Map Showoff Thread!

  • Hi, some Updates for mp_the_Extreme_v2:

    + Hard is 100% done and @Funk is doing the WT when he's back (Thanks to drizzi for performing)
    + Inter+ is 50% done
    + Started easy way
    + Instead of Inter in the lobby you can go further to find Inter AND Inter+
    + Elevator way added + done
    + 3xP Bunny is doing the Inter way
    + Added some secrets already :)
    + Lighting settings FIXED
    + Weird blury shadows on the walls fixed

  • Hey,

    I decided to give you an in-depth update on all the mapping stuff I've been working on recently as many of you ask me all the time. I'm warning you, this is gonna be a long one. So let's get started!

    First off, I'm sure most of you want to ask about my project mp_funky. Since my last post about it a while ago I haven't really touched the project that much. Honestly, I've lost my
    motivation with it for now and I don't plan to continue it until I have some idea what I'm gonna do with it. Many of you think that the map is almost done but that's not even close to being
    true. The map has practically no easy way and the most of inter way needs to be redone. Hard and adv have all the bounces mostly done but adv is around half way finished unlike hard,
    which is like 10-15% I'd say. Some things that I've done since the last update are mainly ADV design and the new spawn area, but that's about it. Honestly, at this point I'd just want to have
    it finished and released. So all in all not much has been done about it and I don't plan to since I don't know what to do with it at this moment. I'm sure that I'll get back to it or I will at least
    use the jumps for another project so I wouldn't worry about all the "lost" effort that I have already put in. I'll include some screens of the most up-to-date version so you'll get an idea of its state.

    mp_funky screens:

    The 2nd map I've been working on recently is mp_strobe. A one way map with some freeroam elements mixed in. This map in my opinion is nothing like anybody has seen in CJ. From the design to the jumps
    I think I managed to make it unique. The idea was to make an 80s neon city with a little bit of wonkyness added to it to make it look very unnatural but alive at the same time. Gameplay wise the map has
    a lot of opportunities for exploring. There are a lot of intended cuts and secrets! This way, even though it's a one way map, I hope it has some replay-ability. The map is very different compared to the usual
    map design we see these days so I don't know if it will be uploaded to the server, we'll see. If I had to guess, I don't think the newcomers would enjoy this as much. Currently the map is almost done, some
    bugfixing and other small stuff left but other than that it's good to go. In fact, I made a small map teaser to show it off a bit. Map will be released right when it's done with a walkthrough so look forward to that!
    I'd estimate sometime next month (I hope).

    mp_strobe preview:

    mp_strobe screens:

    The 3rd project I've been working on for a while back is mp_killzone. As I mentioned in my last post about it, I lost the project file for the map. However since many people liked it, I started a new one. The map is still in very
    early stages but all in all the goal is to make a 2-way map with some interesting jumps and a cool looking design. Now I'd just like to point out that I probably can't continue the map with that "neon stripey design" because
    of the entity limit in Radiant. I'll try to replicate it the best I can with simple bright solid color textures without spec map but I know it won't look quite the same. Just to give you guys an idea, I used around 950 lights in the
    1st version after having only the few 1st rooms of EASY done when the limit for entities is 1024.

    Btw the name is not affiliated with the game Killzone at all if you were wondering. I just came up with it since the map theme is kind of a death-course with lava pits n stuff. I will share more when I actually start making this since
    right now I've only worked on it for like 5-6h.

    mp_killzone screens:

    The 4th and final major project which I'm working on at the moment is called mp_combined (name might change). This is truly going to be a map from the community to the community.
    I'm combining 2 discontinued maps to make one full 3-way map. This project started from Stagox's map that he has been working on for years at this point. His map's easy way is 99% done
    and inter is very close to being done also. It's a bit short so I may have to add some bounces to that but then it's done. For hard way I've added Skorpiik's mp_above. It's around 60 bounces
    long and the goal for that is to make a long and progressive hard way. Idea is that it starts with around 14 difficulty but ends up going up to 18 at the end. Currently the map is very close to
    being done considering the size, but especially hard needs some extensive testing. Also some lighting, secrets, end room and other stuff like this will still need to be added. I'd hope to
    release this map this year, but you guys know what CJ mapping is like. Every other guy losing .map files n shit :D .

    mp_combined screens:

    I also have 2 other projects that I started a long time ago. mp_encore and mp_rough are 2 maps which I started but haven't really taken them anywhere yet.
    If I by some miracle manage to finish the current maps I'm working on I'll might continue on these. I'll share a few screens but I won't show much since
    I've only worked around 1-2h for each of these. Of course I'm going to share more If I ever get on with these.

    mp_encore supersecret screens:

    mp_rough supersecret screen:

    At the end I'd just like to say that take my time estimates with a grain of salt, any of these projects could turn into a "dark_final situation" and not release for 2 years :D .
    I hope that's not the case so I can finally start releasing some stuff haha. Also if any of you is interested in helping me with these just hit me up and we'll work something out!

    P.S. omg!!! frisbeesky_v2!!

  • Hey guys Boat here with a post you may like of new sonic style map i been working on for awhile now. Easy and Inter are pretty much done, I'd say like 95+ percent, Going to start working on hard way. So i figured now would be good time to post some sexy screens :D Easy Way is about 45 bounces and a speed gap at end, Inter is about 75-80 bounces with speed gap in middle and a big loop gap at the end, also has a triple or quad bhop you can do near end and also single bounces so you dont have to bhop if you dont want to or cant make it. The map will also come complete with 7 Chaos Emeralds scattered around map on easy and inter, also once you gather those you will have to find some secret bounces to get into the 4 level maze, at end of that there will be a secret / bonus room where you will have to put in a secret code using the sega controllers to get to the super ultra top secret bonus stage!

    Overview of map :

    Overview 2:

    Inter Loop :

    Some Bounces 11 :D

    Some Bounces 12 :D

    Chaos Emeralds :

    Secret Room :