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    After I saw Ufaced reply on ktk admin mod improvements topic saying !vote map was working. I tested it 1 time on ktk. Please stop cry cause u had been rejected. Btw, he also insulted me :)

    I called vote only today one time for TEST.

    Chatlog: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Chatlogs

    1) !group check on other players doesnt work. It works only on me
    2) Can't vote
    3) Could you please add a cmd like !info <playerid> that give us guid and location of the player?
    4) !session has wrong calculator

    I played with him a lot of times (KTK). For me is a good player, skilled and I was going to give +1, but after reading this thread and his warn,kick,tempban I'm on +0 for now.

    Btw I hope you will persuade me in next days so I can change it to +1. GL

    @UFaced can we ban him? He's always complaining and annoying us. Why should I be against Turk people? :O You got mad (maybe 36 years of Cod turned you in a paranoic man). Just try to unistall games for a while and enjoy the summer man.

    We don't call you hscal so please:

    Ryder -----> Rhoyder
    Dertour ----> Dertom
    rcy/rocky ----> rockky
    faced -----> UFaced

    Is not so hard to press some keys on keyboard ;)

    In 1st post you said you are 36 years old, you keep complaining any decision and crying like a 10years old guy. IT WAS ONLY A TEMP-BAN. Now you are able to play again (I saw u on KTK) so please stop it. I think this thread can be closed ;)

    Nothing to add, I was there and I totally agree with @Rhoyder

    My Demo in UPLOAD, Just wait few seconds. MIRROR 1 (if you download from here I earn some cents :P ) MIRROR 2 (from here no earnings :( )

    BTW It was only a tb for 1 day because we weren't sure if you were really using knife hack. However you are still punishable for fast shoot script.

    P.s. I temp-banned him and not Rhoyder

    1) Fast shoot script
    2) Insult to @Rhoyder
    3) We clearly said we weren't sure he was hacking and so we tb him
    4) 4 trusted players online at that moment ( Me, Rhoyder, Siwy.exe, ervilha)

    For this I think tb can be justified and as our rules said, we aren't forced to show demos for tempbans, only for pemabans