Map Showoff Thread!

  • Welcome to the map show off thread!
    The purpose of this thread is to post screenshots of your mapping projects for others to see!

    Just hit reply with a screenshot or two of your map and maybe add a brief description if you want to.
    I just thought the community may want to see peoples mapping projects, so I made this thread - hopefully someone likes it.
    Feel free to post feedback on whatever pictures the mappers post here.
    To the mappers, you can post any pictures or screenshots you like, old or new, even if the project is discontinued I think people would still like to see!

  • I guess I will post first to get the ball rolling

    I am currently working on mp_race, which will be a speedrun map with six ways (hopefully), all ways are built with speedruns in mind and are all no-rpg (except hard way).
    I've been working on it for quite some time now and have finally finished easy and inter (mostly xd).
    mp_bouncebuilder has helped a ton so thanks to Mirko, deleted User, and Viruz for that!
    Anyway, here's the current state of mp_race as of this post:

    Easy Way:

    "Fun" way (yet to name it propely):
    (very much not finished)

    So there's mp_race, release date: sometime this decade.
    Hope to see some posts from others now :)

  • Ok, there are quite a few projects i've been working on, some of them got rejected.

    mp_sumt --> Currently working on this 1, It's gonna be some kind of 'dreamworld?' i'd say, it's like playing on a map while you're on high:D

    mp_stalker --> Another map i'm working on, the only reason is why i stopped working on it is simple enough... I don't have enough time for making such a detailed map alone, and there is noone else to work with, so if anyone thinks he might be able to help me, please notify me and let's get to work:D (Map doesn't require that much terrain-work, if so, I'd be able to help)

    mp_cordon --> It has got rejected, this map would require insane amount of free time, that I can't afford anymore, yet i might put the first part in mp_stalker secret or something.

    mp_float --> It has got rejected also, I ran out of ideas in this case, and this map inspired me to start making mp_sumt. I'm unsure whether i'll use first part (spawn) in one of my works or not, either bounces.

    Also I've got more rejected maps, such as mp_playground or mp_crystal, and I'm not gonna post images of these, since I havent put in much time in those, so doesn't worth to show a pic of it.

  • Im Skazy i do 6 Maps at once xD, nice mates

  • Alright this is my map: mp_funky (name might change idk)

    At this moment there are a total of 4 ways (ez , inter, hard and advanced). I might make an inter+ if I still have some energy left :D.

    Here's a good look of the entire map right now:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    (Note that only a very little part of the map has environment atm)

    Spawn Area:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    (Inter is the only way atm which has a proper design implemented)

    The Design: I've received a lot of mixed comments about the design so far. Some people are saying it looks really nice while others say its too bright with the one-coloured textures and reminds too much of other maps. I would still like to receive some feedback on that :D

    The Difficulty:

    EZ: The way starts off very easy with simple 125 jumps but then progresses harder to inter difficulty while also introducing some different techs and such. Goal is to keep this way easily approachable to new players.

    INTER: Inter is my favorite way atm. It starts relatively ez but then quickly becomes harder. I'd say this is more of the harder end of inter ways.

    HARD: With hard way I aim to provide a long enjoyable experience with different techs and jumps. It's not going to be overly hard tho. I'd say about 11-13 difficulty.

    ADV: Advanced is meant for the pros. I try to avoid putting too many perf rpgs, since I don't like those type of ways myself. This is still going to be very hard. I'm aiming for a 15-16 difficulty.

    The Replayability:

    Obviously I wanna make each way as unique as possible with different techs and design. I don't like those maps where they make like 3 ways with an exact same design and only harder jumps. Also as all ways are in 1 skybox (atm) I was thinking of making a 'secret' way which goes through all the ways and uses some creative bounces. This way the map consists of 4 main ways as well as dozens of 'secret' jumps & bounces that create the 'secret' way. This idea is very experimental right now and i wanna do it right. But if I nail it I'm sure you guys are gonna like it :)

    So When?

    The map is now in a very early stage. I don't have a set release date but I can only assume that it will be done sometime this year. Obviously I don't wanna rush it out if its still clearly not done by the end of this year.

  • It's really time to stop this poor shitty looking mapping style.. for example the first map - mp_race ?! What the hell is that ?
    Just some floating platforms with rooms and bounces and no theme. Always the same..

  • @BETA I made the map to give something back to the community.
    I realise not everyone will like every map. And yeah, design isn't my strong point (colour blind in real life) however I have gotten positive feedback from it. If you dislike it so much just don't play it.

    If you came here only to insult other peoples work, please don't. There are very few active map developers and your insults will discourage others. Some people prefer simple designs by the way (also better for fps).

    I am absolutely ok with constructive criticism (I actually encourage it), but you're not being constructive. Maybe you don't know how much time it takes to produce a map, but seeing a comment like that is very disheartening.