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    mp_nostalgia_v1 - almost complete. OS Pathway, includes old CJ maps. Intermed pathway for modern type CJ and Ez modern type. No advance way because the map can't compile more areas. Hope to release for the server.


    If it's engine limits, such as exceeded vertices (unlikely for you), max_indices etc, try to make every brush-type "Detail".

    CJ maps in general don't have insane amout of detail, thus using anything other than Detail structures is pointless and inefficient.

    Also, you could try to reduce the amount of unneccessary brushes. Seems unlikely, you don't seem to use insane amount of brushes, so it should be a final solution.

    I presume you use different skybox for each way, and in case the new routes simply just don't compile, make a skybox around that route whilst having a reflection probe and a light orb.. should fix it.

    That's all i can think of... if it still doesn't work, HMU @ discord: #skazy#2211

    Hey guys, Finally this time has come... I can finally release mp_stalker. I am sure nobody has ever thought it'll happen.
    I've been trying to release the map for the past month, but whenever I fixed something, suddenly I faced something new error, and it was going on continuously.
    The reason why it took so long is simple.. The stupid cod4 engine limits, I can't tell you guys how many times I exceeded the limits. I always had to redo structures, reimport them as models, reduce material assets, etc.
    It still has some bugs, yes, I am aware of that.. If you guys know how to fix these blending leaves' texture stuff, I'll fix immediately and release a fix version.
    To prove you my point, at one point the map used to be 260MB, with soundtrack etc, and i successfully reduced it do 170MB... I deleted all the duplicated, unused, partly used, high resolution textures, and replaced them with a max 512x512 sized texture... so the .iwi file sizehas got quartered. The map contains 341 custom textures overall, along with about 80 custom models. It also has 8 soundtracks.

    The map has 3 ways, and a huge spawn you can explore. At the spawn, you can discover some secrets, where you have to figure out codes for doors, grave-digging, exploding walls, etc.
    So, the map has the following ways:
    Easy, inter and hard.

    Each of these paths has its own unique style of jumps and challenges players from each skill group.
    Watch Walkthroughs on 3xP' channel (will be listed soon), ways can be a bit confusing from time to time, I couldn't add more hintstrings, the limit of that is 32 as well.. (fml).

    Hard way wt:

    Inter way wt: _____WILL BE UPDATED_____
    Easy way wt: _____WILL BE UPDATED_____

    The actual map was copied from a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The map is called Bar/Rostok in the original game, and the COD4 CJ version is the combined version of Shadow of Chernobyl's and Lost Alpha's Bar. I've always been a big fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, and I always dreamed of a map in CJ about this game. Since noone had the willpower to make such a map, I made it come true.

    I put a lot of effort into the details in order to make it look as close to the original game as possible. At the beginning I faced some sizing problems, but somehow I managed to fix it, with more or less success.. If you're a true S.T.A.L.KE.R. fan like myself, you'll notice, but it's not that eye-catcher. This map has to be one of the most detailed and definitely one of the greatest themed Codjumper maps ever created. I didn't mean this as self-promotion, I just don't think any other map looks better than this right now. Let's not mention the details I put in spawn. It sure is the hugest map in CJ, probably even in Cod4. (Just to point out once more, not self-promotion :D )

    I am aware of that many people will have troubles with FPS, since it's the hugest CJ map that exists right now. FPS Drops will disappear (hopefully for everyone) after entering a way... Easy is possible to enter just with 125, Inter is possible to enter just with 250. Please don't judge the map being an utter sh** just because your PC is that bad you can't get 333 fps at all. It's 2018 guys. This map seems to be one of my last projects in CJ, it's been an honour to meet all of you guys, there might be one other project to be released, the upcoming part of the mp_restyled series. You'll find out more about this later on :)

    mp_stalker itself has a few secrets you can find at spawn, I haven't hid any on a certain route to ensure that everybody has equal chance. Some fixes can be expected later on...

    Download link(with playermodels):

    Some mods might not be able to run the map due to material assets limit on server. The limit is 2048 overall. If you can't run the map, it means my map (mp_stalker) and your mod overall exceeds this limit. There would be probably 2 solutions for it (correct me if I'm wrong):
    1.) I try to delete more and more textures, that I did the past 2 weeks... I'd rather not, to be honest, I can't really reduce more, sadly :(
    ---------> For this case I and IzNoGod have made an mp_stalker version without 10 custom playermodels, reducing the overall material assets by 70+... If you can't run on your server, use this version:

    For JH and such mods: - JH_mp_stalker.rar (no player models)
    2.) You could try deleting unused material assets in your main mod folder, another shitty solution imo.

    Either way, whenever you'd like to join to JH servers and play mp_stalker, for example from 3xP', you'll have to redownload the whole map: 3xP' version is 173mb, JH version is like 130MB

    I release it on 3xP' mod, it works correctly there, I'll try to fix the map for every mod.
    If you have any suggestions according to fixing this, pm me on my steam accounts:

    // My Steam: <-----I use
    // <-----them both

    Lol i'll be a cunt...

    1. mp_stalker,
    just why not, after wasting couple of months on this utter pooperino and still not released :3

    2. mp_restyled_v3

    3. mp_zone

    4. mp_restyled_v2

    5. mp_on_the_sky

    Honorable mentions:

    I laughed so hard reading some people's with those poetic quotes haha
    Fuck dem other clusterfuck maps, the historical overplayed craps kekeke... Nah joking, don't take it seriously ))...

    Hey guys!
    As you may know, I'm currently working on a quite big project, probably it's going to be my last serious map,
    but i've got some troubles with it right now, and I have absolutely no idea how to make it work.

    So, essentially the thing that makes me furious, are the custom models' display (LOD).
    I imported nearly 60 custom models to my map along with over 200 custom textures, and most of them works very well.
    But.. Some models appear as they need to, but there are some models which appear so randomly, for example whenever
    I'm close to the model, everything is ok... but as soon as I get farther, it just doesn't appear. Also, sometimes it disappears
    when I'm directly standing basically 2metres away from e.g. a tree or grass model. I only noticed this kind of 'bug' with grass,
    tree and bush models. All the lamp posts, rocks, garage-models, etc... work correctly, but the detail-models... ergh

    From far: - iw3mp 2016-08-21 21-24-11-53.bmp

    From near: - iw3mp 2016-08-21 21-24-21-30.bmp

    Also, I already asked some people, one of them told me it's because the Level of Detail (LOD), but he told me it's
    already on max... I'm puzzled ;(
    If anyone has either any ideas what it is cause by or solutions, I'd be so grateful.

    Have a nice day :)

    Personally, I don't think there is any solution to solve this whole rotation system. Besides,
    I'd like to get rid off of overplayed maps as well, but I believe that it's not possible by any chance.

    There are (and always will be) certain maps that are more played rather than other 'non-played' ones.
    There must be always a reason of a map for not being played.
    For example: a map with only 1way, PotatoPC users have got no FPS, or the map is just simply forgotten.
    If you forced the players to play an unwanted map for an hour or longer without being able to start any vote, first, they would complain about the whole system, afterwards they would leave the server instantly. That wouldn't solve anything in my opinion, It would make the situation even worse.
    But it's all about the individuals' personal preference. Someone likes a certain map, someone doesn't.

    Take an example of me. I'm bored on almost all map, since I've played through all multiple times.
    Even though I don't enjoy a map anymore, I don't change the map whenever I want to (I'd be able, but I still don't do it).
    If CodJumper is 7years old, and there is still no solution for the rotation system, I don't think there will be any time soon. You can't make a map-rotation that everyone likes.

    Just my personal experience and opinion.

    (Sorry for the long post)

    1st XPloz - I really liked his edit, also the song choice, m8, that was sick :D I adore to trap as well, so this 1 got me.

    2nd FrisbeeSky - Really sick edit and liked the music choice, also the transitions, good job!.

    3rd Karzye - Very unique video, never seen anything similar in CJ. It seemed a bit weird to me when you speeded up some jump, overall it was sick!

    4th Funk & Hawk: - Both really nice, i liked music choice in both, especially in Hawk's :D

    The others' work were also interesting, just the following people's work stood out for me.
    Looking forward to any other contests like these!