Trusted Player Application-Asimakis

  • Hello everyone ^^

    I have been thinking for quite a while if i should apply for trusted,so i finally decided to do it.:)
    I'm correctly 13 years old (turning 14 at 22 of December :D) and i live in Greece in a little town called Kalamata.The langueges that i can speak are English,Greek,Latvian and a little bit of German (not a lot but i can understand some things ^^).My real name is George and my In-Game name is Asimakis but you can call me Asi as most people do.And my hobbies are Video games and Athletics.

    About gaming history well my first ever game that i played was either Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon on the Pc when i was 5 years old.Then 3 years later i got a Nintendo and a PSP, on the Nintendo i had Super Mario and on PSP i got CoD 3 if im not wrong.Well after a year my father downloaded me CoD4 f ,i liked CoD4 so much that i had finished the campaing at all difficulties, but i wanted more so i started playing Multiplayer at first i liked playing tdm,ffa etc but then i got bored beacuse it was the same thing all the time so went and turned on the mods.At this time i didnt really knew what was a mod.As i was scrolling down to find a server i saw the 3xP deathrun server and i kinda knew what it was because i used to watch Minecraft Deathrun videos so i tryed it and i loved it.At first i was a noob but as the time pasted i became better.I liked the Dr server not only beacuse i liked running and jumping but also because the people where very nice and i made lots of friends.Unfortunately the server its kinda dead now but i hope it gets full again one day ^^.Then i tryed Cj and yee i wasnt very good at it and still dont xD.Im more of a Dr guy :P.

    Why do i want to be trusted,well i want to be part of this big and friendly community.I want to help as many people as i can and because now most of the people are playing Cj and there arent many people watching the dr server now i can help the people there if they have any problem. Well there might not be many players on the dr server so thats why there arent many members and trusted players, but there have been times where theres flamers/cheaters on the server and i just cant do nothing.And i really dont like when people flame ^^.

    My stats:3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Thank you for reading my application ^^

    Note:I Read and Agreed with the rules

  • Wow, to be honest I'm really surprised with your age. Your behaviour in-game doesn't reflect it (in positive meaning of course). What I want to say is that you're just pretty mature for your age.

    Adding to this activity in-game and on forums, good app, playing for a long time on 3xP servers and kindly behaviour I would give you a +1. I just hope you know how to, quoting, "handle some power" ;)

  • Hey Asimakis,

    Sorry about the wait.
    TBH since I saw you were playing only on CJ and DR, I thought Viruz or Expert would take care of this app, and that's why I didn't answer ^^

    But since clearly, neither of them is going to answer here, I'll do it :D

    Since you only got positive feedback, I decided to accept you as a Trusted player :)

    Check your PMs soon.

    Welcome to the group and enjoy your stay ;)

    Note: Since I accept people only based on their app and feedback, because I can't check myself their behavior in-game, I count on other trusted players and members to inform me (or any other admin) if anything is going wrong with any newly accepted trusted player.
    This isn't directed at you Asimakis don't worry, it's more of a global reminder :)


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

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