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    Hi my name is Stipe and i come from Croatia, im 16 years old i have played lots of games over the years but my favourite ones are call of duty series and battlefield series . first shooting game i have played was call of duty 2 which i still play from time to time but my favourite shooting game is cod 4 which i have been playing for 4.5 years. i started playing on 3xp servers 2.5-3 years ago when my cousin showed me ktk server since then i have been playing it a lot ,with 2 minor brakes and one big that lasted 0.5 years. i have also been playing deathrun half year less than ktk and i think of my self as an very good player on both servers .
    im aplying for trusted player because i want some order in game between players . some of them are insulting and they are puting bad impression on other players about server also i dont like cheaters i think of them as noobs that dont know how to earn skill natural way with practise. im playing ktk at the times but i switch from ktk to dr from while to while.
    i have an xf its: MadDragon(CROPatriot_MAD)
    i have read terms and rules and agree completly to them!
    p.s. i have changed cd key in january so i would have biggers stats due to that .im at the time 18 prestige at ktk and 24 lvl at death run i was 30 but after that update few months ago admins didnt want to restore anybodys lvl back

    thank you for spending your time reading my aplication :thumbsup:

  • To clear things up about some of his Kicks at KTK.

    At KtK when you are the first player (Guard), you can run in the Assasin Spawn and throw a Poison Nade, which kills 1 - 4 people. (only possible for 10 seconds and only in the 1st round)

    Normally you don't have to Kick someone, since it's not in the rules, it isn't really a glitch and you don't an advantage.

    I had a small talk with an Admin (KtK - UFaced) and he said it's no problem and NOT necessary to kick.

  • -1 I have nothing personal against him, but every time I see him play he use "glitch" or arguing with someone!
    Just yesterday I asked him to stop using glitchs in ways very polite... and he responded badly, adding that the glitch is permitted only if you do not go off the map (though I have often seen him glitching and go out of map)
    [In fact, after this event I advised to a trusted player (nYpk) and rightly the trusted player warn him]

    I do not like the way he talks with other players, often responds with an air of arrogance, I do not think it is able to decide to warn/kick or not another player... this is just my opinion!

  • -1

    He's the king of the glitch. Nothing against it, but several times he get warned/kicked for harmful glitching, especially because he went out of the maps.
    But the real reason of my -1 is that he doesn't go out the map only when there are some admins online. Several times, when I joined to KTK and I was the only trusted/admin online, saw him trying to go out or already out of the map.

    Hovewer, good luck.

  • #Rejected.

    Only negative feedback.

    Btw CROPatriot_MAD, be aware that a repetitive bad attitude and violation of the rules can lead to a permanent ban. I invite you to stop breaking the rules, for everyone's good. From now on, any trusted player who see him going out of a map, you're allowed to give him a 1 day ban.

    Please try to participate to a good atmosphere on the server, or you'll end up being banned. Thanks in advance.



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