• Hello,
    My in-game name is Ire but my real name is Reda and I still hesitate between my in-game name and my real name, I am 15 years old and I am Moroccan.
    I like making some jumps and bounces but I've left CoD for 4 months.
    I began playing some CJ since 07/14/2019 thank to a deathrun player called NeFLa.
    I've learned maping 1 month ago.
    If I want to join 3xP' team, that's because I've fell into CoDJumper love and 3xP' is my favourite CoDJumper server
    I can easily enchain Crash, Backlot, Berry_Village and Strike jumps. I can finish all easy ways and some inter ways.
    I love saying some jokes (without insulting or flaming;) ) and I like making an intense adrenaline so you feel like if you are unstoppable :P.

    About Me : I've been playing in PC for 3 years. I started YouTube for 2 months but I only made 1 video because I don't know how to make good montages. Here's my channel :…YFk_wg?view_as=subscriber
    For my PC games I have: CoD4, CoD:MW2(campaign only), IW4x(free version of MW2 with custom guns and maps), CS:GO, CSS, Osu!, Dirty Bomb, Minecraft and I am going to download CoD2 in a few days.

    My Steam :
    My Discord : Ire#8880

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  • Hello Ire and welcome to the 3xP forums,

    I am not much on the server lately but I can still say some things to you.
    Yesterday you have been on the server and kept spaming because your internet connection was bad. Also another player triggered you real quick and you kept spaming in caps even though I told you to stop. I don't think that this is a good requirement to become an authorized person on our server since you don't keep calm.

    Also you are pretty young, perhabs you should wait a bit and prove us that you are able to become a member. (Perhabs you should wait a bit and better apply as Trusted player).

    So sorry for you to say that but I don't think you should be a part of this team.

  • Hello Arkani.

    Well, I accept the fact that I am not in 3xP' Team because I am too young, but...
    You said that I kept spaming because my internet connection was very bad, but I don't have any spam binds and I don't remember if I spamed or not.
    Also you said I don't keep calm, but that's not because I am angry or hyped, I just like to make a big adrenaline, but if you want me to don't, I will stop.

    Thank you for your comprehension and have a nice day,
    Happy new year !;)

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