• Hello, My in-game name is Ziantha. I'm 18 years old, My real name is Alfons, i have been playing cod4 for about 3years and i've been playing CodJumps for about 2 years.

    my hardest map and the only intermission maps i've completed is "Mp_palm, mp_galaxy, Mp_to_the_moon_v2" and i know pretty much all easy ways.

    I've never really done a properly gap so i can't answer that question.

    I'm from Sweden and i can speak English (not the best english but it'll do)

    I wan't to join 3xP because i wan't to help ppl with bounce that they have hard time with.

    My stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    I've been playing fps games since 2010 and i'm also a mmorpg player, i started to play mw2 > black ops 1 > mw3 > black ops 2 and my other games i've played is LoL, Css, Cs go, WoW, GTA san andreas, GTA 4 and GTA 5.

    I agree and accept the rules and i will follow all the rules 100%.

    My Mp_Galaxy test time:

  • I completely agree with Noob.

    You're active, very helpful, and an extremely nice player to play with who respects everyone in game and you dont say any bad things and so on, always being in a good mood ( atleast seems like you are.. ) ;)
    I have absolutely nothing bad to say about you so i do as Noob did, I'll give you my Yes and a big good luck!

    Only thing i can come up with is the misunderstanding between you and deleted User but it seems like you cleared that up if i got that right :)


  • Hey Ziantha,

    to be honest i dont think you and your character dont really fit into the cj team.
    Also i think you are a bit too bad for it, you play for 2 years and have just completed 3 inter ways,
    I play for 1 1/2 years, and can finish hard ways, so for me it looks like your learning curve isnt that high.

    I know skill is not everything, but a little skill is required to join the team,
    if your character would fit well then i would even look on you skill, but as i also think you arent the nicest person so my answer is no

  • Hello Ziantha,

    I've seen you around a 'few' times recently other than that... not much, although others say you are active... I've never seen you around :whistling: Maybe time-zones? idk

    I have to agree with Viruz, you've played for 2 years and can only complete 3 inter ways and the rest easy...
    I'm not trying to come across mean/horrible but personally (my opinion) I don't think you'll be great for the cj team.

    I've never spoke to you within the server/out, so I can't question your behaviour either.

    To finish things of, In my opinion... You've just about scraped the 'Test Way' by 19 seconds, which shows your skill level isn't great.
    In all honesty based on your skill level, I'm going to say No. Sorry.

  • we decided to not accept you