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    Jimdwag,this "trusted player" glitched and shot me through the wall in die hard as i was activator,and excessus knows the story,Also a player named zebra horse was flaming in 3xP Dr server while jimdawg was online,But he didnt doanything to him,he only warned people that flamed zebra horse back.

    @UFaced remember my complaints in private?
    Seems like jimdawg still hasn't come to sense..


    The other day, Jimdawg, a trusted player on the KTK server, kicked Hayalet with the reason: "Sorry but i had to kick you". At the time, Hayalet was the king, playing legitimately, and did nothing or said nothing to invoke a kick upon himself. On behalf of Hayalet, I request that an admin look into this matter so that it may not occur again.
    Thank you.

    A bit older but still valid..

    @SiMSON No offense, for you it was probably the best solution to edit your reply, but it did make cookies' reply on that look very bad.. Now it looks like she's the 'bad guy' even though she does have a point.. Even when she doesn't want to be trusted anymore, I think this had to be said. I also apologize for my hostile behavior against you, I didn't know you well (still don't, but I know u better than before) and you never talked in chat so I thought u were an 'asshole' which you aren't.

    @SiMSON now you act like it's personal towards me.. That's the lamest argument btw. If someone breaks a rule, they deserve to be punished according to the set rules for trusted by the admins.. Not in that way.

    I think I just reported your comment sorry
    I tried to like it on my phone but it went to report content and I accidentally tapped submit in my rush, but then quickly closed it xD

    Omg, really?
    You act like an admin. You're not. You don't decide if someone gets a ban or unban. Don't try to "help" like this. You're saying you want to support 3xp. But if 3xp guys ban someone, then your way of "unbanning" isn't very supportive.

    I never threatened to DDOS and I am not capable of DDOS. Don't accuse me of stuff I have not done or said. At the end of the day I had 3x-p which makes me look like a fanboy thats it.

    Half the community have done it yet they don't get this punishment.

    And who are you and when have I threatened you? your confusing me as I don't see where you fit in here?

    It's a warning, not an accusation. Who do you mean by half the community, because I've only met 1 guy who wore the 3xP tag while he shouldn't, and that's it.

    Until I can confirm that the ban is temp I will stop bypassing.

    Lel. You sound retarded. I can't even believe Noob is polite here.. You don't deserve politeness the way you act. Whatever 'respect' you tried to give 3xP, they don't seem to need it, and you don't seem to know what respect means. I sincerely hope you will not get unbanned. Don't try to threaten me Noob or anyone here. It won't work. "I will ddos you" is not in any way intimidating whatsoever. In fact, most people who say this are skids.

    They wanted to make it happen, but still haven't I sincerely hope they will add it if they have time. And thx for copying my reply and changing the words <3
    I think u have explained it a little better than I have, that wasn't sarcastic :P