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    Sorry if i made a mistake, but your shoot was like (wtf???), and next round i spected and you are on the middle of nuketown with more 20 players and didt die once, and shooting like if you knew where the players positions, i made a ".a king" and didt recognize you was "none". i know you are a good player, sorry for you and Paul, i hope they unban you today, cheers

    i never had problems with the cheff, and i like when he is on server, but the true is the app dont show much effort, and seems he had problems with sborrato, i will wait to see if the problems are solved..

    p.s. I also think that the application dont have to be extensive, but yours is too short..

    Since you're 28 , you must be mature no ? XD. Also , im from portugal aswell (ignore this part admins xd) yá mano eu tenho 14 anos mas e sou trusted no server de deathrun , por isso acho que assentarias bem no lugar de trusted (yeah bro , im 14 but im trusted on the dr server , so i think you would be good at trusted player) +1 for me :p

    maturity depends of a lot of things, you could have 14 and be mature :) (i hope you have some hehe), thx for the +1..
    im a bit busy this days and i have been away from ktk

    My bad, didt paid attention on that..

    ok, ty for your reply, about my personality, im 28 if u know what im mean, :), im not a geek or gammer, i really enjoy ktk and i like to kill time with that, and help 3xp community..

    i hate cheatrs and never used one cheat lol

    Here is my application for cod4 trusted player.

    Im ervilha, 28 :S ,from Portugal, why i posted this? First i have only played 2 online games in my life, Mohaa AA (i belonged to the Herbalist Sniper Squad, a long time ago :D ), and Cod4, actually i only play 3xp ktk, i play only to relax from the day-to-day shits, and socialize a bit( i have other things to do lol) with some friendly players on the server. I hate cheaters, i never used one, idk how to use cheats also, but i recognize cheaters, and sometimes no admins on the server and things go a bit messy.

    here is my stats, i don't have the necessary hours played on the server with this alias idk why, my stats are divided in some guids.

    i like people enjoy 3xp ktk and sometimes im a bit annoying with prestige from new players, i hope they stay on 3xp servers a max time possible.

    I READ and AGREED all rules of 3xP' Clan.

    P.S.: Suvivor hate my, he thinks i have cheated ajhahahha