Codjumper team re-app

  • Reaccept moug? Anonym oppinion vote for cjteam guys. 19

    1. Yes (15) 79%
    2. No (4) 21%


    Even though I know you guys don't really like me as a person. I've changed a lot since the last time. I don't think you will accept me back in 3xP, but would be grateful if your do.
    In-game name: Moug, The Trinity
    Birthdate: 29/12/1999
    Hardest Maps Finished: Dark_v3, Galaxy, Mystic_v3
    Gap records: 374 Rpg, 318 No Rpg
    I would really like to get into 3xP because i think that it will make me get closer to the community itself (i <3 u guys) and also being able to help people without the need to just walk to there.
    You know before i learned about 3xP I was in Styx and i also applied there a long time ago. I got denied because i was not active on the forums. And as you also know i tried to join 3xP too. I actually managed to join it. But my actions and that i was being a cunt did not help. And i deserved to get kicked and so it happened. I'm really sorry about everything that i have done to you.
    I agree that i will follow the rules of the 3xP servers and also the higher admins words (Viruz,deleted User,Drizzjeh)
    I would be really grateful if I could have a chance of getting accepted.


  • @Drizz


    I would like to hear alot of honest feedback here from the other guys before i post my own opinion.

    I regularly see Moug helping others in the server (in all difficulties). He seems to be helping someone every time I join. He is also a skilled player. He has always been friendly to me, although I know there have been problems in the past regarding his honesty which I do not like. Recently I've noticed him being very friendly to all players.

    There's one opinion for you; I tried not to be bias!

  • Yo,
    to be honest I didn't expected to see you application here.
    I've been talking to a few people and heard about your past.
    All in all I can't and don't want to judge about it.

    It's not a secret that you are relly activ on our server and help alot of people.
    You have established very well into the server community.
    So I'm not against neither I can give a clear yes so far.

    I wish you and you app good luck to get recognised.


  • Heyoo Moug,

    In all honesty...I haven't heard the whole background story to as of why Moug was declined/kicked from 3xP' previously as of joining 3xP' shortly after,
    I have nothing against Moug personally although others may because of his past...but from speaking and knowing him for a long me he's changed.

    Moug is a really nice guy and is a very skilled player too which is why I personally think as an individual he should be part of the community.
    So I'm not the one to judge, you have my Yes.

    Good Luck with your application.

  • Greetings,

    First of all some of you dont seem to know the entire background and why Moug has been kicked out of the CJ-Team.

    The Problem was Mougs behaviour. There were many situations where Moug tried to make himself look like hes the best,
    like Hawk already mentioned.
    Dont understand me wrong, he didnt behave like an asshole and i know that he is not doing it in an offensive way.
    The Point is that this attitude was childish and egoistic in some ways,
    also its not fitting into our team because we want to have trustful members with maturity and no "Look at me im so nice"-small talk!

    This is how things happend in the past so we came to this decision:

    Now we have to look if we want to try it again because in the past we were basically at the same point
    and decided to accpet him and it didnt work at all.

    It seems like the CJ-Team members' perspective seems to be very clear, so we are unsure again.
    If you take a look at the first application it was very clear that he will get accepted, but it didnt work well.
    Link to first apply[/size]']Link to first apply[/url]

    I will start an anonymus vote to collect your opinion again, so its clear that everyone thought over their opinion again.
    This vote will not decide if Moug gets accepted or declined its just to point out the opinion of the CJ-Team.

    Best Regards,

    Viruz,Drizzjeh,deleted User

  • Viruz I understand that you still don't like me as a person and that you think that i'm not mature enough. But people grow up. Past year i did not cause any problems on the community with my attidute. And im just having fun with others in general. I hope I can change your mind somehow. I can tell you only this. That I've changed a lot. I hope the others think of that too. And if the other members do not like me, then you are right. Maybe i should not try to join at all. But that depends on them really.


  • I can't say that I personaly like moug, because I don't after what happened.
    But That is just my opinion on moug and dont take me like a hater or anything but after all that happened alot of it was directed towards me too which is abit more personal between me and moug. So I don't want to discuss that here.
    That is my personal opinion on moug, he mightove changed in the past year or so, but I still can't get past what happened.

    Love Blank, Kappa :)

  • Dear Moug,

    First of all, our decision is not to accept you back into the team.

    We see that the community has a disagreement about you getting accepted or declined.
    Let us quickly explain, why we came to this decision.
    Apparently many members and fellow players are convinced that you changed to the better.
    That actually might be but in the end theres still some of members who dont agree with your membership
    and neither Viruz, deleted User or me will give our yes.

    All of that doesnt mean, that you're further away from the community, like you mentioned.
    You're still free to play and communicate with everyone, you will just not be a member of the team again.
    Please accept our decision.


    The 3xP' CJ-Leadership

  • I had a feeling that i would get denied. I totally understand why you don't want me to come back to the team. I'm happy tho to see that the votes ended with a 13-6. Meaning that people would really like to have me back so thats enough for me :)
    I just wanna ask one thing. Am i able to join the private server if a member wants me to test a map?