Arkani CJ Team [Vote ends 14.06.2017]

  • Should we accept Arkani in the 3xP' CJ Team? 9

    1. Yes (8) 89%
    2. No (1) 11%

    Tag guys,

    today I want to apply to become a CJ-Team member.

    I am an active player who can probably deal with penalties of players. Sometimes I see people who are spaming or insulting others which is kinda annoying to see. At times like 8 AM no 3xP Member/Trusted Player is online so they can't be punished.
    And ye, I am on at times like this.
    I meet all requirements and already know many 3xP members. I am often ready to help others and try my best with it.
    For clarification to the kick on my stats profile: That's abused and I didn't bully anyone. @HawK

    A bit about me:
    I am Arkani and 18 years old. My real name is available on request because I honestly don't want everybody here to know it. CoD4 is almost the only game I am playing, so I decided to start playing CJ. After 1 year I got very far, can do alot hard ways and still have alot fun! At the beginning I played on my clan's CJ server where I was promoted to Admin because I managed a lot shit. Now I play more active on the 3xP server because of the new mods and the mostly cool dudes.
    I'm a person who enjoys laughing and talking to others. And remember, that I really hate disrespectful behaivor. If it's just fun, nothing against it, but if someone is seriously annoying/insulting or something like this, I would report him.In summer I am riding BMX with friends and sailing much with my dad.If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

    My Steam:
    My Stats profile:
    Your In-game Name: Arkani
    Your Birthdate: 1998 (18)
    Your hardest Map you finished: galaxy/mystic3
    Your gap record with and without rpg: 393 (unlegit haha), 375 or sth legit // 315 or sth
    The Languages u are able to talk & The country in which you live: GER ENG & Germany

    I know the rules and will agree to them!

    ty for reading m9

    #edit: i left vc a while ago

    14:15 - Why so serious?: im pro mapper
    14:15 - Hayate no Gotoku: im pro fapper

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  • Well, this was unexpected.
    I know you for a while now, you are a good jumper, nice person.
    You could also make contents like maps, edits.

    Besides that there was that fight under my WCD ep, we talked it, so there is no problem left.
    But that fight between you and Baddy was childish and irritating. I'm not sure if you talked the problem with Baddy, but if we accept you, will this fight still continue or go even further?
    I'm going to hold my vote until you guys clear the problems up, then you'll have my yes.

  • Initially it was a troll, then it turned into a full on argument, we both acted like kids, but that still doesn't change the fact about any matter, from my impressions, you do good for the community making maps ect, but its seems like you're an argumentative person, which can have an effect to split the community as well as between me and you. From this No

  • Still a yes from me, from what I saw it was provocations from baddy and Arkani mostly tried to ignore it ( this is what I've seen and idk what happened more that I didn't see ) however, baddy is still in 3xp even tho he behaved kinda bad at some times.

    I've never seen any bad behaviour from Arkani (except this fight between him and baddy). And it was arkani that acted most mature in this fight in my pov, he would also be a good addition to the team with his mapping, edits etc.

    To clarify, I'm neither at baddys or arkanis side, I'm just telling how I saw everything

  • Even though a new editor is nice for the team, the lack of demos is what really is causing the shortage of edits right now.

    Like button only works once :/

    [2017-07-25 17:17:37] Funk Attack: bunny called u weak for only giving 30min ban
    [2017-07-25 17:17:46] 3xP' AlterEgo: can you ss it

  • I basicly see the same problem as AlterEgo,

    Arkani is a quite nice guy from what i know, already talked alot with him on teamspeak. However i also saw that he got quite alot into various diffrent arguements.
    with AlterEgo, Baddy, Wooff and i guess there are more which i dont know..

    So this isnt a reason for me to decline him. But we will take a closer look on that and i hope you Arkani will also take a look that you
    dont get into arguements like that.

    Could someone do the test with him? @AlterEgo @Noob  Drizz?

  • Okay, so my opinions are.

    Feels like you only want to be a member to punish ppl, since you mentioned that there is no member to monitor the server at 8 AM, which is not true.
    Also, your reason to join is that they can't be punished, which is also not true since you ( trusted ) can kick, tempban, warn, even using !say.
    Also, the arguing thing between me and you was never a big argue, we cleared things up.

    But thinking about that also Viruz mentioned that you have argued with a few ppl, in a long term it could make some members leave or clan internal issues.
    Some member mentioned that you could ''fill'' the inactivity between WCDs could happen, but you didn't mention that in your app. Also, i think we would need more demo, instead of editor but that always comes handy :P

    I think you are a cool guy, but i hear a lot that you can get offended very quickly.
    Give us more reason why you would want to become a member.

  • I don't want to be an asshole or anything, but this whole editor thing is bullshit, because you don't need to be in the team to be an editor, there are more people that do edits for wcd. Arkani has been one of them, but xpayne also did two edits and there might be more, but I can't think of anyone right now. Even if Arkani doesn't get in the team, he should still be free to create content for cj.

    And to be really honest the 'I want to join to help people' reason is kind of useless since everyone uses it and in my eyes speaks for itselfs when you want to join the team. But that's not Arkani's fault.

    I also think Arkani is gonna be one of those players that actually spends most of his time in the 3xP servers and not be like others (who I will NOT mention out of respect) and join 3xP and never show up again.

    Sorry for the kind of harsh reply but I think it had to be said.

    Good luck with your app Arkani :)

    [2017-07-25 17:17:37] Funk Attack: bunny called u weak for only giving 30min ban
    [2017-07-25 17:17:46] 3xP' AlterEgo: can you ss it

  • Call me cocky but I think discussions are an important thing and forums are made for those. I can agree with you Viruz on the argues with Alter and Baddy, both seem to be fixxed now as we can talk to each others without saying anything bad. The thing with Wooff is just not fair, we played a normal war and he started blaming us and later on he banned me from TS for "DUmmer junge weg mit dir"(stupid boy, fuck off) which is ridicolous as fuck. I don't think I will stop argumenting since we're on a forum.

    Why did you people mentioned that I am kinda an editor? My last edit is ages ago already and Im not planing to continue since they look shit. lol

    Reason why I want to join? Well, first I need to repeat that I just want to join the CJ team and not the clan. I am chilling a lot with people from 3xp so why not beeing a part of their team?

  • I gotta have to change my vote.
    I think you only applied because you was bored, and i don't think you are that active on the server either.
    Also, you mentioned that you don't plan on making edits, so basically there is not too much benefit you can provide.
    I'd like to see you as a trusted player instead of a member. ( No offense or anything, i just feel like that)

  • TBH, that's odd. Many people in 3xP don't make edits or either make maps(or sth. like this). Lately I was sick and in the same time I've got a lot exams. Most of the time I spent on 3xP BB and Priv with Moug and Bunny because I'm making extreme with him. It also takes ages to do the radiant-sided shit.