We lost our brother

  • Sadly I have to announce that yesterday our beloved brother and founder of 3xP' Freeg!t/Mirko has passed away.

    The world is missin a large piece and a big heart.

    He will watch his life's work from a better and more peaceful place now.

    Mirko you were a very kind and grateful person, with an open heart. we will miss you, yet you will be always with us.

    Sleep well bro


  • Thanks for creating this post Kresh. I shared a similar post on Discord as it should reach more of the community : https://discord.com/channels/2…116618/854370420400979978.

    I am in contact with his family who are interested in hearing posts like Kresh's and Sea's above. I would encourage people to please share similar comments if they are comfortable doing so, thank you all.

  • Die Nachricht hat mich echt sehr schockiert.

    Ich konnte einfach nicht glauben was ich da gerade lese... ;(

    Es fällt mir schwer die richtigen Worte zu finden.

    Mirko, wir hatten zwar nur ein paar Jahre das Vergnügen aber du hast mir echt mit vielen Dingen geholfen.

    Völlig selbstlos hast du immer sehr viel Zeit in diese Gemeinschaft gesteckt und sie groß werden lassen, zu dem was sie heute ist.

    Viele Tausende Menschen sind wegen dir zusammen gekommen und haben sich ausgetauscht und Spaß gehabt auf deinen Servern.

    Ich bin dir sehr dankbar für alles und hoffe du bist jetzt an einem besseren Ort.

    Ruhe in Frieden.

    Den Angehörigen möchte ich gerne folgendes sagen.

    Ich möchte Ihnen mein aufrichtiges Beileid und meine tiefe Anteilnahme aussprechen.

    Mir kommen die Tränen wenn ich mir vorstelle wie schwer das gerade sein muss.

    Ich hoffe, dass Sie zumindest ein wenig Trost darin finden das Mirko eine echte Bereicherung für die Welt war und

    im Rahmen seiner Projekte immer noch ist. Er hat die Welt besser hinterlassen als er sie gefunden hat.

    Er wird uns immer in Gedanken bleiben. <3

  • It fills me with great sadness that we have to say the final goodbye to a person who did so much for the community both as a leader and as a friend. It would be imopossible to express with words how much respect I had for Him. I am certain that the wonderful projects that he initiated and took important part in will go on to bear beautiful fruit that Mirko himself, watching from up above, will apreciate and be proud of.

    Farewell friend, rest in peace.

  • Oh man, that's so terrible to hear. This leaves me with a very strange feeling and I can't begin to imagine how hard it is for his family.

    I didn't know him very well personally, but my interactions with him were always positive.

    It's very hard to find words for this, but I wish his family strength in this awful time.

  • Just got informed about this.. I've only spoken to him a few time, so im not a close to him, but still feels terrible to hear this.

    His work and dedication to cod4 stuff has made the cod4 community better around the world. I believe without his effort and inspiration for others, this game wouldn't be that fun.

    rest in peace

  • This is so sad to hear...

    When i first started playing on 3xP' back in 2014 i was around 11 years old, i quickly adapted to this community since in my opinion it was so awesome and so much different from all the other communities, it was and still is my escape from this unfair world.

    The very few times i spoke to him, he not once turned me down, he was there to help and always so kind.

    The amount of work and effort he has put in 3xP' and all the stories i've heard throughout the years of what he has accomplished regarding his projects, funny moments, sometimes even little mistakes he had made, it always amazed me. He really had accompished alot.

    I really would like to thank you, Mirko, for everything you have done for us.

    My very deep condolances to the family, i just can't imagine how it must feel...

    Rest in peace <3

  • Absolutely hated to hear this. ;( It's devastating to lose someone at this age. I didn't get to know you as well as some of the others, but I've always felt my interactions with you to be positive.

    I will not forget what you did for our community. Without your mod I would have never met so many great people and it has provided me with countless hours of fun.

    I wish your family and friends the best moving forward.

    Rest in peace Mirko!

  • Its been a long time since i was active here and just wanted to check out the Situation. Really sad to hear he passed away as i had a lot of fun playing with him on your Minecraft server back in the day. May he Rest In Peace.


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  • I can't believe this. I have stopped being active here a long time ago, but we still chatted a few times in the past few years. And I was still hoping to come visit and meet you in real life some day, at a clan party maybe.
    And today I log in and I find this. I am so incredibly sad. I just can't believe this.

    Mirko, you were such a kind and wonderful person. We had some great talks and laughs, and you were always helpful, positive and fun. And talented too. And this community you've created and that you've poured so much time into, I'm really grateful I could be a part of it; and make friends and have fun here, especially in a rather rough time of my life.

    My thoughts especially go out to his family, for whom I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be.

    Rest in peace Mirko, my friend.


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  • I've not been around for quite a while..... It hit the same way as I would stay connected with this community through all this inactivity time. It's always so sad when young person is passing away....

    Mirko, for all you've done, for the person you've been - Rest in Peace.