Looking for a third Player in our Apex Legends team [High Skill / No Tournaments]

  • We are currently looking for 3rd teammember for our Apex Team.

    How do we playing Apex?

    - We do not play tournaments

    - We are 2 guys who like to play almost every day, mostly at evenings.

    - We are very competitive but we don't grind ranked 24/7.

    - We like to frag-hunt and therefore we play alot of normals.

    - We have a very aggressive playstyle and like to push for alot of action-packed fights.

    What kind of person are we looking for?

    - german / good english

    - high activity

    - high skill

    - aggressive playstyle

    - mature

    - must be willing to use TeamSpeak

    - playing on EU Servers

    Your skill should be somewhat similar to ours f.e.: (4k dmg, 20k game, predator)

    Our Apextracker:



    We are part of the 3xP' Clan, a multigaming community formed in 2009. 3xP' has been created by Call of Duty 4 players and is mostly active in shooters. We have around 25 active members and see ourselfs more like a group of friends than a serious gaming organization.

    If interested contact us through discord / teamspeak

    Links (content outdated):

    Website: https://3xp-clan.com/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/3xPICommunity

    Teamspeak: ts.3xp-clan.com