Me Apply For Trusted !

  • I dont understand why you behave like this in an application. Doesnt make you look good.
    For now its a -1 sorry.

    Didn't you read ? I do not want it anymore. Didn't you see what SiMSON wrote?? no because he edit it so he don't look bad ^^
    He accused me for breaking rules and put a picture of a girl with Mr Bens head to provoke me , he said he was gonna ban me for breaking rules but he didn't I see it like he is trying anything to make me look bad...
    Waiting the #DECLINED ;)

  • @SiMSON No offense, for you it was probably the best solution to edit your reply, but it did make cookies' reply on that look very bad.. Now it looks like she's the 'bad guy' even though she does have a point.. Even when she doesn't want to be trusted anymore, I think this had to be said. I also apologize for my hostile behavior against you, I didn't know you well (still don't, but I know u better than before) and you never talked in chat so I thought u were an 'asshole' which you aren't.

  • I don't know him well either all I know he been mean to me since I saw him...
    Please show me you're not ,I would like to know that you're a nice person ,I would be happy if you proved that I was wrong about you.
    Could you explain please what did I do to make you act this way twords me.

  • For now I'll just close this. I don't think it would be of any use to let it open.

    I don't have the time to answer for now (TBH I should have been sleeping instead of reading the whole thread actually), but to avoid any wait, I'll just say this application is declined, since the applicant herself said she didn't want to be trusted anymore.

    I'll come back to clarify a few points (in a few days I think, I'm not home currently).


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