idiot ryder why banned

  • I am 36 years of age 6 years did I play Call of Duty
    I do not know how to open the trick. and I hate cheating open from
    Ryder speaks lies about stupid trick I use.
    You can not install the demo
    demoyo said I was cheating you install Ryder idiot.
    whether the authority does not prove that I was cheating clan than you discarded.
    Beats me and my friends from wanton Turkey game
    I do not know English or another language, I write with a translator.
    I am a long time playing on a server. I know the rules better than Ryder idiot.
    You prove that I am incorrect
    You can not get out of the clan prove

    How many times hard to cheat using pot-tom-faced- and he told the admins.
    He laid a large number of tricks thanks to me.
    I did a long time admin tasks can understand who uses tricks

    I would ask you to lift the ban faced, Ryder idiot of getting powers from throwing the clan

  • To be honest I find it hard to believe he hacked. I don't think he lies in his post (well, the parts I can understand, because some are hardly understandable). He used to often call me through xfire to kick glitchers / cheaters. He also has 1000+ hours on our KTK server.
    I'd like to see a demo if he does actually hack.

    Other than that, @HOSCAKAL there is no need to insult. And it certainly will never help you or make things better to insult people. If you don't want to be unbanned, insulting is the best way to succeed.
    Also, from what I read on your stats page it isn't even Rhoyder who banned (tempbanned) you.

    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details


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  • I don't think your chances to get unbanned increases by calling Rhoyder an idiot all the time..

    I can't understand what the ban is about so I can't say anything about that, maybe it's a wrong ban, cause that happens but I don't think so since I trust Rhoyder. Anyway, I'm sure that Rhoyder doesn't abuse his powers

    Also you haven't provided all the information needed to get an unban, like your statspage are missing, but since you have problem with language I'll get what I think is your statspage, just confirm it :)

    Not sure if right cause the banner isn't Rhoyder, are you sure that Rhoyder are the one who banned you? 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    The rest of the requirements which are needed to get an unban you have to provide yourself, but if the statspage is correct it's just a tempban.

    Sorry if I spelled some words wrong, writing from my phone..

    Edit; too slow..

  • The Reason for the ban was the following: (even though rockky executed it, I asked him to review this matter after spectating him myself)

    I kind of got suspicious about his knifing behavior. In the Round of the Demo I made he had been King on Uprise and was sitting in the First Floor of the House only accessible through the Window.
    It's needless to mention even there he already started insulting me in an completely ununderstandable way.

    Back to the Main thing.
    He waited for Assassins to climb through the Windows. Suddenly two Assassins spawned next to him, as we all know CoD4 hasn't the best spawning System. The moment he got attacked and moved his cursor over that poor lad the instantly went for that Leap Knife attack.
    At that moment I need to specifically mention it had only been a vague suspicion. I continued to spectate him and asked Rockky to review his Gameplay, as its better to have a second Opinion on those kinds of matters.

    At that time the suspicion got more and more plausible. I can't tell how Rockky saw this, It would be better to let himself share his thoughts about this matter.
    Besides that, I already warned him several times verbally to stop using his Mouse script. I also recorded that one, Its way too fast and way to consistent in frequency to be scrolling or a quick finger.

    Me and Rockky weren't completely sure about the Autoknife, so we decided to, or well he asked me about how to handle that and I said that I think Autoknifing is an unfair advantage and declared it therefore as cheating, that's the final Reason about the Tempban.

    I need to mention some things about Hoscakal regarding himself as a Person.
    He keeps provoking and insulting especially me, I don't know what made him start with that but it's quite annoying. My best guess would be the harsh punishment for not paying heed to the English\German-only rule towards him and his pals whom which he also mentioned in the shoutbox while accusing me of rasicm.
    I apologize If its really true that he doesn't understand a single scrap of English, but making exceptions for certain players results in other people also claiming to be exceptions either because they simply don't want to follow the rule or any invalid other Reasons. That's why I strictly go against Rulebreakers speaking foreign languages in Chat. As a Side note, English isn't my native Language as well. Even though that it's German I decided to rely on my humble English Knowledge so everyone is able understand me.

    Lastly, I don't have a grudge against him as long as he follows the rules. It's just so god damn annoying having to warn the same Person over and over and this having no appearent effect at all. At times even I snap when People just plainly ignore warnings or the !lang command every day and start to chose rasicm as the Reason for that or insulting me.

    That said, I'm writing this on my heating up tablet right now. I can deliver my part of the Demo about today, unless something happens like the heat peaking and making it quite unpleasant to sit at the PC or a Thunderstorm which was supposed to arrive for some time but still didn't happen.

    Grammar or Spelling mistakes are most likely, my tablet sucks :P

  • Turkey unnecessarily because I was ridiculous reasons not to do his job to throw the game.

    The trick is to take the game to make the business say, it is to warn when the spawn.

    He does the most admin tasks.
    it is racist. Sika ignore

    If you show the demo now on I'm cheating child or tom me who called Ryder horse.

    The ban does not want to open the demo, and the authority of those who bought at the Ban clan are discarded

  • My clan FNRP Spanish
    get your server
    Turkish because I played some of my bind servers in Turkish, German, Spanish
    I want you to look at the issues faced when it comes to insulting you ask my game records.

    because in the first game (.) using the noob he and Ryder me, I will be the first people noob admin me constantly saying that they will see when the king insult me.

    I did the 3.5 year old clan admin tasks FFC, which I know better than the people who appointed me is cheating. age 36
    If you look at the links below cheated and insulted, you'll see who I threw curses

    FFC Forum • Başlığı görüntüle - ROTU ve KTK dan ESKİ & YENİ ARGO ve HAKARET ÖRNEKLERİ

    FFC Forum • Başlığı görüntüle - KTK serverindeki KÜFÜR ve HİLE ler

    I explained that now that I have also FNRP 8 months

    FNRP Servers - Index to

    I use the gimmick had also been true of people claiming they faced for so long you think I get how these two clans in the admin task?

    You have authorized these people totally against Turkish people person.
    Turkish citizens do not like because it is the Israeli citizens.

    Prune cause a kind of racism

    now faced racism in the server, genocide, religion, sect do not yasap Ayrmer?

    I know of the ban.
    but blasphemy to the players in this game you give people authority, insulted Ediger, race, religion, taking the game because of ridiculous reasons.

    I am sure that these powers smaller babies.

    I ask you, I was faced not prove cheating, said the powers of the admins getting, I want the clan out. because many people are taking the place of the game sebebsiz

    I have not faced the demo on my tricks If you wish to open my ban as soon as possible, and the powers of the names of the people get.

    How many times have I warned that cheating on a server, I showed.
    While most were playing tricks admin. I until the stimulus

    I do not know a foreign language
    I am writing with translators

    Can you see the recording faced game?
    You'll see who started the first insult.

    I would not insult anyone, no matter what server sebebsiz.
    first he was insulting me. I've insulted me in person so you feel admin.

    play in (.) button you will see from the records that were insulting me faced

    Ryder was also a couple of hours and he still infants, children, I still do the trick, or a game demo that I violated the rules, could not load a proof.

    Do you think that those who have faced arbitrary authority, race, religious discrimination does not show what they do?

    I think you get the clan and the average age of the person authorized should be at least 25.
    Mature people are doing a better job at the beginning because the mind

    No demo or proof ban opening and Ryder and I think I want to take the powers of diyer.

    You know me for a long time faced.
    FFC 3XP I also played well, even when I was always admin.
    He played my friend with me at your server.

    If you look at the records are most Turkish players.
    but from the server abused his powers, such as Turkey Ryder throwing players because many of my friends do not come to the server.

    Israel had made a call to the ship attack, including children s most Turks are killed.
    therefore citizens of Israel from the people you give the authority personally to Turkish ones we sebebsiz, throwing the games without proof

    I am writing again
    I do not know English or another foreign language.
    I am writing with a translator.
    If error
    I wish you faced apology.

  • ryder come install the demo that I am violating the rules or cheating.

    If you do not install if my fault entirely race, said it threw me off my game because I have different religions and Turkey.
    and clans separated from leaving their jurisdiction.

    diyer of you and I'm ready to be in place admin
    I do not cuss players just like you, make sure I take no reason

    still no demo
    unban pls

  • Why do you go for the 'It must be because my religion is different you damn racist!' way?
    Why do you mention Israel, blasphemy, genocide in a unban request ?
    Why arent you a little more patient and actually listen to what Rhoyder has written?
    The behaviour you're showing here is exactly against our rules.
    So even if you werent using any cheats,
    if you're gonna continue like this, you're most likely getting banned again sooner or later.
    And no this is not racism, we simply want a good atmosphere on our servers.

  • Ryder and diyer are doing racism.
    how authority is given to those who are racist.
    I wake up I'm always rules
    translators can translate incorrect
    but it is difficult to find one that matches up to my rules
    Why install a demo that I still use my tricks?
    Why does not show evidence?
    Why still does not turn ban?
    no proof and demonstration is why it still does not wish me an apology?
    Why are people who do not like Turkey are given authority?
    Turkish enemy persons taking no reason why the game?
    Turkey allowed the enemy causing people to take from the game for no reason?
    I and my Turkish friends: hayalet - cpt sahin k - emanet
    and he Turkish friends

    If there is no proof and I want to open demo ban
    without reason, without warning, without demonstration and proof of authority to those who want to be at the game.

    Without evidence is discarded from the game and the demo player.
    3 times prior notice is given.
    It is not fit for alerts kick
    The ban does not fit well with the kicker discarded
    1 year we are playing well 3XP
    I'm doing the 2.prestig.
    I finished 1.prestig
    1. From the end of the admins authority I am doing 2 prestige prestige prestige finish 1

  • Get great people age clan
    minors person does not comply with the rules themselves, using the powers of abuse

    I say again, the horse until the ban is proof that anyone abusing these powers if the demo and proof installation.

    I would ask my ban and opening.
    I want to take the abuse of people who use the powers of punishment.

    I find it useful to say I'm 36 years old again
    I did 3 years FFC master even the admin admin task.

    My admins now FNRP clan.

    1 year old also playing KTK 3XP

    I would have used the trick, I do not follow the rules, how can the admin?

  • toxi pota
    Israeli citizen
    therefore hostile to Turkey
    It allows the players unjust expulsion. or he throws.
    still a demo, you can not show proof
    why is that?
    demos, why not ban the demonstration does not turn?
    I'm not a racist
    Play my clan who are also citizens of all countries FNRP
    but also made 3XP hostility to Turkey

  • Why are people who do not like Turkey are given authority?

    You're completely missing the point here. :huh:
    Also i do not even have words for that sentence.
    Maybe read what you wrote again and realize for yourself how much racism is in there.
    I have the feeling you arent even reading 1 word of what i (and the others) said to you.
    (And i have the feeling you arent even reading the stuff you're writing yourself.)
    Also, do not write the same thing over and over again.

    Ryder and diyer are doing racism.
    how authority is given to those who are racist.

    No you are the one who is doing racism.
    Your attitude on this whole thing is way too extreme.
    You could have just figured it out with the people in a friendly way.
    Yet you chose to insult people, call them racists and state random facts about turkey?
    Looks like you can not handle this game too good.
    Im for no unban regardless if you cheated or not. :)

  • First you read what I wrote from scratch
    I do not know my English or another language, you will understand what I write with a translator.

    It may be wrong turn

    Turkey does not make racism.

    I want to play careful reading records

    primarily of persons who have authority to see that insulted me.

    one insulted me when I give the money.

  • I have no time to answer currently. I'm not on my PC and can't unban you anyway.

    I'll just say one thing for now, I'd unban him if there is no proof he's cheating. About autoknife, I've already seen people complain about this kind of cheat, but in all the years I've played I don't think I've ever seen this, so I've always thought it was just noobs complaining. Anyone has a proof such a cheat exists?

    BUT @HOSCAKAL you would have to comply with all the rules. You're not on your server, and rules are DIFFERENT, whether you like it or not.
    For example, you have to speak ENGLISH or GERMAN, and NOTHING ELSE. If you speak turkish (or french, or spanish, or arabic, or chinese or WHATEVER), you break the rules. And you will be banned again. If you want to speak another language, use Steam, TS3 or any other instant chat software. Or you can use our PM command (.pm <name> <message>).

    The ban is temporary anyway, it's not a permanent ban.


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

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  • faced !!

    What else do I use cheats or those who just idda evidence right now, you install a demo

    I want it from you.

    If there is no proof and demonstration ban it must be opened and should apologize me

    I do not know another language

    I just know Turkish

    I do not speak Turkish or another language in your server.

    You've known me for a long time.
    my mistake, did you see that I use trick?

    Assign people talking to me in the game a complete lie.
    Where demonstration and proof?