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    Waddup 3xP!
    Toxic here, most people know me by sBxToXiCzZ or cunt or shitkid or something along those lines, ill answer to anything tbh.
    Birthdate 30/06/1996
    Hardest map i have currently finished is mp_chance (Hard), but i am close to finishing mp_Galaxy hard too.
    gap record i honestly have no idea
    i only speak english

    Why do i want to join the 3xP' Codjumper team?...
    Because its lit AF.
    Nah in all seriousness, as many people will know i was a big name in the console CJ scene for a long time (9 years! :O) so i am no stranger to good old COD4 and CJ. I love CJ and coming over to PC has sparked that love i had all those years ago as a little kid coming home from school to play cj all night! many of you will know i have had a very fast progression so far, being on pc only around 12 weeks. so CJ is a big think to me to be honest, i love it regardless of people's claims that is dead, stfu and gtfo with that shit! I also get along with every member i have met and you're all a cool bunch :D (Except luzzi, hes an ass) I love you luz.
    I am also very active on the server playing almost every evening and i am always willing to help players to progress where i can help.
    How can i benefit 3xP you ask? Well i am just funny af ofc (imma be declined just for being a twat i swear), but in all seriousness, i am getting into mapping when radiant want to stop bein a dick so you will have an extra mapper, i am also able to edit (Nothing major only basic but i like to learn!) and i would also love to help with vids anywhere i can.


    my intoduction.
    My real name is Martin, i am 21 years old as many people know i have 2 kids and am in education so am a bust man. but i will not let that keep me from gamin! i love gaming been playing call of duty since i first got on a games console, but i enjoy alot of FPS RPG games too like fallout for example, i also love PUBG at times. i have not been in other clans. new to pc aha

    I agree to follow da ruels!!!

    In absolute seriousness now though, I would love to be a part of the 3xP team, its been such a long time since i have been in a CJ community with decent active awesome people, as console died off along time ago. i get along wil all you guys and always have a good laugh, and you've all helped me loads too! i would love the opportunity to join the team as CJ is a massive part of my gaming time and its great fun. i may not be as good as most members but, hey 12 weeks on pc and already killing some hard routes :D

    love yas all,
    Toxic out

  • I can personally vouch for the completion of mp_chance as we did the run together and parts of galaxy. He his quickly becoming a natural on PC which is no surprise with his prior CJ knowledge from console. Cool Guy and Good Helper! +2

    P.S. Boatcurve Bitch..... Put ya Floaties on XD

  • First off you're a bitch

    Very nice guy, always helping people whenever he can which is not often cause he's shit but it's the gesture that counts.
    I think he would fit nicely in the team, also this guy has made mad progress.
    Big ol' +1

  • Thanks for all the nice comments, Ark, Boat and luzzi and obvs HawK <3 <3

    And a update to my app cause I was bored I tried some gaps for like 15 mins, I got 317 no rpg and 371 with RPG after my quick attempts

    I'll be back on the server from the 9th when my internet gets installed! But I'm still playing offline !

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