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    Guid is also bound to the Key. Changing PCs wont change the guid. Unless you're hiding something, why not just post your last 8 characters of the guid? You get that from /pb_myguid on any Server with Punkbuster.
    I'm starting to get the impression this guy is hiding a ban or other countless punishments. What other reason would someone have to not show their stats?

    Then i guess its a -1 from me, there were now several people pointing out that you were missing Information that HAD to be provided by you in the application. Its almost like you intentionaly didn't read the complete post from Ufaced. The Statpage are not just for showing If you're good or not but to see how much activity you have and possibly punishments from the past like kicks or tempbans. That's why the statpage is a must. I don't care about your KD or how many times you died. Simple facts.

    Nothing against you, but judging from this thread only your skills to understand your fellow "friends" might not be sufficient enough to inherit the Rank. Also lying about the age might not be a big Issue but that still leaves a odd aftertaste regarding you being trustable or not. The Rank isn't called "Trusted" for the of lacking creativity, It means something.

    While I agree with you that having no prestige is giving you a hard time, like no fast reload or more damage, there is one Issue coming up with that.

    Player which earned them through playing for a long time are completely disregarded. For example in my case, it took me roughly 400 hours of Playtime to reach Prestige 48 with around 60k Kills, after that I stuck with the same Level for a long time because I simply had nothing left to unlock which would fit into my playstyle.

    According to that, it's a punishment for old Players who worked hard for this advantage. It's rather a problem of dedication if you want to get better over time time than the more occurring problem people only want to get points and kills by only sitting in some corner for the most easiest way.

    Giving out lower amounts of Prestige Levels isn't that bad, like 2-3 for some basic perks but your suggested amount is way to high.
    Another thing, who should give out those Levels? Right now only Admins are when someone lost their Rank but you can't expect them to check several times a day for doing that. As for UFaced, I'm pretty sure he is busy at the moment If that is currently unchanged.

    I highly doubt they'll ever release mod tools for cod4 remastered.

    No mod tools for Modern Warfare: Remastered : pcgaming

    Then i guess my decision goes from "too expensive" to "not happening". Really too bad they got my hopes up that even that might happen. I'm still happy with CoD4 Unremastered. :P

    That's an insane improvement from what it is right now!

    What I thought might be missing are a counter for warnings or the time left on temp bans. Not sure If i missed that, but both would be useful for repeated rule breakers.

    Also the search function on Chatlogs didnt work pretty well or I was just too stupid to use it correctly. Lastly commands showing up in general was kind of disadvantageous when using the .pm command while talking about cheaters and such.

    No shit sherlock,we know that.He even knows that we know he is hacking and instantly left when a member came on

    Your answer has a nice ring, I still wonder why that even though you already knew that you still didn't make use of that knowledge when someone joined capable of banning.

    I love that reaction though, the video shows how he repeatedly got called out as a cheater and you now insulting me for a friendly reminder.

    Just as helpful reminder.

    The 3xP' Servers have a Command to send hidden messages to people.
    That way the cheater wont be warned about the fact he got found out and its therefore easier for members to watch them.

    .pm *Name* *message* (Not sure if this is the right one, lol)
    Name doesnt need to be complete, a part of it should be enough.

    About the difference on Trusted Ranks,
    that was a way to give each Trusted the Chance to prove If theyre capable of using the Permissions they've being granted only when necessary. Each Rank 1-3 has its own new Permissions, like the 3.Rank being able to permanently ban Cheaters on KtK, Nuketown or any other Server when no Member was/is present at the time. Before that only kicks/warns and tempbans up to 1 day (1440 Minutes should be more known) are possible.

    You could say Trusted Players are smaller Versions of Members overall :D

    The Homepage should have other Information i might forgot to mention, this hopefully gave you an Idea about Trustees. :)

    Wrote on my tablet, please dont judge me. :(

    @Drizz I'll definitely check in the next days, thanks for the clarification.

    Best thing would be to give out those permissions to trusted2 and higher and Members as they are less likely to abuse those kind of things.
    This Gravigun sounds dangerous and should be at least Members/Trusted3 only. My Opinion though, do as you please. :)

    Also thought about starting CJ again. Played alot of this a while ago but lost interest after the Servers Ive played on went down and other Games. Also making those configs is quite a hassle. :(

    As said, his Name comes up with a bunch of other Countrys.

    Along with them, Chile as you already mentioned, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Croatia and many more. Some of them even under the same GUIDs.
    The Name is kind of Unique, making this a coincidence not very plausible.

    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    I've only checked for KtK though, because thats what i mainly play.
    Got one Statpage of yours, would be nice If you yould resolve the Ban by @dertom (or maybe you :) )
    Also found quite a collection of Locations/GUID with your Name.

    Doesn't look good so far. Before you answer with the default phrase 'I didnt cheat' please consider being honest with us. Being part of the Trusted group requires a certain amount of... well, trust. Lying wont do any good then.

    Could we just agree that this is enough of the discussions until @UFaced or someone else writes a final Verdict?

    PS: Sorry for tagging you again but it seems your Word is required to prevent this Thread from drifting off into something entirely different. :)