idiot ryder why banned

  • admin mistake when he explained in a master admin and managers.
    Since error that keeps admin side.
    In this way the clan admins will never make mistakes.
    To know the error is virtuous to apologize.
    but I do not see it.

    clan of master admins and managers who make mistakes that since the admin although they knew that it was unfair that people who abuse the authority of the still painful and sad task is to know.

    FNRP clan does not like you.
    If someone puts a ban officials, administrators or master admin analyzes, demos, pictures, proof or not, if there is no evidence that leads to the ban, apologize to the players.

    so our clan in the works
    I guess you 3XP money that is going to admin.
    I throw I pay diyerekd ban arbitrary.

    24 hours a demo installation Is it so hard?
    As far as I see in your clan admins Ryder and protects the diyer.
    As they speak a lie.

    I speak the truth, you can take me bans form.
    but make sure you KTK years fills me and my friends Turkey.

  • Nothing to add, I was there and I totally agree with @Rhoyder

    My Demo in UPLOAD, Just wait few seconds. MIRROR 1 (if you download from here I earn some cents :P ) MIRROR 2 (from here no earnings :( )

    BTW It was only a tb for 1 day because we weren't sure if you were really using knife hack. However you are still punishable for fast shoot script.

    P.s. I temp-banned him and not Rhoyder

    1) Fast shoot script
    2) Insult to @Rhoyder
    3) We clearly said we weren't sure he was hacking and so we tb him
    4) 4 trusted players online at that moment ( Me, Rhoyder, Siwy.exe, ervilha)

    For this I think tb can be justified and as our rules said, we aren't forced to show demos for tempbans, only for pemabans


  • Jesus god, now you've done it.

    Normally im able to keep my mouth shut but you seriously are the MOST annoying Person i ever encountered in any Game I've played so far.
    Just because its not going anywhere how you'd like it, its instantly a lie, racism, genocide or whatever you already accused me. Im pissed off now. Its only a TEMPORARY Ban. I can understand you if its without any Reason but there was!

    Im honest, when i wouldve the Rights and the Permission from the higher Ups your little ridiculous comparisions to the things that happen or happened between Turkeys and Syrians with my decision would certainly end here. As im not having both of it, Ill leave this decision up to others. You keep spamming this entire Thread with insults towards me (and others if I got those scraps right) and demand a Demo. Patience, thats what you need more of. Im now sitting here in the scorching heat of the day with my already bad mood about the fact the Weather is incredibly tiring, having to argue with a Child throwing insults around like bullets in Call of Duty. People have lives besides this too and I wanted one god damn day off because im sweating like a pig.
    I really hope this constant insults are going to be reviewed as well, not only the fact he is seen as a long time player.

    Here is your fucking demo, I hope you feel better now. CLICK ME (Link should work, hopefully)

    I apologize for my harsh words, me snapping isnt happening pretty often. Reasons were written, i can only pledge on your understanding.

    @UFaced I checked the Internet about your Question about Auto Knife-Scripts or whatever they are. There are those kinds of things, they are mostly linked together with bigger packs of Hacks. I stumbled across a Bug/Glitch as well explaining how people made this Knife Jump with the Stab on people, which I dont want to explain here as its considered a Bug in the Game. If you want, i can send you a message about it through a Private Message.

    Im now out... need to get a shower while hoping not to melt away.
    Kind regards even though still pissed,

  • Please refer to the game faced record

    and you'll see that the first insult and Ryder rocky start.

    Ryder told me many times when I am king, saying stupid king.

    rocky since the demo, why not install?

    skeptical player can not throw the game.

    proof that I was cheating on hand. If you have seen the video upload faced.

    You should give me a penalty.

    I'm playing better than you so do not throw rubbish from the game.

    This clearly proves that you hate the Turks.

  • I'm using scripts
    I have my mouse x7 series shooting feature

    I watched them in the same way over and over admins using Scripts.
    It does not comply with the rules.

    I enter every game rocky and Ryder in the game (.) Press call me stupid.

    Let me prove that I'm cheating.

    Look at the log records faced. You'll see who insulted before.

    rocky Israeli citizen and hate Turks.

    Turkey rocky and always taking the game to make the Ryder racism

  • deleted User

    Judging by the images smaller than age
    I saw cheating as your age, I know the kinds of tricks.

    I also took that trick.

    He was insulting my clan members of an admin in any player, not blasphemy.

    admin always speak properly, he is respectful of the players.

    People with authority as I see players swearing, insulting. beating the game without evidence

    If you're gonna have to be at one of the game will give evidence as in the links below

    When I made my adminlik player without proof it will be sent.

    I'll give you a good look at the evidence address




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    FFC Forum • Başlığı görüntüle - KTK DA ki ilk banlarımdan bazıları wh ve küfür den

    Learn how they see evidence in olupd players discarded

  • How do I know I made the best adminlik.
    or Ryder, rocky and knows others?

    FFC for 3 years, 8 months FNRP is my admins.

    no profanity in my time to my clan admin player, not an insult.

    swearing in games, players can not insult

    authorized persons have smaller children I see my

    Without evidence that suspected child with me to throw the cheats saying.

    I got mouse x7 55 euros.

    I got to play with the mouse.

    It will be subject to the series of shooting.

    My computer case 1,000 euros

    Which one are you so expensive your mouse and the PC in?

    authority of the people who have a few times in my öldürğü
    just tricks, automatic knife he speaks a lie

    just spec Ryder, rocky and he watched all the players

    macro, and fast shooting (scripts) I've seen use

    Why is he not at the players and the games themselves?

    They put me.

    take aim at me, the hatred is hatred

  • Do you think I would have used that trick in the second clan it was not the admin would be my chance?

    Want to be responsible admin

    FNRP are still active master admin tasks.

    There are also rules to make the admin.

    those that do not know your clan admin

    CFG will give you until I use hotkeys

    Adsız - Hızlı Resim

    CFG :

    // generated by Call of Duty, do not modify
    bind TAB "+scores"
    bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
    bind SPACE "+gostand"
    bind 0 "openScriptMenu clientcmd dp7button"
    bind 1 "weapnext"
    bind 2 "weapnext"
    bind 4 "+smoke"
    bind 5 "+actionslot 3"
    bind 6 "+actionslot 4"
    bind 7 "+actionslot 2"
    bind 8 "openScriptMenu clientcmd dp5button"
    bind 9 "openScriptMenu clientcmd dp6button"
    bind ` "toggleconsole"
    bind A "+moveleft"
    bind B "mp_QuickMessage"
    bind C "gocrouch"
    bind D "+moveright"
    bind E "+leanright"
    bind F "+activate"
    bind G "+frag"
    bind N "+actionslot 1"
    bind Q "+leanleft"
    bind R "+reload"
    bind S "+back"
    bind T "chatmodepublic"
    bind V "+melee"
    bind W "+forward"
    bind Y "chatmodeteam"
    bind Z "+talk"
    bind ~ "toggleconsole"
    bind PAUSE "toggle cl_paused"
    bind CTRL "goprone"
    bind SHIFT "+breath_sprint"
    bind F1 "say ^1Cümleten ^7Selamün Aleyküm ^1Arkadaslar!!"
    bind F2 "say ^3Aleyküm ^1Selam^7. [^9Hosgeldin]"
    bind F3 "say ^1H^7e^1l^7a^1l"
    bind F4 "say ^1E^7y^1v^7a^1l^7l^1a^7h Thankyou ^2Gracias"
    bind F5 "say ^1Watch your Language^2Please"
    bind F6 "say as ^6hg ^1hello ^2hola ^3hallo "
    bind F7 "say ^3s^2.^3a ^1Hi^3all ^5hallo ^3Hola"
    bind F8 "say ^1.D^2:D^3:D^6:D^9:D"
    bind F9 "say ^3yardim^1HELP ^2ayuda "
    bind F10 "toggle name ^1FNRP-HOSCAKAL ^1[TR]HOSCAKAL ^1goodbye ^1dengesiz ^1chang "
    bind F11 "say ^1adios ^1goodbye bb^3all"
    bind F12 "screenshotJPEG"
    bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
    bind MOUSE2 "+toggleads_throw"
    bind MOUSE3 "+frag"
    bind MOUSE5 "+melee"
    bind MWHEELDOWN "openScriptMenu modkeybind zoomin"
    bind MWHEELUP "openScriptMenu modkeybind zoomout"
    seta ai_corpseCount "2"

  • Completly Topic relevant Question after all that Off-Topic talk: What are you trying to say with those posts?

    Rockky and i Uploaded our Demos, what else do you want? This isnt a discussion Thread to accuse people of all the bad things that go around the world. This Thread is entirely only for discussing either this tempban had been justified or not. Youre straying off the Topic and trying to prove your Point with totally useless Information that arent helping the matter.

    Im seriously starting to wonder what your point is. Let an Admin decide whether this was a valid Tempban or not. Your spamming wont be useful in any way.

    And just for your statement about ME and rockky appearently starting to insult you.

    You did start insulting Players especially Kings as "noobs" for not playing as you see fit. After some time i thought, "lets see how he likes it to be called that himself for messing up!".
    Well, calling you a "nab" seemed to have its effect. You dont like it, obviously. Looks like my thought succeeded. No one likes to be called noob for having bad luck or just getting overwhelmed by better Players. Make sure you remember that Phrase: "Treat others like you want to be treated yourself" That might not go along the rules and I deeply apologize for that but sending out warnings/kicks arent always the best solution for some Individuals.

    But now comes your exaggeration. I never, ever called someone an Idiot especially not your Clan. I dont even care about your Clan's Server. I had there been once and thats it. I wasnt pleased with some things and Ill leave it at that. Im completly statisfied with the 3XP Kill the King Server. You in the other hand did insult me in the first 5 Posts of this Threads and even the title and by that you meant me. Stop twisting the facts. There is nothing i hate more than liars... well Cheater might be an exception.

    As an addition you just admitted, by what I had been able to understand, you're using an Script to pull off your shots and said that you follow the rules. Did you read the Rules or just the part you agree with?
    They clearly state that "Don't use any kind of mouse macro or script to shoot faster."
    You did, Cpt. Sahink did and Emanet did, period. I even asked for advice here about how to handle the rule and in the end people were saying Scripts/Makros are not allowed. No exceptions. Theyre unfiar towards other Players and thats good as it is. Hearing a Mouse enhancing the Ability to Quicken up the Firerate is one of the funniest things i heard besides the one thing i wrote below.
    If i understood that part wrong with your confession I apologize at that part.

    Read only if interested, no relevance to Topic
    //Random Fact without relevance start
    You wouldnt believe what i heard in my one Year of being a Moderator (probably the Member Rank here is most comparable with it) on a Beginners Minecraft-Server why people disputed their Bans.
    We were in the Teamspeak at that day and the Guy who got banned for using the "Minecraft-Wallhack" called X-ray to find the valuable things while mining. Would you believe this guy plainly and totally serious stated he was using this Headset while playing Minecraft and he "would be able to hear Ores with the Headset". The Minecraft Players who are reading this should get the Part. (This isnt meant to be advertising some Headsets, this one sucks btw) We were laughing so hard while we shouldnt, that made me laugh for the entire week even mentioning the word Triton.
    //Random Facts without relevance end

    Having said that, stop spamming the Thread with those non-relevant Facts and stay at the Topic. They wont prove anything, to me at least. I cant and wont speak for others.

    Edit: Cleaned up some Errors and Spelling mistakes, added some things to make my point clear.

  • I don't want to enforce a permanent ban since there is is no certainty that he cheated.
    The tempban time is now over and he should be able to play again.

    @HOSCAKAL However, you definitely did break several rules.
    You've played for a long time on our server and by now you should already know all of our rules. If you don't, please read this thread:
    3xP' CoD4 server rules

    And also this:

    Note that these punishments can be slightly adjusted according to the context (e.g. if the insult is really heavy, you can be kicked or even tempbanned directly without being warned first). This is true for all rules, except nothing can directly (i.e. on the very first violation of the rule) lead to a permanent ban except for cheating/hacking.

    Also, even though it's not specified here, any repeated bad behavior/rule breaking can end up leading to a permanent ban (e.g. repeated insults over several days or weeks, etc).

    And for you specifically, I'm going to point out a few of those rules:

    On our servers, you can only speak English (or German). Any other language is forbidden.

    On our servers, insulting is forbidden. You CAN'T call someone "noob", or "idiot", or any other insult.

    On our servers, using a mouse macro / script to shoot is forbidden. Please stop using your "mouse x7 series shooting feature".

    On our servers and forums, you can't tell our admins (or members and trusted players) what to do. It's their jobs, not yours.

    As you've played for a long time on our server you should be very well aware of all these rules, and if you break them again, you will end up being banned again, and maybe permanently.

    Also, insulting on our forums is strictly forbidden, so stop calling poeple "idiots" or anything else. First and last warning.

    Please note that this is our servers and not yours, thus the rules may be different. Accept it or leave.

    Also, it seems to me that you're paranoid. No, we're not racist here, and certainly not Rhoyder. He is just doing his job, which is to make everyone respect the rules on our servers. Turkish people are not an exception, they have to respect the rules as everyone else. It's not only the Turkish language which is forbidden, it's all languages except for English or German. And if Rhoyder and rockky tempbanned you, it's because you broke several rules, definitely not because you're Turkish.

    Please answer here to tell me if you agree with what I say and that you will comply with our rules, if you're willing to.


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  • Ufaced

    I never use tricks

    I hate kullananlard career.

    He dropped the ban unjustified.

    authority to players who never admins should not insults and curses.

    I never in my clan admin curses, not insult.
    If you want to see this come to play some of my servers.
    and idiots or swearing.
    They will warn you immediately.
    You'll see.

    I have been a long time adminlik.
    If I had to use the trick would be to clan.

    I do not cheat. I do not know what tricks

    without proof of the need to apologize to those who put me in the game.

    I played a better game of individuals with authority, I'm using the knife he better not make me cheat accusations, saying with suspicion.

    I certainly never use gimmicks. I did not use.

    cursing the players and people who are authorized to request you not warn the insults.

    If the admin to blasphemy and insult players also made

  • In 1st post you said you are 36 years old, you keep complaining any decision and crying like a 10years old guy. IT WAS ONLY A TEMP-BAN. Now you are able to play again (I saw u on KTK) so please stop it. I think this thread can be closed ;)

  • You're right. I just wanted to see what he would answer. Maybe it was not such a good idea after all :P



    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

    3xP' TS3 IP: | Click here to directly join it.