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  • Hello there 3xP' team,

    I am known as Joker, I am 22 years old from the UK (Scotland.. FREEDOM) I have been Cod Jumping since 2008 I Started on the 360 and recently moved to the PC master race!

    Some of you know me, some of you don't but I have been a fan of 3xP for many years now since my days playing cod jumper on the xbox 360 (Gross, I know *sigh*) However I was among the best players back then and was even teamed up with a current member (3xP' Toxic) and we dominated the xbox scene for a long time (And occasionally I still play, ya know.. to Flex) I have known toxic for a really long time as a side note (and can still strafe better than him on console ;) )

    I've been playing games since I was a kid back in the N64/ps1 days and still play all kinds of games to this day, cod 4 being the most played game I have ever invested time in, I have been modding for many years too starting with Cod waw and moving back to cod 4 and have modded on many games since and have made a good few mods for the 360 version of cod4 (Promod etc)

    I also make other things (not in gsc) such as apps (For android) and mods for many other games, Recently I made a cod jumper mod for Modern Warfare 2 on the xbox 360 etc. I know many languages and am always learning new ones (C/C++/ObjC/Java etc)

    I have had places of power in many aspects of life online and in real life and am able to handle it, I think I should be a Trusted player due to the fact I am always helping players to the best of my ability

    I can be contacted many ways, Discord/On here etc

    Here are my Statistics: (please read the reasons for ban/kicking...)

    I have read and agree with the rules/threads


    - Joker

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  • I was 22 when I made this im 23 now lmao! and Arkani I have only done int routes (basically them all) as well as some hard bounces that I have asked a member to try etc, so I dont know really, which ever you think is the hardest int I have probably done it

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