Bird's Cj Application

  • Hello! :D

    My name is bird and after a whole lot of thinking and hesitating i've deceided to write an application for the 3xp Cj-team.
    So here it goes:

    Ingame name:
    Bird 50% of the time because the other 50% is all just some random alias when i want to stay incognito.

    My birthdate:
    I was born on the 24th August 1997.

    The hardest map that i have finished:
    It could be mp_galaxy or mp_colour both of the maps seem to be equal on difficulty lvl.

    -With Rpg: 372 (3-2-1)
    -Without Rpg: 316 (3-1-3)

    The Languages i able to speak on and the country where i live:
    I have been learning English for over 10 years also been learning german for a while tho my german skill suffers the pain of being too lazy also as my main language is hungarian.
    Judging from my last sentence you could guess that i live in Hungary.

    Why i wana join 3xp and what my intensions are:
    -This is probably the most difficult question to answer of them all. So i'll just start at the beginning.
    It probably started 1/2 year ago when i first started to play actively on the server because i was curious about all the things i have heard previously. A whole lot of people that i have known
    kept saying that 3xp is full of people that do nothing but flame over and over again and all no-skill. I have quickly realised that what all of those people have been telling me was a complete lie and so
    i slowly started to play more and more on the 3xp cj server. By the time i got to know a lot of the members and in my opinion i am in a fairly good relation with most of them but of course there could be exceptions.
    Since i have spent "so much" time on the servers and every1 was trying to persuade me into applying i have finally managed to overcome my lazyness and write an application.

    - And now the real reason: As i have stated before i think i am in fairly good relation with most of the members also i am not totally sure how many people remember that i used to be in an other clan couple of months ago "Styx".
    Styx has always been like a second family to me after the real family and friends and 3xp reminds me of the feeling. Yes i approve that the forumes of Styx has been more amusing to read but the people on the server just seem
    much kinder and helpfull.

    - An other reason why i wana apply to the 3xp Cj-team is that i wana contribute something for the codjumper community(or what's left of it) with performing walkthroughs #DrizzPls or speedruns also trying to make a map on my own currently with more or less sucession.

    My 3xp's Statistics page profile Link:
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Some extra information about me:
    This isn't a secret my name is Daniel Gebey i am 18 years old and i live in small-medium sized city in Debrecen, Hungary. This is my last year before having to graduate so the time i can spend in front of the pc is significantly less than it used to be.
    Amongst my friends i am known from my patience and kindness tho in the near past i have had some troubles with both of them for personal reasons.
    In my free time i like watching movies, drinking, smoking, taking the dog, hanging out with friends or just lie down to the bed and go for a sleep also let's not forget about my lazyness to be totally honest with you guys i should have wrote this application at least a month ago and every time i came home thinking about writting an application i just went over and always forgot to do it had something else to do. When i was younger i used to sport a lot was doing karatee for 8 years swimming for 2 years basketball for 1 year and fencing for an other year but lately as i have much less time i am just doing some gym workout to stay fit.

    My gaming past(clans i have been in):
    I don't even remember the first time or the first game that i have played but it was a good while back in the years. The latest game that i can recall is Star wars battlefront 2. I have spent a lot of time in that game because it was a first/third person shooter game. In my opinion it's a funny old story how i met shooter games first. I could have been at the age of 4 or so. And every night i have hidden in the room where the pc was and watched my dad playing Unreal Tournament after that i have felt a leaning for shooter games and so i have played them a lot of them can't remember all of their names some of them are nonames now anyway but the most important was CoD. I used to play Deathrun for 3-4 years and i think that i have been in the top players of any server that i have visited but there was a point where i just couldn't get better i didn't know how to properly strafe and so i started playing Cj. At first i was playing on the -=JuMp=- server which soon died just right after that i have started playing cj. After that i have searched on Xfire the most active Cj server and that was the Styx server back at the time. And so i have applied there and have been a member for 1,5-2 years. I have had a whole lot fun over on the styx server but sooner or later everything has to come to an end and so did my CJ career with styx.
    That was the past of my gaming life in a nutshell and the present is just as busy and weird as the past was as i have over 15 games on my pc installed that i want to play with just don't have time for them.

    My Agreement that I will follow the rules and agree with them and that I read them:
    I have read and agreed all of the rules that have been stated in the provided link.

    I hope that i have provided enough information to please you all and also i did not say before but i am an honest person unless there's something high at stake and i think that my application should represent that clearly.

    Thank you for reading my application for the 3xp Cj-team.

    Note: Forgive me if some of the sentences may not connect to each other i just haven't slept for a while and my eyes are in a world of pain.


    Bird ^^

  • So good to see burd apply!
    I don't have to add anything, he is very kind.
    I think everyone knows him.
    He always helps me in hard ways and stuff.
    Easy +1 for burd ;d

    Keep eating goulash.

    [2017-07-25 17:17:37] Funk Attack: bunny called u weak for only giving 30min ban
    [2017-07-25 17:17:46] 3xP' AlterEgo: can you ss it

  • Hello Bird,

    Quite a nice application that I've just read, honestly, and very interesting. I do believe that you are a nice, calm and mature individual however we haven't ever really talked often on the server or anywhere and for that reason I'd like to get to know you a bit more before I give an answer.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    -Giraffe / Zentrion

  • Heyooo Bird,

    Nice to see your application here, very well detailed.

    What can I say... I have known you for a few years ever since 2013 when you joined Styx,
    You're generally a nice guy and also have a high skill level in CJ, not only that you're also very active on the server with over 250 hours according to your statistics page.

    Whilst being on the server with you, I have seen that you've helped others out with jumps and get along with many other 3xP' Members.
    For the above reasons and many more, you have my YES.

    I wish you the best with your application.

  • Hey0 Bird!
    I don't know you personally, but i know that you are a nice person and very good at cj.
    I remember playing in the server with you almost 7 or 8 months ago till now.
    Im giving you my Yes!
    Hope you make the team!

    Sincerely Wnkidink ;)

  • Heyo Bird.

    Nice to see you finally apply here. Actually i have been waiting for this quite a long time and im glad that it happend now.
    As i see you already fullfill all requirements easily + u are a benefit for the team, from my point of view at least.

    I can easily give you my +1 in this case.
    The only thing i cant do right now is accepting you instantly.
    Viruz and me first have to talk about some shit depending the application process.

    Please understand us.

    Other than that,
    Stay sexy

  • #accepted

    welcome in the team!