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    I don't know him well either all I know he been mean to me since I saw him...
    Please show me you're not ,I would like to know that you're a nice person ,I would be happy if you proved that I was wrong about you.
    Could you explain please what did I do to make you act this way twords me.

    I dont understand why you behave like this in an application. Doesnt make you look good.
    For now its a -1 sorry.

    Didn't you read ? I do not want it anymore. Didn't you see what SiMSON wrote?? no because he edit it so he don't look bad ^^
    He accused me for breaking rules and put a picture of a girl with Mr Bens head to provoke me , he said he was gonna ban me for breaking rules but he didn't I see it like he is trying anything to make me look bad...
    Waiting the #DECLINED ;)

    lel you make me laugh , I broke rules?
    language rule and so ???
    I rarely say "fuck " and that is when I fail a jump and get so pissed ...
    all the times I played with you, ExcusesNL and eXq::2Shae been with me ..
    Don't think I can't protect my self and make lies about me if you want to fight me , fight like a man .
    BTW nice picture is that your Girlfriend hehe.

    3xP' Statistics ~ « Chatlogs
    Explain to me please cause I seem to be lost here ...
    jimdawg used a bug and killed the activator in the map Diehard in the end of the map he shot the activator throw the wall, well known bug.
    And he said "so what kids" if that is the trusted you wish for then I really don't worth it ,I realized no matter how hard I would work for it I won't earn it .
    Sorry for wasting your time in this application .

    Not even shocked , getting a no from you .
    Well Because I reported you for using a bug on me and trolling lel right?
    I wasn't gonna shut up especially when a trusted lvl 3 use buggs for trolling.

    Ye but why shae didn't get his trusted rank back when he put his CD Key back which had the trusted permissions .
    I really wish the trusted rank isn't bound to the CD Key as you are saying :/
    We need Ufaced!!!!

    Did some digging, you either seem to change your IP often or someone loves your Name.

    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    This Statpage lead somehow to those Names: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    The first two are not even mine , I am not Dark*World...
    mhm $iwy and Rhoyder are right but what if I can make sure no one use the same CD Key ...
    I can right? :/
    @Rezzy I didn't put an explanation to the declination of my first apply cause it was all messed up it got declined cause they thought I am DARK*PR0 , you see we live in the same house and use the same router since we are brothers .
    It's just simply I am not DARK*PR0 , eXq::2Shae and ExcesusNL can prove that,I am also not DARK*WORLD ..
    Don't make this complicated when it's not please.
    If you don't want me as trusted simply vote no it's your choice .
    It's just something I really wanted , to join potato and shae to trusted , It wont effect much if I don't get accepted I'll still be in DR playing and having fun with dese nubs :thumbsup:
    Edite: as for the name thing yep people just like trolling about this shit how can i stop them? even one of your trusted used my name did you say something to him about that ? why did he get the trusted in 3 days ? 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    my in game name was HaHa now snypes is dead afk I didn't see him , did anyone see him ??? is he active??? does he worth it more than me ???

    First of all Merry Christmas!
    My name is Sara I'm from Iraq I been playing CoD4 for a long time now and my in game name is : >=Chief Sara=< , eXq::Cookies .
    I played on 3xP alllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot :D
    I was in UAE recently and busy with uni so I wasn't so active .
    My player stats are
    1- The new one : 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    2- The old one : 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    I played 264.02 hours on DR . I don't play much on Nuketown , HC or KTK.
    allot of players knows me in DR :thumbsup:

    I know the rules and ofc I accept them .
    I honestly and simply want to be apart of 3xP ! It won't hurt if you accept one more friendly nice cute trusted player :love:

    Thank you for reading my application !

    maybe a rule in DeathRun server ... Don't leave the activator room when you are activator.
    Cause some people (as activators) just leave the room and die in the traps while other jumpers still on the way to finish. I see its more like suicide and its annoying.
    I don't know if my opinion matter .. but its good to try.

    Hey Konver ,
    I played with you allot in DR you're very good player "pro" :P
    but to be honest I don't think you fit for trusted ..
    - You rage sometimes , for example today when I was joking with you and everyone know I am a trolololer xD
    I said "konver noob :P "
    then I said "jk"
    and you automatically took it seriously and started talking bs .
    I just don't think you will use your powers wisely .
    -Spamming : also today you and skillerx or what ever he is called you spammed the chat with quick commands , even tho I said stop spamming like that you just spam even more.
    Anyway my opinion doesn't matter ,but that's what I think.
    I Hope you best luck Cookies <3