What Are Your Top 5 Favorite CJ Maps?

  • Hey guys!

    I thought it would be a great idea to see what maps are the CJ players' favorites. This is mainly targeted towards the CJ-team members but others can comment their picks too. It would be awesome if you included a description of why you think a specific map is your favorite. This is just for fun! :P

    My picks are:

    5. mp_mountainbase

    A classic map that I used to play all the time. I remember how I felt when I completed this map for the 1st time, I was so proud of myself. Other maps are obviously objectively better but I had to include this because I remember it so fondly.

    4. mp_crazy_jump

    Similar to 5. because this was a map that I always thought was hard for me but when I finally beat it I felt like a boss. Even when I got better, it was very enjoyable for me to just run through it every once in a while just for lols because none of the jumps were actually hard.

    3. mp_dark

    Most people remember this map from its iconic hard way, but for me it's all about the easy way. One of the 1st easy ways that I beat and I remember improving a ton when I used to tryhard it for hours. Of course I later improved enough to play the hard way which is very enjoyable as well.

    2. mp_galaxy

    Galaxy for me is the most well thought out map there is. Every way is made with care and (almost) every bounce is enjoyable. Such a shame that the map is so overplayed now that even I who used to love it when it came out doesn't enjoy playing it that much anymore. Though, that's not the map's fault.

    1. mp_descent_v2

    Surprise! Boo fuckin hoo! But yes, this is the best map there is (IMO ffs)! Easy way is perhaps the best route for beginners out of all maps. Of course there are many other maps that are objectively better than this for beginners but for me nothing can top this. And how could I forget the hard way. The 1st proper hard way I completed and also commonly known as the best speedrun map there is. Feels like no matter how old this map gets, I will never get bored of it. Atleast once a week I play a one quick run of this map whether it's in the server or devmap. Definitely the map that comes to mind when we are talking about CJ as a whole.

    That's it! I have some honorable mentions too but those were my top 5.


    mp_atlantis - amazing design and theme
    mp_edge - love that type of design, just makes me wanna play it even though it's hard af
    mp_race - speedrun map, 7 ways + bonus rooms lol and ofc made by Noob.

    I hope others will post their lists now. Can't wait to read them!

    Thanks for reading! :thumbsup:

    - Funkelinoboi (idk lol)

  • 5.mp_extreme : Nice colours :D

    4.mp_palm : I dont know why i just like it :P

    3.mp_galaxy : I like the bounces.

    2.mp_descent_v3 : It helps me to learn how to bhop better and the map isnt 2 hard or 2 easy ^^

    1.mp_race : I just like the enviroment, the big bounces and how open it is.Like mp_galaxy,but i prefer mp_race ;d

  • 5. mp_mystic_v2 cuz its where i learned jumpin
    4. mp_mayan_ruins cuz i love those kinds of maps most.
    3. mp_atlantis same reason
    2. mp_polar and
    1. mp_zone cuz wtf look at that beauty of a mmap

    there arr a few other good maps like descent2 or palm2 where zeez and me learned jumping :D

  • Mp_Mushrooms(Fungal Hazards) - Hardest map I've done and has taught me a few things about strafing.

    Mp_To_The_Moon - This is where Noobaim taught me some oldschool sort of techs and improved my CJ skills

    Mp_Mystic_v3 - This is where I learned how to wide strafe and 250 curve

    Mp_dark - Improved me greatly, One of the best maps for me to learn on

    Mp_Race - Too many Clips on that map xd

  • 5. Descent_v2

    Very good map for players to try to taste the hard ways first , altough very well structured map , also very fun for advanced players to speedrun it
    And every bounce fit perfectly to the map

    4. blue_v2

    Well , i can say same as descent_v2 , good choice for taste hard first , also i learned the basics of cj there :P

    3. galaxy

    At the time when i started cj i couldnt finish easy , but later on with some help i could beat all way, this map gave me a lot of good tech , and experience
    + as Funk mentioned , very well balanced map

    2. palm

    Same reason as descent_v2/blue2

    1. dark

    This was the first harder map i finished , and i like the style of the map

  • For me it differs every once in while, currently:

    1. mp_descent_v2: very relaxing to play to quickly finish in 5-10 minutes
    2. mp_galaxy: has some challenging jumps and routes to do in 10-30 minutes.
    3. mp_mayan_ruins: beautiful map to run through (worth mentioning: mp_zone, mp_atlantis but I got fpslagg on those so ain't in my top 5 really :p)
    4. mp_mystic_v3: got a lot of challenging jumps to do in 30-90 minutes.
    5. mp_the_gap: I think this map from 14-4-2011 according to the filecreation date is just worth mentioning by being the smallest 'map' ever for so far I can quickly come up with. xd

  • 1) mp_mystic_v2
    I love maps that are long, easy and have a lot of fun cuts. Mv2 has all that. It is also one of my favourite speedrun maps and the map is very nostalgic. I remember watching freakz's walkthrough of the map so many times hoping i'd finish it someday and i eventually did after spending 5 hours straight trying to finish using all of the shortcuts. It's a very nostalgic map for me

    2) mp_dark_v3
    Fantastically made map! It's hard but the bounces are made in a way that it's always fun to just spend 2 hours playing through the whole map

    3) mp_qube
    The simplistic design and fun easy bounces is why i like this map so much, it's just awesome

    4) mp_descent
    Generally amazing map with great bounces. Again one of my favourite maps to speedrun.

    5) mp_minecraft
    Bounces are made very well. It's my favourite "hard" map to speedrun (the whole map i mean, not just skip to end). It's so much fun to play!

  • 1. mp_descent_v2
    2. mp_galaxy
    3. mp_shade
    4. mp_descent
    5. mp_blue2

  • 1. mp_dark_v3: CJ-meta reforming hard way(innovative/non-cancer advanced bounces, that evolved the game to the next level), competent intermediate way, perfect length. If someone asked me to state the "all around best map", I wouldn't have anything else on my mind, that's for sure.

    2. mp_edge: This map may not be very appealing to the less experienced players, but it honestly feels like an adventure. It has really outstanding design, difficult, but "fair" bounces, endless amounts of shortcuts/possibilities.

    3. mp_dark: This is the very first advanced map that changed CJ entirely. I have so many memories tied to this map and even though it's nearly 6 years old, it still holds up in quality. I think this is the "most important" map in CJ history. Many of you probably weren't playing back then in 2011, but the 1st bounce in hard way was the first distance bounce:D They literally didn't exist before that and now maps are consisted of nearly 100% distance bounces, pretty crazy.

    4.mp_oerba: I can pretty much say the same as I did next to mp_edge. This map very much feels like the old generation's mp_edge. It's obviously super easy nowadays in this cj meta, but it used to be one of the hardest maps and it's probably one of the most played map ever for it's shortcut possibilities.

    5. mp_mystic_v2: So many memories tied to this map as well. Contrary to what most people think, I believe this is wez's most compelling and interesting map (not mushroom). That's just personal preference, i guess.