension

    It’s easy to say this when you barely know what the drama was even about. In the last 3 years I was in the middle of this and I can say without a doubt that there was true tension between many players in the community.

    The only situation where there really is a problem, is when people make it bigger than it actually is. This has to stop.

    As I said earlier, I am friends with most of the people in this community. And if one behaved weird I went on and avoided him. That's it.

    The community of CJ is already small enough, so can we please build a harder shell by not getting offended too quickly and actively try to keep us together?

    Like having 4-5 people banned is gonna break the entire CJ community. Again it’s easy to say ”just dont get offended” when you have no idea what happened.

    Also the part about not banning bunny etc.

    I completely understand that some members couldn’t make the decision of ”should I ban”? This is completely understandable as the situation was evolving fast and so much had happened.

    It was hard even for me to keep up and I have been in the middle of this since the beginning. Members who had no idea what the drama was even about obviously couldn’t have made the decision and and we understand that it was our fault of not informing you about the situation.

    If anyone feels like they have missed out on some juicy CJ drama or have some serious concerns about the atmosphere of the server, feel free to message me and I’ll give my view of the situation. The underlying problem is with members who know what was happening and still decided to not do anything. I know from experience that it is always difficult when you have to ban/kick someone for bad behavior who you have known for a long time and I have to remind you that if you are a member of 3xP’ we expect you to keep these players banned, as that is best for the server.

    If there’s any questions or concerns, let me know and I’ll try to answer the best I can.

    I think that’s all, thanks for reading and understanding.




    It's not that we are somehow afraid of the damage Shadow or Bunny could cause to the server, it's more so staying true to our principles and reinforcing the rules. If there are no consequences for trolling, if you can always just say "sorry", what is the point of banning anyone or having any rules on a server in the first place. I've done my fair share of mistakes, maybe I haven't been as strict as I should have been. Maybe I was too naive for actually believing people would change on their own and we wouldn't have to resort to drastic measures such as banning. When it come to Baddy and Heat, I learned a lot about that whole situation myself. You are either strict and instantly permaban or you give someone a second chance and are then labeled as a hypocrite no matter if the person actually changed. I don't expect you to understand. Since that whole incident we have resorted into the first option. We warned both Shadow and Bunny multiple times and they didn't listen. We have made up our mind and you did yours when we warned you.

    that is entirely true.. even though the english in that sentence is terrible xdd

    In the past i have kicked people who have shown toxic behaviour on the server.. and i have even banned bunny himself when he showed toxic behaviour on the server even though he was my friend. If a person didnt make another person on the server either uneasy or annoyed i would kick them or warn them about it pretty much instantly.. I just hope that i can avoid having to do that if i were given trusted. My friends that have been banned and arent allowed to play on the 3xP server anymore arent really able to play anymore anyway. Naming those 2: ShadowlinkX and Bunny, Shadow has no interest in joining anyway because he doesnt ban avoid and Bunny is completely unable to join anymore by any means, so i am pretty sure it will not be an issue anymore.

    And if they were able to join later down the line, how would you handle the situation?

    Hey Moug,

    Being a trusted member on our server means that you have to have a certain level of respect towards the rules of the server and of course towards other people playing on it. This means that you shouldn't actively promote people to banavoid who have previously been banned from the server with good reason. I'm not saying you did this before, but you certainly didn't do anything to stop it. As a trusted player, we would expect you to do something about it if that were to happen again and by the look of your app, it seems that you are not keen into changing that approach.

    A trusted member is someone who we can trust, it's not just about having the TP ability and being good at CJ. It's a trusted member's job to keep the server clean from undesirable people and sometimes it happens that those people are your friends. Also your past with our clan has been rather complex and that is why this will be a difficult decision.

    Also just to clarify you had the obscure "friend" rank which included all normal member benefits except the requirement of having a clan tag on your name. That was removed from you because Drizz gave it to you without consulting me or Noob and we thought we didn't really get to discuss the decision thoroughly enough. Also at the time, there was a lot of discord between certain people in the community and we weren't comfortable enough to keep you with the Friend rank. Also the fact that you actively befriended people who are banned from the server made us uneasy. That is why your rank was removed and I hope you understand that it was nothing personal towards you. That being said I will discuss this with Noob and let you know our decision, maybe he can even pitch in himself and give his view of the situation.

    I hope you understand where we are coming from. A thing that would surely go a long way is if you could somehow reassure us that there wont be any problems in the future if you were to become a trusted player. I don’t know what that could be but maybe you can come up with an idea. From your app I get the sense that you only want the TP and don't want to have any other responsibilities in the server. I don't think that will be possible since those ingame abilities is a way for us to say thank you for our trusted players who have our server's best interest at heart. Just giving you the TP without any requirements would be pretty unfair in my opinion at least.



    Im not on the discord alot, but on server hes an active member that is quick to help other players. Hes been in the CJ team for a while now and i think that making him a regular clan member is a good idea.


    noobaim on forums what the frick?? :love:8|


    Today I'm releasing mp_galaxy_v2 on behalf of ZeeZ.

    The map might appear a bit unfinished in some parts but is still 100% playable.

    Only reason we are releasing it is because there are at least some people who will find enjoyment on the map and we feel like its better to have it released than not released.

    ZeeZ didn't have any intention of finishing this map anymore so it's either this or nothing.

    Leave your feedback on the comments below since ZeeZ might fix the most serious issues in an update later on.

    He would also like to thank the following people for their contribution and feedback on the map:


    Map will be on 3xP' CJ shortly.

    Thanks guys and we hope you enjoy the map!

    Obviously you should always try to optimize your map as best as you can but there often comes a point where the next thing you can do to improve the fps in your map is to make drastic changes on the core level that would take an insane amount of time, therefore altering the design of your map heavily.

    If you get 200fps on a map and then on every other map you easily get 1000fps then there's obviously a huge problem with the map that should be fixed. These kind of problems are very rare and don't usually happen when the most basic types of optimization are applied. (I have never seen a map with problems like this apart from a few spots in 2-3 maps. And even fixing the fps in those spots would be hard or atleast very time-consuming to fix without changing the look of the map).

    What I was talking about was how people complain getting *only* 500fps when on every other map they get 600fps. It feels like such a stretch in terms of "criticism". And there's basically nothing you can do to make the fps better apart from doing a complete rework assuming all other types of optimization are already in place.

    Also if you are getting 200fps on every map with fullbright, you just need to accept that you have a shit pc. Like you guys seriously want empty plat maps that look boring as fuck? Well atleast you get your 1k fps...

    The fact is, you simply can't have an "insane looking map with a ton of detail" (f.e. mp_stalker) AND have flawless fps.

    What I'm saying though is that in my opinion, it's much better to have an insane looking map where you get 700fps instead of a boring looking floating plat map with 1000fps.

    Sorry for the rant, I just get kinda triggered when people assume you can just flip a switch to fix everything on your map without compromises.

    Overall I think people are just oversimplifying a very complicated issue that is not that big of an issue in the first place. ^^<3


    are there still people who struggle to get 333 FPS on a 12 year old game on a mod which allows you to do anything with your game settings (fullbright, ...)?

    Yep my 2012 pc had no problems running this game with 1k fps. No idea how ppl can still claim that as a critical flaw of a map.

    Then when you make your map more simple its instantly labeled as lazy and uninspired even if you didn't even touch bouncebuilder and my god if you did then you might as well throw your map down the bin cuz its gonna get hated alot. Nowdays ppl are just reaching for problems in maps cuz they got nothing else to do.

    Arkani just do what u wanna do man, I would avoid taking huge design ideas from ppl who have never touched radiant before and know nothing about mapping.

    We are getting maybe 5 maps every year max so pretty much any map will do for atleast most of us.