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    Thank you deleted User and Jayme for the feedback.

    First of all I want to say that I wrote:

    Remember! It is still gambling

    I am familiar to the martingale system and I know that it is only probability and it could always go wrong. But I invested quite some work in this script that you guys couldnt see. I analyzed the whole "Rolling History" of csgodouble and I found out that there was only one "Train" of 11 times the same color since October 2015.

    I dont know to be honest im kinda shocked that you're
    promoting this kind of shit here

    I can see that you are concerned about this but the only reason why I posted this is, that there are almost only scamming scripts on the internet and so I wanted to code a "trusted" script. It is also the reason why I put comments all over the code and made it easily avaible to search through. In addition to that people who want a script like that will probably stumble upon this one and won't get scammed.

    I thought the same, you have only came back to the forum today after a long period of time... and have posted this immediately,

    Yeah, as I said above I wanted to spread a 100% trusted script and you have to start somewhere :|

    P.S: I don't fully understand how all these betting scripts work, but why do you need a automate program to bet for you?

    The reason is that betting with the martingale method is safer than just randomly betting on colors. So, the martingale method requires some time to be efficient. You can start the script in the morning and leave it running the whole day (since you don't have to be at your computer).

    P.S. look through the script code. Its really 100% scamfree!


    Hey guys, after a long time of inactivity from my side I am finally back :D
    In the last months I began to play CS:GO and I also stumbled over many CS:GO betting websites. There are many scripts for which claim to automate your bets but the only thing they do is steal your coins. That was the reason I decidet to code my own 100% scam free script which I will be explaining in this post.

    [headline]1. About[/headline]

    [headline]2. About the martingale strategy[/headline]

    [headline]3. Installation of the script[/headline]

    [headline]4. Script Preferences for most profit[/headline]

    [headline]5. (For Advanced) the code explained[/headline]

    I hope you try my script and even tip me if you win ;)
    Feel free to share it with your friends.

    I would really like some feedback. If you know javascript you could even check my script and verify that it doesn't scam!

    !nYpk! out! *Mic drop* :D


    I just noticed that you recieve a PM two times. One time only the message and one time smt. like "Player XY wrote u a pm: Message".
    Also I dont have permissions for !aliases !vote and !map (which I should have as Trusted lvl3).

    Hey guys
    Because I've been a Trusted player for some time now I want to thank the 3xP' Community for all the good times I had on their servers.
    I decidet to give them something back, so I'm gonna apply for the MM-Team.
    My name is Marc aka. !nYpk!. My birthdate is the 14.05.1997.
    About two years ago I made my own YT-Channel , where I uploadet some crappy edited Minecraft videos.
    Somehow I got about 100k views on one of them :D
    My experience in editing became much better.
    If I get accepted to the MM-Team I'd want to do CoD4 Promod videos and sometimes KtK maybe.
    I read the thread and the YT-Norms.

    !nYpk! (nypk97 on xf... add me :D)

    It was even easyer... I just opened cod4 on my old mac and went to Options -> Multiplayer-Options -> Input key and there it showed my key...
    But I already bought one so I got one that I cant use -.- anyways.. I got my prestige and my trusted rank....


    Hey Guys

    I built myself a new computer and wanted to know what files I have to transfer from my mac to my new pc. Im gonna buy a new COD Key.


    Hey I got a question:

    Would it be possible to remove the smoke grenade statement in console?
    It really fucks up my console if I have to watch sth. there...

    EDIT: I got another improvement idea whenever a player is near you and he gets into laststand mode, it should show up a text, that there is someone down nearby...

    And a stuck arrow would inflict 300 dmg (if dvar is set to 300)?

    Is it even possible to stuck the heli?!

    Rust bug:In the map mp_Modern_Rust there is a ladder in the middle of the map. However, you cannot reach the top room due to you slowing down and falling. I find this particularly annoying because I feel restricted to the first and ground level. If this is fixed there will be an additional camping/sniping spot within the map.Edit: Sorry, I have no demo.

    Kinda Off-Topic
    The creator of the map didn't want ppl to go up there...That's the reason the ladder is broken