MY NAME: Denis

    BIRTH DAY: 03/02/1996

    COMING FROM: Slovenia

    INGAME GAME: maskyE

    ONLINE ON SERVER: From monday to friday ( 5 - 10 hours ) 3xP' Codjumper

    MY SKILLS IN CodJumper: I can beat all inter ways in some maps. On some maps hard way too.

    MORE ABOUT ME: I'm Denis, coming from Slovenia, i'm 23 Years old. I finished a machine engineer high school. My job is CNC operation/programming in Company Carthago d.o.o ( Germany company )

    My hobbies: Editing and rendering game frag/movies, Programming machines in my job ( CNC ), Football, volleyball, skateboarding, and other things on computers :D I know make website with wordpress, adobe dreamviewer, Wix, and in Notepad with HTML code.
    I met a lot new friends from codjumper some of them are also members. I posted february application for member but i was rejected because no one knowed for me and i was beginner in CJ.

    And now I want to try again for trusted player because I really really like codjumper and 3xP clan because all players has good heart and they are very friendly. I want to be one of them. ;P


    I want to be trusted player because I have now some experience in codjumper and would like to help other players. I'm also helping others now but i can't help them directly because I can't teleport to them. I have to go their way and show if from the beggining.


    If I get rejected I will not blame you, I will still play on your cj server as now.


  • I think you should apply for CJ-Team instead of Trusted!

    The reason you got rejected was because you didn't recieve any feedback on your application, which was really sad to see.

    Today, almost a year later, you are well known by everyone on the server. I can see that you have improved alot and you are constantly helping other players. You are always polite and in a cheerful mood which contributes to a nice atmosphere, making the playing a pleasure. You are hard to dislike so I have nothing bad to say at all. You can also edit videos.

    Btw, you should tell the members you see that you have an application running, many are bad at visiting the board ^^

    Whether you decide to re-apply for CJ-Team or go for Trusted, my answer is Yes!

    Goodluck, you sexy beast!

  • Noob

    Added the Label Accepted