mp_galaxy_v2 Release

  • Hello!

    Today I'm releasing mp_galaxy_v2 on behalf of ZeeZ.

    The map might appear a bit unfinished in some parts but is still 100% playable.

    Only reason we are releasing it is because there are at least some people who will find enjoyment on the map and we feel like its better to have it released than not released.

    ZeeZ didn't have any intention of finishing this map anymore so it's either this or nothing.

    Leave your feedback on the comments below since ZeeZ might fix the most serious issues in an update later on.

    He would also like to thank the following people for their contribution and feedback on the map:


    Map will be on 3xP' CJ shortly.

    Thanks guys and we hope you enjoy the map!

  • Finally mate

    First of all I'm glad you finnaly released the map eventho I would have preferred a fully finished map.

    I had a good time working on the map with you and that for I want to say, thank you.

    I know you have no really motivation nor interst to finish your map so I will give only small suggestions.

    I recommend to put the ending room, which is in hard and easy, into all ways.

    Then i would delete the black brushes from the hard way.

    These 2 things will make a better impression of the map and let it appear more finished.


  • Im gonna collect all requests in this post and when theres enough requests, i'll eventually roll out an update.

    Just request anything you'd like to see improved.


    • Add end room to all ways
    • Add a shared ending room after local way endroom
    • Add finish announcement with time for all ways
    • Add better lighting
    • Replace new sky with old one
    • Delete walkthrough markers (black cubes) from hard
    • Hard way: Remove 232-3213 awkward bounce
    • Hard way: First green island fix blocked bounce by adding ledge
    • Hard way: Fix tower after bhop by making it wiider and removing cancer heights
    • Hard way: Lower difficulty of "on the sky" bounce
    • Hard way: Fix last of green way by extending start plat
    • Hard way: Fix blue hexagon room bounce by moving it further along land