[COD4] Kronik Application (Steam: stinkykronik)

  • Hi everyone,

    Some of you may remember me from late 2013 when i was a member of 3xP and unfortunately i became inactive for a couple of years (i missed you all greatly :( ) I have recently got back into gaming again with a new PC and complete new life to be honest and i would really like to have the chance to get the 3xP tag back. When i left the servers were always full up and i am unhappy that they are almost dead but i believe they will grow again as the CJ server already looks populated anyway. I know you are planning a refurb for Deathrun and i would really like to help as much as i can. Unfortunately i dont have experience with scripts or anything like that but i am going to try learn so i could maybe eventually become a scripter and possibly a mapper at some time but anyway back to the aplplication. I try to play on the deathrun server whenever there is some people on there and i am trying out the Zombie server which i used to play alot and also gunna start playing the CJ server to improve ma Skills ;P

    Real life:
    I Currently work in a Car dealership selling parts (Not very fun) but i also help them with advertising and designing posters, I enjoy riding motorcycles and doing Moto X currently saving to do a test so i can ride a bigger bike (UK rules)

    Real First Name: Callum
    Ingame Name: Kronik
    Country: England
    DOB: 23/08/1995 (20)
    Games: I play pretty much everything: COD4, ARMA 3, BF3/4/h, ARK, RUST, GTA V, CS:GO etc..
    Explanation: See above but in one sentence, I would love to get the 3xP tag back and to be a part of the team again.

    I'm always active on forums and im in teamspeak whenever my pc is on so I'm easy to get hold of.


    Kronik (Callum)

  • The most needed thing for Dr when there is a new mod is someone who cares about the server, means that he activly plays on it and reports problems, bugs and thinking of usefull and new stuff to be implemented. Not scripters :P
    As mirko is not playing dr, its nearly impossible to create good content if there are no players or responsible persons that give feedback and wishes.

  • Hey Kronik,

    I set you member on board, and sent you a PM regarding your membership in-game :)



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