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    this is Pawz from the 3xP' Lead, and I am here to inform you, Frisbeesky, that your episode
    of YWCD has been transferred from Episode #2 to Episode #220, due to following reasons:

    1. The time it takes for your episode to be ready
    a) mp_dark first jump bhop to 2nd plat
    Expected Landing Rate: 0.4
    Expected Participators: 10

    b) mp_dark last jump to secret edge
    Expected Landing rate: 0.1
    Expected participators: 5

    c) mp_dark distance after wall
    Expected Landing rate: 0.7
    Expected participators: 10

    d) mp_dark wall every jump
    Expected Landing rate: 0.8
    Expected participators: 11

    e) mp_the_extreme first ledge
    expected landing rate: 0.1
    expected participators: 5

    f) mp_the_extreme last top
    expected landing rate: 0.7
    expected participators: 10

    Expected time per try + jump cooldown: 15 seconds

    The math

    a) ((1-0.4^10)*15)/3600 = 39.74h
    b) +((1-0.1^5)*15)/3600 = 416.67h
    c) +((1-0.7^10)*15)/3600 = 0.15h
    d) +((1-0.8^11)*15)/3600 = 0.05h
    e) +((1-0.1^5)*15)/3600 = 416.67h
    f) +((1-0.7^10)*15)/3600 = 0.15h

    Result: 873.43h

    If you'd do an event for 4 hours every week, then you'd need 218.36 weeks.
    Which directly translates into 218.36/52.1429 = 4.19 Years.
    So if we take this week as starting point,
    as mentioned on top your episode would be released at 28.10.2020.


    Looks like it's finally the time for osu! to override CJ
    My osu name is Kappakeepo, feel free to add me and msg ingame for mutual. If we could
    make this 3xp osu! community active and work together, i imagine having a proper
    3xP' Animeclickers team would become a reality. Lets go boys.

    As i said Viruz, CJ-related videos would still remain as the majority, but add other games as variety (as csgo is atm).
    CJ Videos would still be ~50% of the new uploads, but the rest 50% would be other games. This would give variety
    and all viewers who watch CJ only wouldn't be dissatisfied since it's 50% CJ and would see no reason to unsubscribe.
    But this would require constant flow of new CJ videos if it were to remain as the majority of the uploads. At the moment
    CJ videos are too inconsistent, and inactivity is worse than variety of high quality uploads from games other than CJ.
    The other videos that would be made would have a certain standard for to be uploaded, this is to prevent constant flow
    of videos with very bad quality, low fps and overall low standard videos being uploaded all the time, and not have
    the same happen what has happened with CodJumper. Which is to only dedicate to 1 genre which is CJ, and when
    CJ-related content starts to slow down/die out even a little, the channel loses it's purpose. Low quality, low
    skill level and badly made videos are starting to get uploaded hence the inactivity and need to
    upload something, standards for new videos will plummet and channel will gain hate and lose followers. Uploading new content
    will only benefit the channel as long as the content is on par with the current CJ standards and the new games don't take the majority
    of uploads. Why do you upload csgo videos if you think new content will make people unsubscribe? New content doesn't make people
    unsubscribe, the lack of main content does, and new content will only gain more followers and activity.


    Good to see getting such positive feedback on my idea, thanks.
    Also about games like BF3-4, ktk and dr we need to think about how
    common are those games for people in 3xp and 3xp server. Dr I believe
    to be very common amongst the people who follow 3xp in some way,
    so dr content could very well work out. I don't know how common bf
    and ktk is amongst 3xp tho, but someone who plays these games propably
    know whether others play it or not.

    Also Viruz, you said that you don't like ktk, dr or osu content. Is this a reason not
    to make the content ? If for example me, drizz, noob or someone else says we don't
    like the csgo content on the channel, should it be quit ? No, if the majority does like it.
    Of course producing content you don't want to do is tedious, but if you don't want to do
    it you don't have to. There are other people who are more than happy to produce this content
    for you, as long as the content is liked. If no one likes the osu content f.e me & skorp produce,
    then it can get cut off from the uploading schedule. But small disapproval amongst the 3xp members
    shouldn't decide what content to be produced and whatnot.


    As probably all of you have noticed, 3xP's youtube channel consists of mostly CJ-related videos, which is fine, but this creates inconsistency in uploads.
    Sometimes there are 2 new high quality videos out in one day, when sometimes there's only 2 videos produced in one month. I consider this to be a negative aspect for the clan.
    I don't believe increasing movie makers will change this to any better, hence the lack of content, but increasing the variety of content will. At the moment 3xp uploads are 90% codjumper
    and 10% csgo. This could be changed so that CJ videos still remain as the main content, but also have much of other content uploaded beside it. For example when i suggested
    having a 3xp rocket league and 3xp osu teams, these games could be added to the containment of the uploads on youtube. For example having a botw (bunnyhops of the week) style
    videos from other games being uploaded regularly on the channel. Rocket league plays? csgo clutches? osu fc's? There's an unlimited amount of choices to be made but if we start
    adding new content from 1-2 games to youtube regularly, i believe it'll gain 3xp more popularity and possibly open up new possibilities for new games (as we did with csgo)
    I've looked up on some members and other players on 3xp, and noticed that games like osu and csgo are pretty popular amongst the players on 3xp cj servers. So i believe that
    adding a new content to the channel will increase the quality and popularity of 3xp.

    As i believe that nobody else has any content available for new games at the moment, we could start by uploading some osu! plays by some of the higher ranked players in 3xp.
    Here's one good video that i believe to be ready to get uploaded into 3xp channel. The song is pretty hard and considering the average skill of 3xp the gameplay is very good, so the
    video doesn't lack quality nor is it low skill level. LINK : (Of course, if the video quality isn't high enough, i can re-record with better quality)