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    In shock as I heard the statement. I can only hang on noobaims statement as it is devestating to experience.

    Let us hope that we will all meet again in the end.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Let me give you guys my perspective.

    One of the main reasons I took a break was because the community looked like dying a year ago. When you joined the 3xP' Server (or any other) there were only 3 people playing and you knew none of them.

    Since then I nearly forgot about CJ. So as I joined 2 months ago servers were filling up again and are actually more alive than ever.

    Seeing all the people I used to meet every day again, I got some pretty nice chills and got me addicted again.

    As you can see community is the key factor for me about CJ. Keep this in mind for my personal view on this and such topics.

    Now back to topic.

    I will just work off argument by argument.

    1. Ignoring banavoids/Respecting rules

    -I personally never kicked nor banned Bunny when he tried to join BECAUSE I never really knew the exact reason he was banned in the first place. I talked to a bunch of people and all in all I did not get a similar or rather a specific answer I was 100% comfortable believing. And I'm pretty sure most members/trusted people are in the same exact dilemma of "shall I ban? idk the real issue tbh".

    2. Befriending "suspects"

    -The part with Moug befriending people that are banned, is imo invalid. You have to point out that these friendships didn't develop after the bans, but actually existed way before the drama.

    I'm "friends" or at least on a friendly basis with mostly everyone, and if you get to know people on a deeper level you will sometimes be surprised on how they actually are.

    3. Drama free environment

    -Given the fact that Moug is actively trying to help people while also improving the overall atmosphere, I think it's a good idea to give him "Trusted".

    I teleport Moug on a regular basis because he genuinely wants to help people. And so far I've never experienced someone being annoyed/pissed/bothered by him, rather the opposite.

    So in the sake of keeping the community alive, I'd like to address a general ongoing problem atm.

    I feel like people are starting drama way too quickly. Who cares if someone did something weird or even presumptuous?

    Maybe it's just me but I never felt true tension between players but if it really was the case, people would just continue playing as it's never been a disruptive problem.

    The only situation where there really is a problem, is when people make it bigger than it actually is. This has to stop.

    As I said earlier, I am friends with most of the people in this community. And if one behaved weird I went on and avoided him. That's it.

    The community of CJ is already small enough, so can we please build a harder shell by not getting offended too quickly and actively try to keep us together?

    Also a little side note:

    Moug is a well known mapper and still has some plans in mind. So I would prefer welcoming him in 3xP' rather then excluding him.

    Hence I feel positive about him applying to being promoted to trusted, similar to how I felt about his member application.

    My point of view about Blanks joining will only focus on his behaviour nowadays,
    because I joined the clan at a time where all of this "fighting" (?) was already over and am not able to establish an objective judgment.

    What I can say though is that he was very friendly to me so far and gave me the chance of testing his map in progress.

    With that being said, I would like to give a Yes.

    Hey Fellows,

    Starting things off I wanted to declare that I dont have any competence in writing professionally, so please bear with me. :P

    - Ingame Name: Leejey
    - My Birthdate: 19.09.1996
    - My Hardest Finished Map: mp_galaxy (was not endeavoring to finish the last jump yet) (Edit: Finally managed to complete a run with 1:38:48 on the 7.01.2016)
    - Gaprecord:
    -NoRpg = 311
    -RPG = 366
    - My Stats:
    1. 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details (Not in use anymore)
    2. 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details (Not in use anymore)
    3. 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details (My actively used GUID atm)
    (Adding up to 729,89 hours at this very moment)

    - Currently I'm living in Germany and am able to speak German.
    Additionally, which I actually prefer, is communicating in English since the language is by far less sluggish than German.

    The server experience I had so far was overwhelming.
    I joined close to the release of mp_newgate seeing Bunny and Boat doing speedruns. :D
    At this time I was not even able to complete the easy way, nevertheless I got a bunch of help from not only the clan but the players. Used to single-handedly playing maps it was weird and simultaneously great. This is one of the reason you often see me helping others who are struggling with parts pf the maps, when I'm not doing a speedrun.

    A while back Noob added me on Steam asking if I want to test his map, which I gladly accepted and saw a map built from the scratch while bringing me closer to the community.
    For some reason I enjoyed it to purely test and give feedback.
    Furthermore he was the reason I acquired my current skill-lvl and will be most likely laughing his ass off right now because of me applying^^

    The reason, to sum it up after all, I want to be a part of this community is the friendly encounter I had and pass it over to upcoming newcomers.
    (Surely Bunny, Drizz, Zip, Funk, Skazy, Viruz, Weezie, Hawk, Noob v2 :d, Chappie, Xploz, Fris, Cola, Bad Boy, Tigr, Royalpaiin Skorp, Ravi, Wnki, LeNeck, Medium, Ovecka, Tada, Angry Worm, Bird were helpful aswell, I just had no outstanding story on hand) (I really hope I didn't miss anyone).

    I'm Leon and 19 years old. At the moment just an ordinary student looking forward to studying at an university playing video games in his free time.
    My first ever console was a Gameboy Advance from my parents leading to me playing through the whole Pokemon generations followed up by a Playstation 1+2+3, a Gamecube, a DS+3DS and lastly a Desktop PC. The most of my gaming went into Pokemon, Uncharted, Flyff, Cod 4 and LoL.
    My Cod 4 experience began with public matchmaking and turned into Promod rather quickly. At this time it switched from Codjumper to Promod daily until I joined the 3xP'-Server, which made me quit Promod and led me to purely CJ.
    In Codjumper in particular I much rather speedrun than play hard maps since you constantly move and are able to compete with others (Noob :d)

    By the way, as a result of Noob's question and Kovy's Application I finally got myself together writing all this, since I'm easily pressured whilst being spectated and scared of the test to be honest.

    Last but not least, I've read the rules and agree with them completly.

    Yours, Leon