Banned for 3x-P name tag

  • Erm yeah so I got banned by Noob. I was personally using the 3xP nametag as I like the team and the community within the server.

    Yes I can call myself a "fanboy" and thats all it was however noob decided it would be a good idea to get me IP banned..

    He did give me warnings and I admit I did ignore them as no other 3xP member was bothered as 3x-p is clearly fake. I have had this in my nametag for a little over a week...

    Noob is a bit power crazy and believes that the auto kick you have in place for the real 3xP' nametag isn't enough so he took matters into his own hands.

    I can still access the server as I have unlimited GUID and VPN services but would enjoy not having to run through this process to play a game..

    I have changed my name back to just Goliath and apologise that supporting 3xp is against the rules ( one i am not aware of )

    I would appreciate it and would be grateful if I could get unbanned and here is the required information;

    GUID : dcc0ade6
    banning admin: 0
    Reason: Kick avoid


    Goliath :thumbsup:

  • Hello Goliath,

    I dont really see how adding 3x-P to your name supports 3xP' in any way. ;)
    Personally i dont like when people do this as well, like 2xP' xxx or 4xP' anything.
    However you had no "bad" intentions like trolling, so if you discontinue this,
    i think we can remove the ban straight away.

    Kind Regards,
    deleted User

  • Hello Goliath,

    How does using 3xP' tag support the community? ?(
    This is a Server rule which is probably the reason Noob kicked you,
    #6 - Don't use an offensive name & Don't fake names/tags.
    => Basically all insulting names, towards anyone. Also, don't use the tag of a team/clan you're not in, and don't "steal" the name of another player.
    .=> 1) Warn; 2) Kick; 3) 1 day ban.

    As deleted User said, if you were not 'Trolling' or being rude in anyway...
    Surely you'll be Unbanned soon.

    Jayme <3

  • You were not banned for having the 3xP' name tag, you were banned after repeated trolling, ignoring warns, kicks, and tempbans.

    I first asked you nicely to change your name as it looked like you were in 3xP' with your name. You ignored me. I then officially warned you to change it as it is against the rules (as @Jayme stated). You continued to ignore me.

    Soon after you changed your name to just 3xP and got kicked by the server automatically. The you rejoined with something like 3-xP, and continued to ignore me. I then kicked you for using the tag (as Jayme posted above). You rejoined with the same type of name, so I used a (15 minute) temporary ban, as your trolling behaviour is not wanted on the server. You then avoided the ban, and said 'ban avoid' or something to that effect in-game. Then you were banned, you came back again, and were banned once more. You then told me you just wanted to see if you could avoid a ban and it was only a joke. I don't think it's a very funny "joke" and your excuse of just doing it to see if you could actually avoid a ban seems unlikely, to me it seems like you wanted to troll and now you are unhappy that your actions had consequences.

    To clarify, you were banned by me for repeatedly ignoring the rules after I gave you many chances, I don't like kicking or banning people, which is why I gave you so many chances.

    I do not have a problem with you being unbanned, as long as you agree to follow the rules this time, also please don't try to mislead when posting on the forums, you left out a lot of details which is very unfair.

    @Viruz @deleted User @Drizz



  • Thanks for the response and quick too!

    I understand where you guys are coming from however it was not a troll as I did not damage or purposefully annoy members.

    I had the nametag as I enjoy spending time in the server and thought it would be cool to have this as part of my nametag and ignored Noobs warnings as I thought he was over reacting.

    I have taken it out of my name tag, it wont happen again, my name will stay as Goliath. Thanks for the support and im on the server right now.

    - Goliath

  • I agree with what @Noob has said,
    If he's gave you MANY warnings and such... you should have listened instead of 'Avoiding bans' I don't think that's the way forward to getting you Unbanned either.
    At the end of the day... It's not my decision to unban you or not, lets see what the others have the say I guess.

    Just take to mind... saying that you can use unlimited VPNs/GUIDs won't make this situation any better imo as you've broken a rule.
    It would have been better to wait out your ban than to worry about running VPNs/GUIDs, as if this was my ban I'd continue to ban you until the time expires.
    Read more: CoD4 - Punishments for rule breakers
    Jayme <3

  • If we think you deserve a ban, VPN's and GUID's wont help you in any way, just letting you know.
    So if you "unban" yourself with new guids this really, just like Jayme mentioned, wont help your reputation.

  • I think this ban is vast considering lots of people have done this, and still do it.

    There where people in the server at the time also with 2xp ect however they didnt get banned... Not even warned.

    I brought it up and Noob didnt care and ignored the fact he was copying clan names. However he had it in for me?

    So much for rules that you follow and how he begs for me to be fair in my statement.

    Its not like I DDOS the server and I have joined back and played within 3xp all day today with a normal name.

    Idc about my respect I once had for 3xp anymore and thats a shame.

  • Until I can confirm that the ban is temp I will stop bypassing.

    Lel. You sound retarded. I can't even believe Noob is polite here.. You don't deserve politeness the way you act. Whatever 'respect' you tried to give 3xP, they don't seem to need it, and you don't seem to know what respect means. I sincerely hope you will not get unbanned. Don't try to threaten me Noob or anyone here. It won't work. "I will ddos you" is not in any way intimidating whatsoever. In fact, most people who say this are skids.

  • I never threatened to DDOS and I am not capable of DDOS. Don't accuse me of stuff I have not done or said. At the end of the day I had 3x-p which makes me look like a fanboy thats it.

    Half the community have done it yet they don't get this punishment.

    And who are you and when have I threatened you? your confusing me as I don't see where you fit in here?

  • Quote

    Noob didnt care and ignored the fact he was copying clan names. However he had it in for me?


    how he begs for me to be fair in my statement

    I have been extremely fair and polite to you the entire time, I never ''had it in for you'' and don't want to ever be in conflict with players, I think if you ask every player who was there that they will agree that I was fair. I try to be friendly and nice to all players on the server.

    As I already said, I warned you (informally, politely) but you chose to ignore me, and the subsequent formal warning, and kicks, which led to a temporary ban and finally multiple bans. You are trying to make it seem as if I banned you instantly and rudely, which is not the case. I do not like kicking or banning people, especially if they are regulars, but you broke rules and ignored my (initially polite) warnings. Respect has to work both ways and your actions have consequences. As I said, if you are sincere in your apology and don't break the rules in future I am fine with you coming back, but your attitude here is very poor.

  • There was not anyone in that game who was using 3xP' (or 3-xP). I have already described in detail the reason why you were banned, it was for your trolling behaviour and your decision to ignore my (originally polite) warnings, if someone else was behaving in a trolling manner repeatedly they would also be banned, it sometimes happens, but it's very uncommon.

    I gave you so many chances. This is no longer in my control and I do not want to have a petty internet argument, please read my first post where I explained in detail why you were banned, there is no point in me repeating myself constantly. Just wait some time until someone such as @Viruz has a chance to reply, please.



  • Ok so Im going to have to dig through the messages to find the bit where you ignored me about another user using the 2xp clan name and you and a fellow clan member didnt care.

    If you can remember it was on the map bouncer training around 19:00 maybe a bit later. After the ban.

    At the end of the day I still play on 3xP with a normal name, its just an inconvenience that you have caused me....

    If I can find it I will post.

  • Because one of them downloaded a cracked version which is already banned from 3xP so I was being nice and giving him one.

    The other person, if he caused the offence would have been IP banned meaning he wont be able to use the key anyway.

    It was a nice thing to do as I have the cracked version of the game and the same thing happened to me due to it being a shared key.


  • At the end of the day I still play on 3xP with a normal name, its just an inconvenience that you have caused me....

    Goliath, you sound pretty arrogant to me.
    If we really want you banned, you wont be able to join the server, even with unlimited keys/VPN.
    Having unlimited keys isnt something special at all.
    You're just using someone elses work, since you didnt even code it.
    Everyone is able to use VPN as well.
    The fact that you took matters in your own hand and bypassed the ban,
    is theoretically enough to ban you permanently.

    Until I can confirm that the ban is temp I will stop bypassing.

    If you would think before you go on a rampage maybe check stat site once.
    And dont even try to tell me you didnt knew we had such a thing.

    You're pushing ahead too far.
    You already bypassed and thats what counts.
    If i'd be able to unban, i would've after your first post.
    Now im tending to ban you permanently.
    You're just ruining it yourself.

    And yes you're right about 2xP' Sasuke, personally i would take action as well.
    But i havent yet, simply because i couldnt be bothered at all.
    Does that justify your way of speaking/behaving/bypassing?
    No it doesnt.
    Did you break a rule which leads to permanent ban?
    Yes you have.
    I dont know if you're in any positon to argue here at all ANYMORE.
    Everything was really fine, before you bypassed (speaking of Noob taking matters in his own hands, you just did the same..).
    I feel like the rule needs to be edited and "faking names" must be more specific.

    All in all i didnt have any problem with you before, so personally i would let you play again.
    This entire incident is just totally useless.

    PS: Do you really think its a good idea to post cracked keys publicly to a single person?
    A private conversation would be better, since anyone can use this and cheat.

    Best Regards,
    deleted User

  • Ok so first off the website says this for me;

    So i think im still banned as you may need to refresh your webpage....

    My way of behaviour is to show that I was treated unfair in terms of I wasnt the only one with the name yet I got banned... (oh and the people that banned me chose to ignore me about the situation and laugh and I quote "shhh". very respectful I must say.

    Im just saying I can bypass not as a proud person or too feel superior, not at all. That's a sad way to look at it.

    I have bypassed to show I am able to follow these some what fair rules and I have changed my name. got along and its not a big deal.

    Im informing you and letting you know what I am doing so im being honest. I could have been sly and changed my name and no one would have known it was me. Im just putting all my cards out on the table and letting you know.

    Your all overlooking this as a major offence, its cod4, I have changed my name I still play on the server it would just be nice for you to release the ban...