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    @IHDI : Hey mate, it's been a long time :D
    Yeah, I'm aware of that, I just want to exchange a few words with him haha

    @Drizz : really? great, i'll add you in a while, I'll PM you the details after I install Steam again hahaha
    Tell him I'm trying to contact him the next time you hear from him :thumbsup:

    Hey guys, first of all, I'd like to say hi to everyone since it's been a while since I've last done this.

    For the newer members and players, I'm an old Trusted Player from the DeathRun era of 3xP'.
    It's been a nice time and place to be but it's over and has been dead for a few years now.

    The thing with the DeathRun server is, and the rest of the servers the clan has and maintains, I've met a lot of amazing people and I can't even name all of them. Many of them stick out in their own way but the person that I'm really on about is myst. I'm sure every OG Clan-member or player knows who he is.

    Him and I were really close back then, he even used my demos for the Movie-Making Team:

    But unfortunately, myst and I lost contact when xfire died and when he decided to leave for good. I'd love to get in contact with him if it's possible in any way, so fire your shots.

    Once again, glad to be back, the installation of CoD4 is kinda bugging me right now but it'll be fixed soon. See you online :D

    calling him childish does not help :P
    I think an admin should review this
    Silent-aims don't hit every shot , they're meant to be SILENT , not fucking scream HEY I'M CHEATING
    I agree with the keyboard and gameplay thing , that would be proper evidence aswell as Process list before - after game

    played with him for some time and I agree he's got some insane shots but idk , I haven't had enough opportunities to bust him but I'll keep an eye open.
    but yeah
    Times go by and you're still cheating.. , most epic ban reason though :D
    obvious ban history and cheating history so I wouldn't be surprised

    Hey , I've had an idea recently and it's basically what you read in the title : I need suggestions for the server aswell as people that'd help me.

    The server would be under 3xP' 's name , still unsure what to put in it. I've had experience with MC Servers before and I'd like to have people that know how the system works,aswell.

    In replies to this thread , please point out what you'd like to see on the server, what plug-ins, stuff like that and also include if you'd like to participate in the project in some way and name your MC experiences so I can get people to help with it.

    That's all for now, not a lot but it's just an idea and a concept that needs a lot of work and time put into. Thanks :love:

    Edit : include if it should be a White-Listed server or an All-Open server :)

    rockky is a great guy and everyone trusts him , that's why he's a trusted player and you're not.
    The butthurt you feel since you got rejected is now reflecting on in-game behaviour and it has to be stopped.
    Don't insult anyone, if you see someone is breaking the rules, you have to whine about that.

    That's all from me. Peace :)

    In addition: telling a 3xP' Member (in form of deleted User) to suck a handfull of cocks won't help your situation. You should visit a psychiatrist, man.

    well I didn't tend to come back tbh
    as I said I wanted to leave but this awesome support will keep me on for a while and I'll probably app for 3xP' aswell :D

    i'll try and return but I doubt it. I love this game and I can't just leave something I love behind so you can count on Nuketown if I manage to solve it ^^

    Hey 3xP' Community.
    I have to say I felt really sad to type in that title but it's true. Call of Duty 4 has been giving me a lot of problems recently due to not being able to play it. Fps was stuck at 60 and wouldn't move after countless attempts of reinstalling the game and the system itself. After the Brussels LAN I was supposed to attend as a viewer (team broke apart a little earlier) , I realised after rikkcod4 (the guy streaming the LAN) multiple times said "potentially the last CoD4 LAN" that the game really IS dead.
    Old players are leaving to play CS:GO(biggest example : phantasy who has gained all his fans at CoD4 and tries to be a CS:GO player now) including many many more.
    Some have left for private reasons and have left gaming entirely. *note : I do not compare myself to phantasy* My point is , community is dying.

    It feels really hard to say all this but I'll miss this community. Sure, I'll come around all the time but it's over with CoD4 for me. No CS:GO , nothing.
    After all these years and I'm not even sure how much has it been, I'm writting a farewell to the greatest community this game has ever seen.

    I'll miss everyone. I'll miss your servers, especially the Deathrun server on which I've spent an amazing amount of hours and played with wonderful people. Nuketown server is a place where I've met a guy for who I can honestly say is among the greatest people in this community and maybe the greatest : myst.

    Myst has always been there for me. We talked a lot before but lost touch after I quit CoD4 for a few months for school but we met on the Nuketown server again a few months ago and we talked a lot. We talked about everything. He's a guy you want to play with - a beast ingame and a wonderful guy out of it. We talked about him editing and he told me he'll apply for 3xP' Editing Team and I was thrilled but I wasn't sure what was prepared for me as of yet. The time he applied was my birthday and he used my frags and made me an edit as a gift for my birthday.
    Make sure to watch it again and give him a thumbs up ;)

    Keep it up myst, stay cool bruh 8)

    Thanks a lot to Expert aswell who has helped me a lot in the past year and helped me become a Trusted Player 3. When ever online , he's ready to help and solve the problem (RANK HIM UP MIRKO!). Never change , mate. ^^
    Thanks to : Wingzor , Siwy , Mirko , BlaZe , UFaced , Borrow , every single 3xP' Member and many many more people who I've forgot to mention but surely will be remembered.

    I can keep on going for ages but you kind of get the point - this community is filled with the most amazing people ever and I'm sad to say goodbye but that's only CoD4. I'll stay active on here as much as possible and hang out with you guys on TeamSpeak3.

    Thank you, 3xP'. Thanks a lot for the memories and countless hours of fun with you guys. When ever you need something , hit me up via PM , or email me @ .
    I love this community and I always will. If you ever travel through Kraljevo, Serbia , hit me up. I'll be glad to welcome any of you into my home and have a drink. Love you guys. Stay awesome!

    I don't really find a reason to file this report , but either way , if you ever get insulted do either of these things:
    1. Ignore (he'll get bored raging at you at one point for sure)
    2.Report to an admin so he can come in and observe,talk through and punish the person behind the certain event
    3.Talk it through with him, ask him why he's insulting you and try find a compromise point between you two
    But NEVER fire back at him with insults, it will make the situation more difficult for admins to deal with and for both of you. Thanks