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    Sounds like the configs are not in the folder called 'config' and the server does not load them.
    If you want i can take a look on your ftp and the configs, simply send me the login details via pm, or add me on steam (vikingkampfsau) and we can do it together via teamviewer.

    This is my first time running this mod and people are telling me I'm suppose to have dvars about defusing stuff for the King, I don't see those.

    That is a feature which is only available on the 3xP servers, because the 3xP clan added it themselves.

    edit: we fixed it together via steam.

    I think that happens when the double colt gets dropped on the players hip/back (which is not supposed to happen)
    I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, but I have changed some code parts to make sure the double colts don't get dropped to the hip/back

    Also the bots are working, I'll update the server soon.

    Done that,game crashed and it says "Can't load image *blood_background*"

    Are you in the correct modfolder?
    I checked the files i have uploaded and the image is in the iwd file

    Short update...
    I am coding my own bots (based on the pezbot pathfinding algorithm) because adding the pezbots did not work.
    It's doing very well, so it shouldn't take long anymore.

    Sounds like a bug to me, gonna have to reproduce it with your settings.

    All right, here we go.

    - Fixed the loss of the smoke grenade ammo for the king when getting one as killstreak
    - Fixed the "airstrike not available on this map" error
    - Fixed the not earning mortar bug
    - Removed the stupid "Press F..." for grenades, hardpoints and explosives (only for new weapons it appears)
    - Added an auto switch to the new weapon you get through killstreaks (only weapons, not grenades, hardpoints or explosives)
    - Added a short line of code to make weaponnames work in the king hardpoint dvar as well

    And here's the file @UFaced @mirko911

    - Added the cs like weapon drop behaviour on death
    - Added an auto weapon pickup (from ground) if the player is not holing a weapon of this kind (primary/secondary) and switching to it when it's a primary (gonna have to go more in detail here since there is a problem with the trigger area)
    - Added the information texts (loadscreen) you know from cs go
    - Added the feature to use the shop with the numbers (like in cs: b->2->4)
    - Fixed the molotov and it's damage

    I still would like to see bots in the mod :(

    He actually gets the first 3 hardpoints, but then it says:
    - "Aistrike is disabled on this map" at 7 kills,
    - "Press F ... (can't remember the phrase)" at 8 kills but it does nothing when we press F
    - Never gets mortars

    And he gets the last weapon at 16 kills so that's ok.

    @Viking any idea what's wrong? Should I change smth in the config?

    Sounds like a bug to me, gonna have to reproduce it with your settings.

    Thanks for your feedback.
    For the double switch try the dvar "cg_weaponcycledelay".

    The problem with the binds is that the stuff in the mod is all self-made and to get it to interact with the menu (or functions) i need new binds.
    I'm not sure if i have added the menu which pops up when you enter the mod the first time, which shows you all new binds and allows you to change them immediately.
    But a new menu (esc -> binds) is a good idea.

    What exactly do you mean with the starting time?
    At the beginning (waiting for team + game starting in) or the buy period?

    Green is done

    I'm currently working on the cs like weapon drop (throw the weapon away)

    weapon drop done, when you drop the bomb and it hits (while in the air) a team mate, he's the new bomb carrier
    not sure if i mentioned that before, the dual pistols (akimbo) are working too.
    i have also added idle animations for the grenades (when i have the time i'll also add pullout and putaway anims for them).
    i changed some parts in the code of the shop so we can now define weapons for terrorists and counter-terrorists as we wish.

    As you have maybe read in the ktk topic did my video card die in september.
    I got a new one now and would like to continue the work on this project, is there still anybody interested?
    Otherwise i won't continue.


    tell me if I'm wrong, but I think there is a small bug with the restoreRank Feature in the admin.gsc

    You give XP to the player in a while loop. But after the loop the self.pers["rank"] is still 0
    that causes that the scoreboard also shows rank 0. I think there must be an self.pers["rank"] = rank; after the while to fix this

    Nah you are wrong,

    1. for(i=self.pers["rank"];i<Restore[1];i++)
    2. {
    3. self maps\mp\gametypes\_rank::giveRankXp("kill", int(level.rankTable[self.pers["prestige"]][i][3]), true);
    4. wait .1;
    5. }

    self.pers["rank"] is 0 because i use the default rank system of the game by giving the player xp.
    Otherwise he would not rank up and in the challenges menu the yellow bar would be out of control (e.g. it would say 'needed xp for next rank -12345')
    Using this system self.pers["rank"] is automatically updated when entering the new rank (somewhere in rank.gsc)
    The scoreboard is updating once the whole rankup has finished, at least it should, i never had a problem with it.

    1. ******* script runtime error *******
    2. unknown weapon 'mortars_mp': (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_awards.gsc', line 378)
    3. self switchtoWeapon(weapon);
    4. *
    5. started from:
    6. (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_awards.gsc', line 377)
    7. wait .05;
    8. *
    9. ************************************

    The weapon name is 'mortar_mp'

    Hey there :D

    I am back (lols)
    I sadly have no idea what i was doing before the graphics card died, so i'll fix the mentioned stuff within the last posts and you tell me after a short test what is still to do.
    Can you check in your files which was changed lately? The last change within my files is 'revive.gsc' from the 6. September

    Sorry for the long absence.

    Morrning, my graphics card died and i am not even able to boot my PC. It's crashing straight after BIOS when it changes to the VGA Display. This means that I'm currently not able to continue the work on the mod(s) or come online (steam, ts...)

    I hope i can get a cheap new card soon. Since i am not gaming anymore there is no point in buying a new expensive gaming card.

    Just wanted to inform you.
    I'll let you know when i am back.


    2) As king, when I press F to get poison nade (first king's hardpoint), it gives me 4 poison nades instead of one. I just noticed it because I use regular nades as hardpoint currently. But I bought all nades and poison nades in unlockables, so I guess it has something to do with that.

    Should be fixed now.

    1) Once on killhouse, the last assassin left, and we were then 4 guards VS 0 assassins. Until someone else joined the game and went into the assassins team.

    Weren't able to reproduce this, maybe there is an error in the logs.

    2) I had reports from 2 or 3 players that quite often, they had a bug, randomly, they weren't able to run, jump or use knife anymore, and had to quit CoD4 to fix it.

    I know what's causing it, but it never happens to me on the testserver.
    When it happens type '-gostand' in the console and your controls are free again.

    4) (Not a bug) The way the end vote menu chat works is kinda bad IMO. We have to click on the field, then add a space, then write what we want then press enter. Otherwise it won't work (I think).

    There is no lobby chat in the cod4 engine (this came with cod:waw) so there is sadly no other way.
    I can't even check the text you write, otherwise i would add the 'SAY' and the space with a code.
    edit: forget what i said here, i found a work around :P No need to add a space anymore, but the click remains

    That's because the grenades in cod do share their slots (flash, smoke and stun are all the same slot, same for frag and frag_short).
    But on the testserver this should not happen, i have written a code which saves the amount of your grenades in the back, so when you pick up a knife you get your grenades back when you have thrown the knife.