DEMOCALL For FrisbeeSky's First Codjumping Montage

  • Hello!

    FrisbeeSky here,

    As this video shows I am calling YOU for demos for my first codjumping montage.
    Like the video says you can send your demos to me via Steam which you can do by searching for:


    Or just click this link to my Steamprofile:

    I also have a strawpoll where I got some (new) ideas which I might include into the montage.
    In this strawpoll you can vote whether you like to see some of those or not.
    Once there have been a decent amount of votes I’m going to look whether there are some ideas which got totally disliked, if that’s the case I’m not going to include those, but if that is not the case I am going to do my best including those.
    I am going to make a second strawpoll if more ideas will come up in the future.
    Here is a better description of what I mean per idea:

    Link to the strawpoll: Straw Poll

    - Fps-display
    Shows the fps getting used like you see in a walkthrough.

    - Fov 80, fovscale 1 or Fov 80, fovscale 1.125
    Speaks for itself.

    - ‘Way of the map’-display
    Sometimes it’s hard to notice in which way or part of the map a jump gets performed, given the information of where it gets performed might help.

    - Extraordinary 30 seconds - 2 minutes speedruns/free parkour.
    You can compare this as a highlight in a speedrun where someone doesn’t fail for a few jumps which are normally quite hard.
    It’s going to be requiert that the performance is going to be very skillfull and/or interesting to watch.
    This gives freerun rooms in maps more attention too which normally doesn’t really happen in montages.

    - Trainjumping
    To the point: doing a jump which is interesting to watch when multiple people do it at the same time.
    This requires a team of very skilled people since the odds of the people of the train getting the jump will decrease as many times as the amount of people who make up the train.
    (if 6 people make up the train then the odds of the jump getting performed is 6 times less.)
    If this gets through the votes I am going to organise a trainjump-event.
    What this all means is something I will explain in a different topic.

    Spreadsheet of All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps
    I also made a new spreadsheet where I listed all the montagejumps of the montages which are listed at the top of the spreadsheet. (1450± jumps already!)
    The reason why I made this is, is just so you can look up whether a specific montagejump you found is new or already old.
    But only be 100% sure if the list says ‘Up To Date’!
    At this moment there are still some montages missing and that’s the reason why it says ‘Not Up To Date’ all the way in the top left corner.
    I will make a separate topic about this spreadsheet where I give more detailed information about the usage of this spreadsheet plus some more stuff.

    Link to the spreadsheet:
    All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps - Google Sheets

    Before you send a demo for the montage I would like to get a predemo first.
    It’s recommended to send one but not required to participate to the montage!
    This predemo is a demo where you describe what you want to record and preferably also shows the mod you use and also whether that is going to give any issues.
    This is needed so I can tell whether somebody else has come up with that idea or not and in some rare cases whether the jump is good enough for the montage.

    The Mod I referred to in the video which prevents demolaggs (only if you use it in devmap though!): - msjumpmod.rar

    100% trust
    Whatever you tell me in Steam and whatever predemos you send me, I will automatically keep it secret unless YOU tell me otherwise.
    This is said in the video, it’s written in the description of the video, it’s written in this topic; you got that guaranteed.

    Do you have any questions?! Ask them in this topic or in the commentssection of the democall video.


  • Great job on the vid mate, cant wait for the montage :P

  • I like the effort. A few things:

    (if 6 people make up the train then the odds of the jump getting performed is 6 times less.)

    Although thats not the topic here, this is not how probability calculation works. ;)

    It’s going to be requiert that the performance is going to be very skillfull and/or interesting to watch.

    "The performance needs to be skillful or interesting to watch."

    Link to the spreadsheet:
    All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps - Google Sheets

    This is unreal. How much time did it take you?

  • Logical 'or' includes the possibility of both expressions being true.
    What you're talking about is exclusive or.
    And i didnt really aim at the 'or' or at the 'and' but the grammar,
    which seems really wrong. But it doesnt matter really. :)

  • stop being mad because deleted User flamed u..

  • Hello,

    Here I have an update.
    Next week I gonna go on holidays which means that I will be brb.
    I'll be back on the 17th of July.
    To give a clear picture on how things are going for the montage, here I have clarified the 'phases' of the progress:

    1. Collecting demos
    2. Preparationedits such as making the intro, cinematics, effects, etc. (things which don't require jumpperformances.)
    3. Completing the 'All MontageJumps Spreadsheet' (By using this spreadsheet the montage will contain 98-100% new jumps only)
    4. Deadline of collecting demos (currently unknown*)
    5. Selecting the demos. (participants will get informed which of their demos will get into the montage via a private message)
    6. Recording the demos.
    7. Editing the things in phase 1 and 2 into one video (editing the basic things such as transitions, some color correction etc.)
    8. Uploading the video and enjoy popcorn.

    At this moment we're still in phase 1, when I come back I will completely start to focus on phase 2 and 3 and
    *when I've made a good start with that I will be able to tell the deadline more precisely.
    As I am writing this now I roughly estimate the deadline to be in mid-August, but again; could be earlier or later.
    The reason I haven't started earlier with the other phases is because I had to finish school and I didn't want to rush
    the montage to have it finished before I would go on holidays, neither did I want to have a 1 week break while working on it.

    So to get to the point there is still some time left to send in demos.
    If you have trouble with motivation to tryhard the jumps you want perform I would suggest to just plan a period of time (half or a whole hour f.e.) to just go for it.
    It probably isn't the best suggestion but for every good montagejump you gotta offer some time. (and oh yeah.. take breaks when you lost focus after f.e. every 10 minutes or so ;P)
    Watching a montage or 2 could be motivating too. :P

    Anyway, if you have any other questions you can ask them here in this topic or via steam before I gonna go on holidays, which is until July the 9th far in the after noon.


  • I feel like there is a mistaken assumation going around about the deadline for sending in demos. So to let me clear that up:

    As long you don't see any deadline for sending in demos for the montage here in this topic, you can be assure that you have plenty of time left to send in demos because I will announce the deadline far before the date.

    This indeed means that the progress for the montage is going very slow, but that's because of qualitypreparation reasons regarding the actual content and edit.

    To still give you an idea of when the montage will be released: I promise that it will be released this year.
    A more accurate date will follow. (also within this year ;P)

  • Hello,

    Finally I figured out the deadline!
    First a few things:
    1. You can send me a message before the deadline suggesting a montagejump which you will attempt for the montage.
    The point of that is if you don't manage to perform the jump before the deadline we could talk about giving you some more time.
    2. I could also message you asking to perform some jumps.
    This mainly regards the people who has only sent 1 or 2 worthful enough demos.

    Edit: The deadline for sending in demos is October the 25th.

    After that I will personally contact everyone telling which of their demos made it through and which not.
    I would also like to fix the misconception that I have plenty of demo already:
    yes, I have quite a lot of demos, but no, I don't have enough demos which will make it through the selection, at least in my opinion.

    Good luck sending the last demos.


  • Project permanently cancelled.

    Reasons are in this topic:
    ‘I quit Codjump’ – FrisbeeSky