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    Finally mate

    First of all I'm glad you finnaly released the map eventho I would have preferred a fully finished map.

    I had a good time working on the map with you and that for I want to say, thank you.

    I know you have no really motivation nor interst to finish your map so I will give only small suggestions.

    I recommend to put the ending room, which is in hard and easy, into all ways.

    Then i would delete the black brushes from the hard way.

    These 2 things will make a better impression of the map and let it appear more finished.


    Congratulation on the release
    (i noticed your effort in fixing errors in the last few weeks so im glad you finally managed to compile a server playable version)

    It still amazes me what can be done in cod4 mapping with enough effort

    Nice map sexy boi

    First of all happy birthday Kenedko(26.01) and Drizzjeh(28.01) :thumbsup:

    So 2 weeks ago i came up with the idea to make a birthday map again (drizzjeh joked and hinted something like this), so i started making a map :D
    Looking ahead keneds and drizzs bday are upcoming and 2 weeks are not much time but the map turned out very well :)

    Spawnroom is made by me and over worked by skazy to look so sick
    Easy/Inter way is mainly made by me with abit of radiant help from skazy
    Hard way is made by Skazy

    A big thanks goes to Skazy for the awesome mapping and texturing help and contributing the hard way and the help overall

    Furthermore, a thank you to everyone who tested the map and all the ppl that had to deal with me to opload the map (Funk) :D

    So here is our map dedicated to Kendedko for being a good friend and to Drizzjeh for being sexy :*

    Hi everyone,

    (Due to the recent events and discussions, this post comes earlier than planned.
    It's sad because I wanted to wait for the right time.
    But when I saw the response on deleted Users post and how the core point got avoided I knew the right time is now.)

    Now to the initial post:

    This is something I have been thinking about a long time
    and postponed this post for some time.

    I have to do this step to feel free and dont have to wear it around with me.

    This is my duty to do it in this way and not to leave secretly, put the tag off
    and just disappear.
    And it's the least I can do for the team.

    So what is this about.. simply about leaving gaming especially cod4.

    I had a great time over all the years and spend alot of time and met alot of people.

    So why would I want to stop gaming?

    Simply because these times are over for me.
    Gaming got to a point for me where it's no more fun but more a time filler.
    Since alot changed for me especially in this year I'm glad that I came to the desicion
    to finally make this step.

    When I started gaming/jumping everything was new. It was the very early beginning in the cod4 cj history.
    I always had fun even tho i didnt had half of the knowledge which is basic to every beginner nowadays.
    When I joined 3xP I have already been playing for some years and it felt good to be in such a nice team again.
    But the team changed quickly and came to a point where it was nothing special anymore to be a part of this team
    and the team kinda missed it function as a "cj-team" in my eyes.

    That is not the main reason to leave.
    It's the whole: the change of cj, the change of the 3xp team and mainly because gaming itself got boring.

    Still Im happy that I've played this game, I met alot of people and had a great time while playing cj
    and getting into the competitive scence.

    To finish mp_newgate was the last motivation boost I got and but I kinda knew at the point when I finished it
    and just waited for the release that my time is over.
    And Im glad that I managed to finish this map to give cj and the community something back for the great time I had.

    So I will put off the 3xP tag since there is no point in wearing it when Im quitting.
    And to give cj something more back there will be one more project which doesn't mean you will meet me often on servers etc.

    In the end there is nothing more left expect saying thanks to everyone who crossed my way over this long journey.
    I made alot of experience and gained some friends but I have to look forward and focus on new things.



    PS: dont take this as a reason for a discussion

    Hi everyone,

    After alot of time and work I'm proud ^^ to announce the release of my first map.
    The map is called mp_newgate.
    I started to create the map back in the end of 2014 and finished it in the end of 2015
    (The long mapping time says noting about the map but about my motivation lose, so I'm very thankfull for everyone who motivated me)

    The map contains 3 jump-ways and 1 gap room with gaps from 260-399

    Easy: This is kinda the way I like most. It's a really easy way and fun for jumpers that are not that experienced yet.
    Inter: This is the way that was created first and tooke me the most time. The inter way is really enjoyable and fun to play.
    Hard: Here I have to thank a few people for helping me to create it and testing it. The way is very challenging even for more experienced players but still fun.

    Every way has a speedru-timer which starts if you enter the way.
    The speedrun-timer has no checkpoint system so that you can use cuts (if you find them :P )

    In every way there is a hidden gravity gun so keep looking for it :)

    I hope you enjoy the map :thumbsup:

    Downloadlink: - mp_newgate.rar

    A few screenshots of the map

    Here are the walkthroughs

    Thanks to everyone who was involved into the mapping progress

    to be honest I didn't expected to see you application here.
    I've been talking to a few people and heard about your past.
    All in all I can't and don't want to judge about it.

    It's not a secret that you are relly activ on our server and help alot of people.
    You have established very well into the server community.
    So I'm not against neither I can give a clear yes so far.

    I wish you and you app good luck to get recognised.


    Hey it's nice to see you apply here
    As far I know you are very skiled and since I never had any problem with you I can just say... yes from my side
    I wish you and your application good luck