Toxic Potato trusted player application. (again)

  • Hi 3xP community.
    My stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details.

    My in game name is Toxic Potato and my real name is Razy. I am from Israel and was born on: 21/06/1998.
    I play several games, such as CoD (mostly ktk), Worms Armageddon, Stronghold, Civilization V and a bit of GTA SA.
    I have been on CoD for more time than i can remember.
    My hobbies are gaming, taekwondo and sleeping.

    I want to become a trusted player because i want to help keep the servers clean. Although there is an abundance of existing Trusted Players, they can't be online at all times. I know that in reply to my previous application, |HD| and slonder stated that i was unable to differentiate between a hacker and a skilled player. I have learnt over time and I am confident that now i do not have that problem.
    I have read and agree to the threads: 3xP' CoD4 server rules, You've been accepted as Trusted player/Trial member - Read. and Premade kick/ban reasons.

    You can contact me on xfire by the username of toxicpotato123. I do not think i have other means of communicating but i am online most of the time that i am not in school.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

  • Very good application as you have had a good personality in 3xp KTK. You have had some time
    to learn if hackers hack and have played excessively since your last application. Although its not the longest, its informative and lists personal facts.
    Good luck :D
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  • Oh well, you again ^^

    I can say is behavior changed completly, better than the last time for sure. I think he will see the difference between a normal player and a hacker.
    That you get accepted or not isn't my part of the story, I'll wish you at least good luck. Let the Admins decide since there is a new rule for "trusted / member" i think?
    Only outstanding application will get accepted or so. Well dunno, we'll see :P

  • Yeah well... He often plays on ktk and he is usually friendly ^.^
    But I think there are already enough trusted players on ktk...
    (Rockky, Nissa, HD, Dummy, Joe Poosha, Yuri, Luna, dertom, Tutto, ervilhra,Me,...)
    So let the admins decide :)

  • Dont know hom cause i only play cj and promod nuketown,

    App looks nice, feedback is positiv

    I think ufaced have to decide if we need another ktk trusted ^^

  • if you tag @UFaced he will see and response faster ;)

    Actually no, I check literally all threads on the forums :D Or at least you can be sure I'll check all CoD4-related stuff.

    Anyway, for now I simply don't have the time to take a decision, I haven't even really completely read your app, to think about it, to talk about it with anyone or anything. I'm just really busy this week, and maybe the next one too. If you don't get an answer soon, it just means that I have no time, nothing else ^^


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  • #Accepted.

    The reason is because you had quite a lot of feedback and only positive. So I guess you've changed, and I decided to give you a chance.

    Though I read again your last application, and when I see stuff like this, I'm a bit scared (after all, you've got "toxic" in your nickname):

    Finally someone replied but i got the message. And shoving it down their throats is not an offensive sentence.
    Sorry for "spamming".

    So hopefully, as many people said, you've changed and you're now ready. But you must know, as Kuro said (even if not said diplomatically enough :D ), that if you do anything wrong, you can get demoted any time. It's not a threat. It's just how things are, for everyone and not only for you. Because we need trusted players who show the example, who are fair, fun to play with, and above all, respectful.

    I will set you trusted another day when I have time. Or ask another CoD4 admin in the meantime if you want.

    PS: Here's a little sum up of the most important things you need to remember and respect:

    - If people tell you what to do, DON'T listen to them (except if they have a higher rank than you).

    - If you're not sure whether you should punish, DON'T punish.
    => Check the Rules thread and Punishments thread to know what to do.

    - DON'T break any rule yourself.


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

    3xP' TS3 IP: | Click here to directly join it.