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    But then again there are members who are bad
    and neither do videos or maps.

    What negative points do you see in keeping people like that, or in accepting people like that in the team?

  • Now where in this analogy can you disagree with the statement
    that a higher level of the core skill, will ultimatively
    lead to an increase of the following content creating quality

    Better Input = Better Output. I can't disagree here

    So where do these members fit in your
    I've been talking about these members from the start.

    I think HawK summed it up very well:

    have a good atmosphere

    I see are constant to other servers/clans again. In all my years playing games, hosting servers and checking out servers of other people I learned something: There are some servers which are totaly crap [this fits esp. for mincecraft servers]. But they were well visited and had some good reputation. Why? Not because the server had a good setup, it was because they had good people which produced a good atmosphere. It was funny to play/talk with them.

    It's not a good server setup who keeps the server alive. The people and supporters do it.
    People who can edit, produce walkthroughs, create maps are a nice to have feature. But the core is based on people, who produce the atmosphere.

    So yes, better people would improve the "nice to have" section, but in my opinion they wouldn't change the atmosphere in any way.

  • What negative points do you see in keeping people like that, or in accepting people like that in the team?

    And more importantly, what do you call bad? I've played CJ maybe 30 hours (or more maybe, I don't really know), and I wouldn't be able to even finish (or maybe even begin) the test way. I'm stuck in easy ways. I mean, people able to pass the test in the required time are totally able to help players like me, and even, I think, way better players than me.
    So I think they would still be a nice addition to the team, if they are helpful and friendly.
    Just my opinion as a CJ noobie :D (and as server "manager" at some level (not talking about CJ server)).

    Also I totally agree with mirko's last post.

    PS: Didn't take the time to read most of the posts in this thread. Sorry if I missed smth.


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  • So Hawk you view yourself as bad, from what i read.
    I think you're too hard on yourself.

    I don't want to make "not good" people seem meaningless.
    And i do agree that "not good" people will keep
    a good atmosphere since they're active,
    but i also mentioned earlier that CJ Skill
    is not something static, so you do progress
    when you're actually being active.
    Thus at some point you will actually get better,
    which i haven't seen from said members at all.

    You don't see pros helping out people in easy
    is not related to their CJ skill but to their
    unhelpful egocentric personality.

    What negative points do i see about accepting
    "not good" people into the team?
    That we are not making progress with our team.
    This is a hard statement, because how do you
    define progress?
    You could say increasing our member number,
    is some kind of progress.
    You could also say having friendly people
    is progress. But where does this progress
    lead us to? Nowhere.
    This is running in circles and eventually
    one after one member is quitting and there
    goes the team, like in Styx f.e. .
    Progress for me is a constant activity of
    the yt-channel and a much higher amount
    of people atleast trying to do some maps.
    This content will create more attention,
    which will then lead to more popularity.

    Now you might think that people who join
    the team have a higher motivation in
    everything CJ related, like you mentioned earlier.
    I disagree.
    From what i've seen so far, it's the opposite.
    Back then people were hyped if they're gonna
    get accepted but once they were in the team
    the magic hype just vanished and they were
    instantly bored or played much less.
    As a matter of fact there are exceptions but not many.

    I agree with you Mirko, good and friendly people
    do create a good atmosphere, obviously?
    But how is this connected to this topic?
    I said that a good personality is taken
    for granted regardless of skill first.
    Additionally why is everyone assuming once
    people are removed they are somehow magically
    muted and banned from the server so they can't
    communicate anymore?
    Literally only the clantags would disappear.
    And as CJ skill is dynamic maybe it would
    reappear at some later point.
    Maybe some (ex)-members would make a drama,
    but then i'm asking why were they in the team
    in the first place.

    Ufaced, you touch an interesting aspect of this
    entire topic.
    First of all non 3xP people are also able to help
    and most of the time if you ask them, they actually
    will. What a surprise.
    Now the problem. Teammembers can teleport to you instantly,
    while normal players cant. You see the time aspect coming up.
    So why wouldnt we just put everyone in team whos able to help
    easy people? This is a barrel without bottom.
    Theres no answer to this because it is impossible to draw
    the line, at which point this makes sense.
    And while i think that the helping aspect is a important one,
    i also do think that it shouldnt be our main aspect as a team.
    The YT people are doing hard work to create walkthroughs for you
    guys and almost noone is using that gift.
    I understand that it's more comfortable to see it in person,
    but its also selfish if people do it all the time without
    checking WT beforehand.

    I dont like to repeat myself over and over again and
    i'm getting the feeling that no one is interested in
    going further as a team but rather stay where we are
    and hang out with each other. Which is perfectly fine.
    This just might not last as long as going forward.

    Thanks for the somewhat reasonable answers.
    You can close this topic now.


  • I agree with Hawk, When I joined 3xp last june (2015) I was Basically moderate at CJ. Since then Ive beaten The Majority Of Hard maps that the server plays on a regular rotaion. all the mystic maps, descents, dark 1 and 2.. etc... I dont see justifying a rank when someone is just "pro" at CJ. I feel any kind of rank should be earned if we split (meaning helping others, talking, forum activity even) just being an ACTUAL higher rank and taking the responsibility it would come with. I still vote against splitting the ranks. Im happy with just being a vip, I dont even really use the powers unless its to help someone on a course where theyre stuck. And like hawk said above, I could name a few "pros" that ive honestly Never seen help someone whos legit "bad" at cj (not knowing how to switch fps, strafe change, etc) I could sit there in spec and watch them ask the active 3xp members as mentioned a second ago and theyll get completely ignored. If i wanted to just beat a maps hard way i would go in devmap, I join the server to associate with everyone and have fun. Still vote no on the splitting of ranks

  • Ha this is simply the most logic stuff ive ever read on this forum :D.
    Okay we will do it, i totaly agree with you, that is a good way to find out in what section a new applicant could be usefull for the whole team.
    Ill talk with Noob and Drizz about it, but im sure they think the same way

    After that,

    Ill create a new thread with the points u alread pointed out where we will discuss the list and what we want on there and what we dont want on there.