3xP CoDjumper Mod Update 1.3.0 Released [Menus, and More]

  • Hey,

    I'm happy to announce that today we are releasing an update for our CJ mod. The update will add some new stuff and will improve your speedrun experience


    • Changed arhcitecture so now all speedruns are saved
    • Updated leaderboard to display lowest times and lowest rpgs
    • Added haxfps filter to leaderboard
    • Reduced save/load message length
    • Added stock guns to shop (SMGs, snipers, rifles)
    • Removed Barrett 50 cal. from shop
    • Added defualt weapon to shop
    • Added custom gun "Integer" to shop (scrollable, made by Boat)
    • Added new progression rank 'Wise' (25k+)
    • Added 'Mapper' and 'Editor' ranks
    • Added purchasable 'Flex' and 'King' ranks
    • Worked around asset limit - mp_zone, mp_stalker etc. now work with the mod
    • Added various loadscreens for the vote menu
    • Removed unused assets
    • Tidied menus, changed some text around
    • Removed 'visit 3xP-clan.com' ad
    • Modifed various HUD settings
    • Improved devmap experience (HUD mostly)

    Bug Bounty

    There are a few bugs at the moment which may or may not be fixed in the future.

    If you find any major bugs (i.e. coin/shop/speedrun related) and report them privately you will receive an appropriate reward :-)

    There were plans to add more features and make this update more comprehensive but we decided we would just release it now rather than wait for updates that may never happen.

    Huge thanks to Noob who is responsible for the majority of this update. This would not have happened without him.

    Seeya on the server,