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    I would like to ask, why mwahh is unbanned? He's still cheating on 3xP' Nuketown server. I've seen that he was banned by deleted User in past for WH (perm ban), but he's able to join 3xP' Nuketown server, so looks like someone did unban him.

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    GUID: 66f90662

    I'm 100% sure he's cheating. No doubt about that. Already busted him over 10 times on 3xP' Nuketown server, but I wasn't Trusted Player for some time in the past, so I couldn't do anything.

    Admins, reply here, please.
    @mirko911 @Viruz @UFaced

    mwahh, please don't post your golden thoughts about the fact you can stream, because we all know that's not a proof. Your aim is too good (noscopes mostly). We all know that you can have cheats without WH and even if you stream this live or record video with your monitor and hands visible that's actually would proof nothing in that case.

    This thread isn't made to start flame war, it's made to clear out situation for my question: why is this guy unbanned?

  • played with him for some time and I agree he's got some insane shots but idk , I haven't had enough opportunities to bust him but I'll keep an eye open.
    but yeah
    Times go by and you're still cheating.. , most epic ban reason though :D
    obvious ban history and cheating history so I wouldn't be surprised

  • oh so stream wouldn't be enough? i do see your point in that. aimassist wouldn't really show up on screen. so, i'm going to try to make a detailed post about it. whilst alot of things will look like excuses to my ingame actions, the main point of it is to bring awareness about the fact that i do know what i did and that i do know why you think like you do.

    just to be an gentleman, i'm going to link the thread where i got my recent unban. here you go. ban. i'd appriciate a unban as i'm actually not hacking. (nuketown) .

    so, to start it off i'm just going to share a magical secret a friend of mine, mack, taught me. instead of trying to unscope once or twice, do it all the time. it will hit at one point. of course, a unscope is completely random since bulletspread is a thing. and we all know about distance and hit possibilities, but there's also another trick. strafe and stop. that's literally it. strafe and stop, and you'll gain accuracy. it's fairly simple to be honest. this guy explains it really well. ( Idiot's Guide to Accurate No-Scoping! (LEARN NOW!) (CoD4/5) - YouTube )
    now of course these are not a 100% accurate either, and hitting unscope which seems impossible to hit comes down to luck. really, you don't even need to line up so your target is in the middle of the crosshair. it's just luck.
    so why do i hit unscopes? because 75% of all the shots i do are unscopes. the more you try the bigger chance of hitting, right?

    what i find funny though, is that when you were speccing me, and supposedly banned me, i weren't hitting anything. it was like you did it out of pure hatred of my existance. now this is an excuse. i didn't hit alot of unscopes. however, quite a few of the ones i did hit were either through some wall or right when someone showed up from a corner. sound? yeah even though i play pretty low music in the background, i can still hear people. now during tdm it's hard to hear footsteps, but that's when the radar comes in, as well as the gunshots positions. i'm currently using a 7.1 surround headset. from my experience so far, i do have it easier to hear if the enemy is behind me or if he's to the right behind me. when i don't really listen, i shoot at what i see move. hence why i'm doing better when i'm against the team with black and red suits. they're easier to spot, and therefore easier to react to. it is all an excuse though. again, it's just to prove that i'm aware of why you think like you do.

    and you know, a while back we used to play alot. i really got the impression that we were just fine with eachother. we both were aware about eachothers experience level and we both had fun during the time we played. i went by the name trudye and emo<3 back then. might ring a bell, might not. just getting it out there.

    anyhow, if i now were cheating, wouldn't that have been a bust at some point during streams? like, there has to be some shot which goes flying away in some weird direction i weren't even close to aiming at. of course i could have been an amazing ninja and hid it during the entire streams, really well. but then comes this part. i'm an admin on the ic3 servers. i've been since a few months back, and people know i don't hack. now, my job as a server admin is to take care of the servers and make it a fair and stable game for everyone. so, why would i play legit and try my best to keep our ic3 servers as clean and fair as possible, and then get on other servers to do the precise opposite of what i worked for? it makes no sense. the only answer here is what you decide yourself. would i spend time on cleaning servers up and then going into others to ruin it, or would i not? my answer is obviously no. no i wouldn't do that. but i'm just me, and internet is known for it's trust issues.

    so, back to the streaming thing. i actually did start my stream when you said you'd post this. if it's to any convince at all, here's the link. Twitch

    now if you look into other highlights on my twitch channel, you'll most likely find quite a few where even i name them things such as roccat and sry for hacks and whatnot. that's not because i literally cheat, obviously. it's basically memes.

    so here's a gif of a video i made a few days ago.

    how would that shot hit? well first of all it was lucky af. secondly, it was about five ele's into the game. that's an random pub 1v1 where i trolled in ele's, and hit that randomly. you see, luck is random. sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't.
    now here's the second part of the video. if i was using aimassit or something alike, the shot would surely have hit, right?

    it missed. why? unlucky.
    my point is, the more you try, the bigger procentage of a chance you'll have in actually hitting it. it might still not hit at all, or it might hit everytime. it's random.

    so, after writing this, i hope you do see how serious i take the subject, and how much i really would like the game to be fair for everyone.


  • I will be honest: I didn't read this post.

    I saw what I saw.. Today and also in past. Some of you may know that I have multiple CoD4 CD Keys, but I'm as Trusted Player only on one of them (my main Key). So, you don't actually know when I'm on 3xP' servers and with what name. I've seen you a lot of times and I can say, I busted you more than 10 times already. You were cheating 1 year ago, you're cheating now and I think you will be cheating in the future.

    That's all from me, I'm out of this as long as Admins will (or won't) post here their answer.

  • right, i don't care what name you go by. my style of playing pub have been and will always remain stupid - jumping around like a moron and shooting everywhere. no matter what direction you see me from, i'll always be jumping around like an idiot. heck, i did the same when lonely got on. oh, someone with an 3xp tag. should i change my style just because someone got on? why would i? exactly, i wouldn't. there's no reason to play if you're not having fun, right?

    so, since you took this the childish way out and just didn't co-operate, it is best to leave it in the hands of the admins, who might just be a bit more mature and try to find a solution to your problem, as you stated.

  • Some words from my side.
    To proceed from the statement that stream with handshow isnt proof,
    i can understand why you 'could' say that.
    Unfortunately that implies that you can't proof yourself legit in a fast way as well.
    I am very well aware that people accused me of cheating likewise.
    As a consequence of this logic I can only give my word that I didn't,
    in hindsight to mwahh's statement that the Internet is known for trust issues.

    So my question to you myst is following:
    From your view point, how can a so called cheater proof his innocence? :)

  • Yo wattup bitches, I know I'm not really involved in this all, but what I do know are cheats hacks and so on.

    I'm sure as hell he doesn't cheat, because first of all he would use silent aim mostly cuz if you no scope aimbot doesn't help that much imo. If he would silent aim he would hit almost every no scope there is so he doesn't, I think that's clear.

    Wh well I think we already agree that he didn't use that. Also most hackers just hack for "fun" if they are banned they switch key/guID/server they don't care. Why would a hacker do so much trouble to prove he don't hack on a nuketown server where there are hundreds of them. He is legit and pro so get on his level or leave but pleas stop being so childish and unreasonable.

    Last thing myst if you open a thread and someone is so nice to take the time and effort to explain you what is happening and you say: I didn't read all. Well then youre rude and don't got all the information we have, so I think it says enough that myst isn't really a mature reliable person cuz he just want a ban and isn't satisfyt with anything else. Mwahh = pro
    illuminate confirmed ∆

  • So my question to you myst is following:
    From your view point, how can a so called cheater proof his innocence? :)

    mwahh said he can stream. Since we all know there are a lot of tricks you can do on your screen, it's not a proof.

    I will believe that's he's not cheater if he will show me gameplay recorded with camera (anything basically, we're living in 2015, smartphones have good cameras also) in following queue:
    1. Press 'CTRL+SHIFT+ESC' and go to process.
    2. Show full list of working things.
    3. Launch CoD4, go on Nuketown and show your skills. After some good gameplay (doesn't really matter if it's 20 seconds long or 10 minutes long), minimize (don't close) CoD4 and and do again step 1. and 2.

    *Would be nice if @gameplay time screen and keyboard would be visible at the same time.

    I seriously don't see the point of buying expensive cheats for a death game, that are really hidden (yes, there are cheats like that, but it's 2015.. guys in 2011/2012 have been using it on lans, we're talking about pub, so c'mon). So if I'm right and he's cheater, he should use something free or cheap. As long as I won't see any proof like that he's cheater for me.

    If he would silent aim he would hit almost every no scope there is so he doesn't, I think that's clear.

    I will just ask you.. Have you ever been using silent aim? Looks like nope. Silent aim is made to NOT hit around 30-35% of shots, because it would be to obvious. It's made to use with brain and toggle it only in situations you really need it. This is why Roccat Silent Aim was nearly undetected for some short time on small. Even if you turn off WH in this particular Silent Aim, the aim thing is still working (even if you close CoD4). It works as process in the background. This is how some guys get some really nice frags back in the days on CoD4 Lans and guys like you were getting wet in their pants, because "holey shit, he got sick 3 or 4 men with scope, and this skill, jizz". ;)

    Last thing myst if you open a thread and someone is so nice to take the time and effort to explain you what is happening and you say: I didn't read all. Well then youre rude and don't got all the information we have, so I think it says enough that myst isn't really a mature reliable person cuz he just want a ban and isn't satisfyt with anything else. Mwahh = pro

    I don't really care how will you judge me. I have long experience in this game. I was in contact for longer time with one good Lan player, I was in contact with some big YouTube stars (from CoD4 scene @2011-2013) and I also busted one of this guys and I had demos of one of CoD4 Promod Legends. Trust me or not, by the time I can tell you who is cheating and who's not.

  • calling him childish does not help :P
    I think an admin should review this
    Silent-aims don't hit every shot , they're meant to be SILENT , not fucking scream HEY I'M CHEATING
    I agree with the keyboard and gameplay thing , that would be proper evidence aswell as Process list before - after game

  • Yes ive used silent aim, (yy noob i know) and you hit shots that he missed. There isnt any legit proof to ban him otherwise he wouldve been banned. Imo he shouldn't have to do all this shit because you don't believe him. You're not always right and if you had red the whole comment from him you'd understand so l2p and stop this plox

  • calling him childish does not help :P

    It doesn't really bother me.

    I think an admin should review this


    Yes ive used silent aim, (yy noob i know) and you hit shots that he missed.

    Are you seriously gonna teach me how Silent Aim works?

    You're not always right and if you had red the whole comment from him you'd understand so l2p and stop this plox

    I agree, I'm not always right. I'm also only human, maybe that's why. L2p? Hmm.. I'm not pro, but I don't really think it's necessary for me to learn CoD4.

    _ _ _ _ _

    @Viruz @UFaced @mirko911

  • We cant force people to record process list and a gameplay with a camera as well.
    At the moment its word against word, which is quite the difficult situation.
    Try to capture your keyboard your mouse and the screen yourself, you need a tripod.
    Otherwise you have really bad angles and cant see anything.
    So its not simply done in some minutes.

    My opinion is following:

    Mwahh plays weird and thats the reason i banned him the first time too,
    and its possible that he cheats after all and is fooling everyone of us.
    In CSGO for example its way easier, if you get VAC'ed one can say
    a person cheated with atleast 99% certainty.
    BUT its also possible that he doesnt cheat, because theres no evidence.

    In doubt for the accused.

  • If you already busted him 10 times there is proof and he will be Banned, but i think that if you keep in minder he is a hacker every lucky shot he hit looks like a hack.

    Word against word is BS imo he isnt a hacker till its proved. i wont spend anymore time on this, the admins will decide and I'm sure it will all work out.

  • @deleted User

    It was just idea to be 99.99% he's cheater or clear. Just saying.

    If CoD4 would be protected by VAC, then 95% of current Promod players would get banned because of moded .exe file (con_maxfps). :D


    It's public server, do you think I'm recording demos on it or what? :D:D:D I can start doing it, but I don't see any point of it. And I'm still waiting to see you on Nuketown server.

  • i'm unable to record from angles where i can show the screen and keyboard at the same time. i can't strap it to my chest, nor can i place it on my head. that's what gopro's are for, and i don't have one of those. i'll record the screen, place the phone behind my keyboard to capture my screen.
    will edit this post when it's uploaded.

  • then there's nothing to do. if you're going to be a ten year old child about it, then heck, maybe you should try to experience life more and start understanding what the common way of act today's society lives up to. the video is being uploaded.
    so let me just ask you, if i record all of my current processes in task manager, start cod4 and play the game, then record it again, how am i able to hide the hack? oh, is it a bluetooth mp3 device with hacks on it which goes to my game? yeah, that must be it.

    oh well, i think we've seen who you really are. you know.. you make a problem for yourself, and where i explain the reason to the problem and possible solution to the problem, you simply refuse to read about it. and when i've given you pretty much all proof there is to ever give from my situation, you just won't accept it.

    and about recording demo's on pub, which you mentioned earlier. recording cheaters on pub within a demo is the best way possible to report someone. there's ingame commands in /devmap and in demo's where you can hide walls, see where enemies are on the compass 24/7, etc. it's the ultimate version of busting someone. if you don't do that and simply just leave it to be, then come crying to admins about the person without any proof whatsoever except your own words, then you really need to start thinking about what you're doing. really.

    video is still being uploaded.

    edit: and oh, what the actual fuck would seeing my hands on my keyboard prove? yeah i'm pressing those five buttons alot.. oh i think it's w.. a.. s.. d.. and probably spacebar. and oh, that number 2 button for switching weapons. and look, he's moving his hand, i can calculate how accurate a shot is by looking at his mouse.

  • and oh, that number 2 button for switching weapons.

    Why not 1? Because it will turn on or off WH in your Roccat? Dat selfbust tho. :thumbsup:

    Now, let's be real. I'm not that noob @IT as you think. It takes around less than a minute to program any key you want to launch any thing you want in the background. ;)