FrisbeeSky's Application for the 3xP' Codjumper-Team

  • Hello! :D

    My name is FrisbeeSky, and I would like to apply for the 3xP' Codjumper-Team (duuuuhh.. #ReadTitleOfThisTopic...)
    and below you can read why etc.
    I am known as someone who can write novelsized textmessages, even though I keep trying to make things as short as possible, let's see if I will succeed on that part in this thread :P

    My Ingame Name
    My in game name is 99% of the time 'FrisbeeSky'.

    My Birthdate
    I was born on January the 14th 1998.

    The hardest map I finished out of this list…ZXFCcFpkSzJOa3dKRUE#gid=0
    mp_galaxy, though I am pretty far already in mp_dark_v3.

    My gaprecord with and without rpg
    With rpg: 374 units (I have done the last jump in mp_mystic_v3 which is I think 374 units big)
    Without rpg: wew, I don't really tried very hard on that.. hang on.. *30 minutes later* okay.. I gonna say 313, ain't gonna tryhard 314+ for hours :P

    The Languages I am able to speak & the country where I life
    I am able to speak and understand English and Dutch, and I am able to understand a tiny little bit German, I can't really speak it though.

    Why I want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team
    The reasons why I want to join 3xp is because I like to become more active on the cj-art such as making maps and videos, and since 3xp got some (in my opinion) proffesional members on those 2 things I just called out I would love to get some support from them. That is, in one sentence, the main reason why I would like to join 3xp.
    For this year I got an aim to make at least my first montage and map ever.
    Hopefully I will be able to 'practise' and work on those aims with the help from 3xp members and the help from 3xp futured projects I hopefully could become part of. (for example a new type of series after BotW?, just throwing something out though).
    Because I like to make videos, and I will try to be more active on actually making them, I might ever apply for the Moviemaking team here in 3xP', but for now I first want to learn some videotechniques before I am going to do that.
    Another reason is that I will be able to help people on the codjumperserver more often and easier.
    I already help a lot of people on different kinds of codjumperservers by teaching them how to codjump and with 9 out of 10 great success! :D
    Somewhere in May 2015 I made a Trusted player application to ask wether I could get the possibility to fly around so helping people would work out way easier, but there I got told that a trusted player doesn't have that ability.
    Nowadays I always ask a member online or I just speedrun to the position where someone needs some cj-help, but all of that takes quite some time before I can actually help someone even though spectating and explaining without showing also works sometimes, but it would be just better if I am quickly able to show the jump or do a small demonstration to explain a piece of the cj-mechanics.

    My 3xP' Statistics page profile link
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Some more text where I introduce myself a bit
    My name is FrisbeeSky, I use that name already for years.
    The reason why it has 'frisbee' in it is because I liked to play frisbee in the summertimes, I still do though but I don't play it often anymore :P
    I am almost 18 years old, as you can tell by my birthdate you read earlier in this topic and I live in The Netherlands.
    At the moment I am in my graduationyear.
    Because I am in my graduationyear I will mostlikely have moments where I will be quite busy on things whereso I might become a bit inactive sometimes, but I will try to plan my time in such a way where I can also work on the aims I pointed out.

    My gaming past (Other Clans I was in, games I played etc.)
    8-9 years ago I started playing my first First-Person-Shooter James Bond 007 xDD, I don't know for how long I played that but later on I started playing Call of Duty 1 United Offensive which I played for 6 years, and since almost 3 years I have been playing Call of Duty 4 including 2.5 years of Codjumping.
    Ofcourse I have played more games, 90% of those other games are also first-person-shooters but I just wanted to point out the games I was most active on in the last 8-9 years.
    Some more historydetail on my Codjump 'carreer':
    I started to play codjump on the 1.6 version on Call of Duty 4 where there was only one codjumperserver with OldSchool mode on.
    When the clan of that server died (a year later I think) I came to 1.7 where I was amazed by the amount of people that played cod4 there and since then I kept staying in 1.7.
    There I met more friends and not too much longer I joined 110| which unfortunatly died a few months after I joined.
    Since I was pretty sad about joining clans which died a few months later I descided to not join a clan anymore, up untill a few weeks ago I started to think about joining a clan again and so I started to think about 3xp, first I kept an eye on Styx| but I think we can all consider that that clan has come to an end too.
    As I see 3xp I don't see any signs of dying, at least not very soon such as a few months or so, the clan has some great active and motivated codjumpers and I think it's worth to be among those people since like I said I am also motivated to work on codjumperprojects pointing to map- and videomaking.
    As far as I see the year 2016 for 3xp and codjump it's going to be a good year in my perspective.

    My Agreement that I will follow the rules and agree with them and that I read them:
    I read and agree the rules that were linked in the applicationformat.

    I hope you got enough information, in case not, just reply in this thread with a question and I will be glad to answer it. :)


    P.S. This is all I gonna say about the membertest:

    P.S.S. I don't think I suceeded in not writing a novel here... F*CK!... xDDD

  • Great app, especially on the motivation to do videos and maps :D we need guys like this!

    U also got my Yes

  • #passed test 1:48