Donating to 3xP Clan

  • Donating to 3xP' Clan

    Due to high demand we have started accepting donations to support our clan.

    All donations will go back into our servers in the way of reducing running costs, creating prize pools for events or similar things.

    One time donations or monthly subscriptions can be created through this link:

    Paypal Donation

    or you can send donations directly through Paypal to:

    Currently donating to 3xP' will not give you special ranks or other benefits except in our CoD4 CoDJumper servers (see below).

    Cod4 CoDJumper Donation Rewards

    With our last mod update we finally have a way to give something back to people who want to support us.

    Donations will reward you with Coins on our CoDJumper server, however it should not be seen as a way to directly buy Coins, but more as a way to support us and in exchange get something back on our server.

    Donation Coins Bonus
    €5 500 none
    €10 1075 7.5%
    €20 2300 15%
    €30 3750 25%
    €50 7500 50%
    €100 20000 100%

    Donators also receive the Donator rank and can equip it if they wish on the server.

    How do you get your Coins in-game?

    Be sure to put your GUID or Statspage Link into the Note box of Paypal so we can easily give the coins.

    Coins will be given manually by admins, it might take some time to get them.

    Sending us Euros (EUR €) makes it easier for us to manage the donations. However, Paypal charge a 2,5% conversion fee if you convert currency.

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