Funk Attack's CJ-Team Application

  • Hey everyone!

    In-game name: Funk Attack (will probably change it to just Funk if I get accepted)
    Birthdate: 04.09.1997 (18yo)
    Country: Finland (currently living in Finland)
    Language: Finnish, English and a piss poor amount of Swedish.

    Hardest map: mp_evacuate_v2 (just barely) This was the hardest map I've done according to the list.
    Gap records: With RPG: 365-370 Without RPG: 305-310
    Test record: 1min 53sec - Screenshot: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    My stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    About me: As I already told in my Trusted App my name is Joel and I'm 18 years old. I play games quite a lot especially CoD4 and I've been getting into GMod Bhop as well. I'm also a big fan of RPGs such as Fallout. For sports I exercise a decent amount and during winters I like to go skiing.

    Me as a player: Most of the time I'm a very serious player and I have massive respect for those who are better than me. Even though I'm not the greatest CJ-player of all time I consider myself better than average. I rarely rage, but if I do, it's because there is a reason for it. Also in person I'm a bit shy so I get easily nervous and this shows in my gaming performance. I tend to do my best when no-ones watching :( . In short: speccurse is real for me!

    About my CJ past: I first got into CoD4 in 2008 right after it came out. I played on PS3 and I was pretty bad at the game. I quickly learned through YouTube-videos that there are many cheap spots within the multiplayer maps and took advantage of them. I know I was an asshole :D . Later this evolved into me and a couple of my friends trying glitch out of maps in private match. Then after about a year MW2 came out and I pretty much stopped playing CoD4 altogether. Fast forward a few years to 2012 when I bought my first PC. I then picked up CoD4 and began to play it again. Started on Deathrun and Zombies but then proceeded to play CJ. I sucked a donkey cock for the first few months trying to complete maps without any binds ?( . Even though I was bad, many friendly people on the server helped me and watching some CJ-montages kept me motivated to get better so I did. Then about 2 years ago I stumbled across the 3xP' CJ server and pretty much stayed there.

    Past clans: I have never actually been in a real clan so to speak. Of course as many others I had a small wannabe faze clan when I was playing on PS3, but to be involved with a community this large is a completely new experience for me.

    Why I want to join: CoD4 is slowly dying and I'd like to enjoy while it's still a thing and I think the best way to do that is to be more involved with the community. I recently have made a lot of new friends on the server so I kinda felt I should finally apply. Also, I'm usually helping other players to get better so the CJ-team benefits (mainly tp & ufo scripts) would be great things to have in that regard.

    Best way to talk to me is through Steam:

    Agreement: I have read the rules and agree on them fully!

    Thank you for reading!

    - Funk Attack