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    I can't believe this. I have stopped being active here a long time ago, but we still chatted a few times in the past few years. And I was still hoping to come visit and meet you in real life some day, at a clan party maybe.
    And today I log in and I find this. I am so incredibly sad. I just can't believe this.

    Mirko, you were such a kind and wonderful person. We had some great talks and laughs, and you were always helpful, positive and fun. And talented too. And this community you've created and that you've poured so much time into, I'm really grateful I could be a part of it; and make friends and have fun here, especially in a rather rough time of my life.

    My thoughts especially go out to his family, for whom I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be.

    Rest in peace Mirko, my friend.

    Hi guys,

    First I'm going to be honest I didn't read everything is this topic, but anyway I get the idea, and read the suggestions.

    Second, my answer won't please you.

    Third, yes Bunny our KTK server was once popular, at some point there was often between 20 and 40 people on the server.

    Fourth, I don't think reviving KTK is possible.
    You guys are saying: THIS needs to be done for a server to be popular, THIS is necessary... No, THAT is necessary...
    Well the truth is, it's all true. A lot of things are needed, and even more for a game that is almost 10 years old and whose overall population is decreasing over the years.
    For a server to work well, you need:
    - Luck, so that the server gets populated a bit to start with
    - Dedication (of initial admins / clan members), to create a positive atmosphere on the server and handle possible issues, cheaters, etc.
    - Dedication of a modder / server admin to always add new stuff to the server, maybe organize events, etc.
    - Then it should create a group of "hardcore" players who will play a lot, and will love the server so much that they will connect to it even when it's empty (because no "casual" player is going to join an empty sever, and without a core of hardcore players, the server will remain empty).
    - Then, some of these players will love the server so much that they'll be willing to help moderate it: either by joining the team, or becoming a trusted player. They'll still play a lot + they will help handling issues on the server, etc. They can also provide ideas to improve the server as they play a lot on it.
    => And if there's an admin caring a lot about the server, AND this admin has the technical knowledge to improve the mod/server, etc, then it's all good.

    Of course, all these factors influence each other, and they create somewhat of a virtuous circle.
    But nowadays, if only one of these factors are missing, the population will slowly begin to decrease. And this will lead to the fall of other factors, and the population will decrease again, etc. And now you've got a vicious circle, which is super hard to reverse.

    Easy example: Less players on the server => Less applications to join the team/trusted team => When older trusted players stop playing regularly, they're not replaced by as many trusted players => More issues on the server can't be handled properly (hackers not banned all the time, etc.) => People will enjoy the server less => Less players will play on the server (we're back to the beginning of the circle).
    It works like that for all other factors.
    And that's how once, we had basically too many trusted players playing at once on the KTK server at all times; and now, we don't have any anymore, or very very few.

    As for frisbeesky who seems a bit bitter about his experience on the forums:
    You've got to understand that the people who are the most able to help (people like Mirko or Duffman who have acquired a lot of technical knowledge over the years), are:
    1-Less interested in the game than they used to be; especially because they often don't even really play the game themselves
    2-Also have their own ideas about what they should do to make things better; add to that the ideas of all other people that can't do what they want themselves, or only partly, and you find yourselves crowded with ideas you don't have the time to actually realize.
    3-Are nowadays a lot more busy than they used to, because they are working their ass off at university or college, or have a job, or both, and they're not highschool students anymore. And sometimes gaming isn't among their top priorities anymore.
    People who want most things to improve on the servers are people playing hours and hours every day or week on the servers - and for most of them, they can't actually help improving the servers. They only give ideas (don't get me wrong, that's a great start; it just really isn't enough).

    And guys like you are needed in a great community frisbeesky, but as in the examples I gave above, you're not the only factor necessary for everything to work exactly as you'd want them to work.
    Or you could learn how to mod, script, map, administrate servers (I know you already know some of that stuff), + keep playing on the servers, + develop all of your great ideas, + organize events, + take care of cheaters & rule breakers, etc. And regroup most of the factors into yourself so you could probably run the servers the way you want to.
    But then you find yourself stuck with an unpaid full-time "job" :D

    I could develop more. But this post is obviously long enough already.

    Simply, to answer to the initial post of this thread:
    I'd have to mostly agree with Rhoyder's first post.
    What would be nice would be to automatically give max. 5 prestige to everyone joining the server. And then they have to play to earn the rest.
    That would mean we would need a modder/scripter to create this feature.
    I know we won't find one willing to do that. And I can't do that myself, never learned how to script. And even if I could, I wouldn't, because as I explained, I know the effort required to revive the server would go way beyond implementing a simple feature like this.

    It would mean hundreds of hours of hard work over several months, and we won't find anyone with that time.

    Anyway, I guess some of the people interested in the matter will read this post despite its annoying length. So thanks or reading ;) And sorry to the people who still had hope.
    I may be wrong in some of the stuff I said. But I'm convinced I'm saying the truth. If anyone wants to prove me wrong though... I sincerely hope you succeed :D

    Hey Asimakis,

    Sorry about the wait.
    TBH since I saw you were playing only on CJ and DR, I thought Viruz or Expert would take care of this app, and that's why I didn't answer ^^

    But since clearly, neither of them is going to answer here, I'll do it :D

    Since you only got positive feedback, I decided to accept you as a Trusted player :)

    Check your PMs soon.

    Welcome to the group and enjoy your stay ;)

    Note: Since I accept people only based on their app and feedback, because I can't check myself their behavior in-game, I count on other trusted players and members to inform me (or any other admin) if anything is going wrong with any newly accepted trusted player.
    This isn't directed at you Asimakis don't worry, it's more of a global reminder :)

    Hey frisbeesky, sorry in advance I'm going off-topic ^^

    I just want to tell you I think you'll get more response to your threads & posts if they are (a lot) shorter.
    I'm pretty sure the average forum user never reads your posts (I may be wrong, and maybe all people interested in CJ actually read them, but I don't think so).

    Doesn't matter how well written is your post, if it's too long, people won't read it.

    And I think making them shorter wouldn't be that hard, actually I think many parts of your posts could be removed (or put into spoilers if you really want to write them anyway). Because you're making them complex and not easy/fun to read by adding everything you think & thought about the subject in your thread, and 99% of the time there's no use in doing this.
    Mostly because very few people will be as interested as you are yourself in what you are thinking/writing.

    I may be completely wrong and maybe it's just that I'm not interested enough in CJ to appreciate your posts, but I doubt it. Anyway, if ever that's the case, just ignore this post. But I thought this piece of advice could save everyone (and especially you) a lot of time, and maybe improve your efficience.

    Sorry for the long post hehe :D

    But the fact is : if 3xP' member don't read the applications section it's not my fault, just give them the thread and ask them to give a yes or no.

    I can't do anything for this

    Just check Trickshot's app which was written after yours, and you'll see that members do check the app section.

    A lot of your playtime is from quite long ago if I understood well, active people aren't the same anymore, I think you need more "nowadays" playtime to get more feedback eventually (especially on the CJ server where most of the active players are now).

    Edit: Happy birthday btw :P

    I haven't seen a single player from Morocco who is not cheating and I'm getting tired of banning them everytime I play. So imo the best/only solution to this is to block the Morocco iprange if thats still possible. @mirko911

    That looks very excessive to me. Maybe all the ones you've seen were cheating, but it doesn't mean they all cheat. Also, tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think you check the nationality of all players online every single time you play. That's smth one does when one suspects someone is cheating.

    However I agree people breaking free of their bans dozens of times are a big pain in the a**. Masteradmins used to have nice special bans for people like him, do we still have it @mirko911? Otherwise, it's also possible to IP ban someone (even though the command has never been reimplemented since the big MAM update I think?), and if the guy has a dynamic IP it's possible for mirko to ban his IP range manually I think (and even though it may ban a few innocents, it's way better than banning a whole country IMO).

    Argh, uploaded the CD of the game, and then saw you've done everything

    French CD game : MEGA
    If one day it's needed

    Sorry :D

    And btw I changed a lot of files a few years ago (in the "main" folder I think) because PB was kicking me on some servers with message "md5 tool mismatch". Turns out some admins were enabling this option to prevent some cheaters changing some stuff in their files (to see people in other, more visible colors for instance). I had never tried to cheat or anything, but after a few months I realized it was always kicking French people. So there was some issue with the French files of the game (or more likely, with this md5 tool mismatch kick option from PB). So I downloaded non-french files of the game, and then the kicking stopped ^^
    Well I guess nowadays there mustn't be many servers which still use PB. But in case you're kicked for this reason, you'll know why :P