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  • Hello from America :)

  • Hey UFaced ♥
    Can you hit me up somehow if you still remember me? :)
    I'm here everyday to see new messages and other stuff. <3

    • Oh hey there IHDI!

      Ofc I do remember you ♥ I just don't come here much anymore, sorry about the late answer!

      Happy to see your message :) How are you?

    • Hi man <3
      I'm fine thanks, everything is going well.
      How's it for you? Are you ok? How is life going for you my friend?

      I'm not able to send you an private message.

    • Great to hear! :)

      Everything good here as well, kinda difficult in the past few years but I'm good now :P

      I was wondering why you couldn't send me any PMs... Turns out my conversations quota is 535% used (535 of 100) ;( Looks like it got reduced quite a bit :D Maybe it's still possible to continue an old conversation though?

  • Dear Admin, I got banned by accident one year ago on Your server "3xP'Codjumper", i will be greatful if if you wil unban me on this server, Sincerely WHOSmagic :)

  • dear admins,I have lost my prestige 55,my place in the statistics №4,I had a second statistics reached 17 prestige,I Apgreyd,I have a 55 prestige in [Ninja]KTK and temate_ktk 27 prestige,8 in statistics,I like to play KTK and want to play on your server too,look in the case you are not as good as I wanted to be.Asking for your help in restoring my prestige.Thank you.

    • Hello Apgreyd, no problem for your prestige, I know you were 55, I can restore it. However I almosr never play CoD4 anymore, so it may take some time :/ You can say it in the shoutbox when you play on the server, so I might see it and come. About your stats on our stats page, idk, I think mirko911 is updating it so maybe it will be back later. Otherwise, the only person who can fix this problem is mirko911

  • Bonjour :)

  • What's going on it's ZooRoo here ,, And today im going to applaying for trusted let's start .. my name is ZooRoo im from palestine and im 18 years old ,, i started playing ur server 2009 and i really love it great server with great members ,, i need to become a trusted for kick hackers ass ,, to kick hackers and keep playing all time i play all the time on the server reallly reaaallly exited for that hope u see yes,, and iwill talk u later ,,::: KIinG ZooRoo Was here bitches

  • Random bunny passing through

  • hey,couldnt find pm section. It seems like ive lost my trusted, can you please have a look on that? thanks. (and my xfire is gone :S )

  • hi Ufaced what servers do u usually play on cuz i never saw u in the Dr server :)

  • hey ufaced, im back :P

  • Please Unban Me PLEASE ! See My Requst Its NAMED : Please Unban Me

  • hi i have a problème with a player on 3xp deathrun : he insult all players( sorry im french and my english is bad) can you bann this player??thé player is SeiZ'*'Teairon

  • can you help me get into 3xP ' can plz xd

  • Hey UFaced i'm banned today cause toxic was thinking i have a wh. Can u unban me?? Add me on skype: [edit: username removed]

  • Hi uFaced could you please check the unban request thread i made?It would be appreciated

  • Hi ufaced just wondering if you can activate my account as it wont let me make a topic on 3xp trusted member thanks.

  • ok, thx

  • Hy Ufaced, sry for disturb but I had lost my prestige because my hdd was died.If its possible and you can then pls set back it. I had on 12 prestige levels THANKS

  • Hey UFaced! Dude, I was wondering if I would return the prestige if my hard drive is ruined, (ON KTK)

  • hi ufaced

  • it was a ktk srv and its an tb

  • Hey dude! I want to play on KTK but when I start the game the download never starts! What i have to do??? can I download it from here?? Help me please dude!

  • oh so you decid to ignore me because i was hacking.. before i start to hack! i tried to be respectful with you but you are only an idiot. Invents credible things. If you are corret you answered using another language. it isn't a threat but be carefull

    • Being called an idiot by a cheater is like being called a smart person by a normal person, so thanks :D Now just stop playing the victim, you were hacking before the prestige loss problem anyway, go cry somewhere else. We'll be happy to never see your face again.

  • Hey dude you're from where in south of France? South-east (like me) or south middle or west?

  • i'm sorry but i'm here again. The prestige was lost.. ok. but now i can't join into the server. when i try i took me out. for the prestige it's ok but i want play again. Can you help me soon? thank you

    • Hi. You were banned for WH. I spectated you for a while and it was obvious, and we even have several demos (recordings) that prove it. We have zero tolerance for any kind of cheat, so you won't be able to play on our servers anymore.

  • Sorry if i disturb you but i have lost my prestige. I wrote a comment in the thread a few of day ago. Help me please

  • Hey ufaced can i apply for trusted statue? and why statistics page is not working

    • Hey Vector, you can indeed apply (which doesn't mean you will be accepted though, it will depend on your application and the feedback you get). Just don't forget to read the thread about trusted players applications before writing your app. You'll find it easily in the forums.

    • Alright man thx :)

    • Though beware of the playtime requirement, I actually didn't check your playtime before saying you could apply

    • yeah i have like one hour on all stats but i will play allot before even applying

    • by the way i have recorded a hacker and about to do a player report but I cannot get his statistics page/guid because stat page is down

  • hey, we wrote 5min ago on the ktk server ;) my stats on your ktk server get lost. i was on prestige 11 and yeah .. :)

  • Hello im an old member on your server but because i went to army i stoped playing your server for 9 months.

    well,i want to say something to you.
    1)when i join KtK and i press Play button,when i choose a chillie the server kicks me out and it says server disconnected,what i supposed to do?
    2)my lvls gone,

    PHOTO: http://postimg.org/image/lpa8lud17/

    xWaveZeRx :thumbsup_1: