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    I am 23 and from the UK. I have played cod4 from 2012 through 2015, and then from 2018 to present. I'm not an avid gamer outside of cod4, but I have played other games to a lesser extent in the past, such as TF2/CS for surfing and a variety of FPS and MMOs. Otherwise, the time dedicated to my hobbies is usually spent on a programming project or playing piano.

    My continued interest in cod4 is driven by the development and improvement of a private software tool to assist with, automate, and optimise, various aspects of CJ gameplay. An early version of this tool, focused on elevators, was made public around 2014 -- for which you may recognize me under the name batman. I tend to avoid using this name due to negative attention generated by that early version when I am recognized at public servers (i.e. people begging for an updated version). I won't go into the details of its workings, but since then it has been expanded to various aspects of CJ including strafing, strafe switching, FPS switching, etc.

    Though this project is a personal hobby, the current version of the software has proven useful to the CJ community in the following ways:

    • Discovery and elucidation of the use case for 200 fps.
    • Exploring the boundaries of possibility within CJ (testing possibility of bounces, technique of bounces, finding new bounces and cuts).
    • Entertainment. I frequently have multiple people spectating me when playing CJ because it is interesting and fun to watch. There have been a few videos produced featuring gameplay, too.

    Application Reasoning

    I want to become a trusted player specifically for the ability to move around maps easily when playing on the 3xP CJ server. I am assuming that this ability is granted to trusted members, and if not, I would like to apply specifically for that ability.

    My software excels at certain types of bounces, meaning that:

    • When showcasing for spectators, or demonstrating a bounce, I frequently need to be moved around by a 3xP member. While members seem happy to do this, it would be much simpler for me to be able to move myself and there is not always a member connected.
    • At a personal level, I can be stuck at a bounce with an odd technique, which is not useful for me in development terms and blocks my access to better bounces which are further along the way.

    So, the ability to teleport and/or UFO around the map would help me to better show bounces to others (either because they are stuck, or for entertainment purposes) and to move past problematic bounces which are a waste of my time.


    The existence of my software is understandably controversial, and since that affects my application, I will briefly describe my perspective.

    Generally, people don't like cheaters, and some consider what I am doing to be cheating. However, CJ gameplay entirely individual -- since there is no competition, there is no practical way to gain an advantage over another player, nor to detract from another player's experience through the use of my software. I have received negative comments of this sort, but generally my presence is well received in the 3xP CJ server, including amongst 3xP members.

    As well, there is an understandable fear that this software will become public. I have no intention of sharing it with anyone, nor helping anyone to develop a similar tool. Since the old version (limited to elevators) in 2014, only one limited aspect of the tool has been shared privately with a few select individuals in 2018 (to do with FPS). No further updates or sharing will happen, either publicly or privately.

    Additional Information

    I can be contacted best through discord, or a PM/reply on this forum, for which I have enabled email notifications.

    My 3xP CJ stats page.

    I have read and agree with the following threads, with the obvious exception to rule #1 in the specific case of my CJ software.

  • Hi,

    I don't know you all that well, however, I thought I would comment anyway seeing as you're applying for "Trusted" solely because you want to move around maps. Not mentioning names, but here's what Funk had to say on a previous app.

    A trusted member is someone who we can trust, it's not just about having the TP ability and being good at CJ. It's a trusted member's job to keep the server clean from undesirable people.

    Personally (if I have say in this) it would be a no. I wouldn't want somebody who cheats/scripts to be a Trusted user, nor a member of the 3xP' CJ Team... and the fact you only applied for trusted to more so benefit yourself, is self explanatory why I'm against that.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks for your reply.

    That makes sense, but I'm not interested in joining the 3xP CJ team, nor in any of the responsibility of moderating the server. I'd specifically like to be able to move around easier, which does not necessitate any moderation permissions, so I would like to request that my application be considered in that context (though I can appreciate that your personal answer would likely still be no).

    At this point, around half of my time on the CJ server is spent showing jumps to others, so I think this would be beneficial not only to me but to the spectators and to the 3xP members who spend time moving me around.

  • Hey, thanks for the app and background information.

    Jayme's post explains our viewpoint quite well, so in that regard it's a no, sorry.

    However we have decided to enable !t <name> (teleport to save) and !tl <name> (teleport to location) for all players, at least for a trial period.


    * edit: UFO will remain member-only

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